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Enoch Rosier vs. Maeve Connolly
February 2nd, 1889 - Howlers Stadium

This was where Eugene felt like he was a little out of his league. Miss Connolly and Mr. Rosier certainly did not need the rules but he had to follow them, so he read them anyway. He then backed far enough away to be considered "safe" and gestured to Mr. Rosier to have the first go.

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@Enoch Rosier | @Maeve Connolly

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Bloody Connolly. He would get her in the first round. This could either be his greatest triumph or his greatest disaster.

He sneered at his opponent and sent an exploding charm to the ground beneath her feet, hoping to send the woman flying off her feet.

@Maeve Connolly
Rosier, Maeve noted, was clearly not thrilled about going up against her. Good, the witch thought smugly to herself. In counter to his own spell, Maeve cast a shield charm.
@Elsie Beauregard

Eugene felt like he should duck and cover. He was no also sure he was waaaaaay out of his league. Frankly Maeve Connolly terrified him a little bit.

This round started with a bang, and Mr. Rosier's charm was just a hair more successful than Miss Connolly's shield, though it probably did not reach its full potential, there were no catastrophic injuries. "That round to Mr. Rosier," He announced, hoping to sound more confident than he felt. "Miss Connolly, please begin."

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@Enoch Rosier - 9 | @Maeve Connolly - 8
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Maeve smirked—she was down, but not yet out. Besides, this was fun.

Deftly, the redhead moved to conjure vines to restrain her opponent.

@Elladora Black

This was, admittedly, a great deal more invigorating than he usually found duelling and he doubted there were many others that could have avoided being blasted by the spell he sent. And, grudgingly, he knew Connolly would retaliate in kind.

Anticipating the worst he attempted to get in quicker and send a knock-back jinx.

@Elsie Beauregard
This was terrifyingly close and this time the round went to the fiery little redhead. Rosier better watch out. Connolly was just a titch quicker and Eugene tried very hard to keep the smirk off his face as he untangled Rosier from the vines.

"Miss Connolly takes the round, Mr. Rosier begin the last, if you would."

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@Enoch Rosier - 11 | @Maeve Connolly - 12
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Connolly was annoyingly skilled, he would give her that, even if he would never admit it aloud. Squaring his back, and telling himself that even if he lost it would be entertaining to see Connolly being watched over by Skeeter in a future round, he conjured a powerful gust of wind that would hopefully send the tiny woman off her feet.

@Maeve Connolly
Maeve made to turn Rosier into a gerbil.

@Elsie Beauregard

If Eugene had blinked he probably would have missed everything, it seemed to go quickly- and efficiently. They were well-matched, that was for sure. This round saw Rosier with the advantage however as he managed to send Miss Connolly shooting backward that had Eugene scrambling to conjure a soft landing place just in time.

"The duel to Mr. Rosier; a good match all around." Now he just had to avoid Connolly for the rest of his life and everything would be fine.

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