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Baudelaire Discovered
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
February 5th, 1889
Baudelaire Discovered
Body Proves Vampire Was Behind Disappearance

The body of missing restaurant owner Jean-Claude Baudelaire was discovered in the forest outside of Hogsmeade late yesterday evening. The man had been robbed and was missing several distinctive accessories, such as his gold pocket watch and chain, signature ring, and personalized cigar case. More importantly, his body had been drained of blood and nothing had been done to hide a distinctive puncture wound on his neck.

The investigative team, under the leadership of Arthur McPadraic, began searching for Mr. Baudelaire at his place of business, but expanded into the forest surrounding Hogsmeade by the morning of February 4th. The body was discovered just after sundown that day, slightly more than 48 hours since Mr. Baudelaire was last seen alive.

The Ministry confirmed that they were seeking a vampire for Mr. Baudelaire's murder but declined to state whether they had any suspects at present, as the investigation is still ongoing.

Mr. Baudelaire's family requested privacy during their grief, but several employees at the restaurant spoke to the paper regarding their former employer. "Place will never be the same without him," said Ebenezer Shacklestone. "His wife holds it together, but no one sets the place on fire like him."

The attitude towards Mr. Baudelaire seemed to vary between employees. Scotty Brunswick expressed surprise at the man's murder, stating, "Huh. Always figured he'd foie gras himself to death." At least one employee, meanwhile, was already drunk when our paper asked for comment, indicating that the level of discipline at the restaurant does seem to be slipping already following Mr. Baudelaire's disappearance.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Lynn feat. Of Men & Monsters
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