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Warwick Nott vs. Tybalt Kirke
February 2nd, 1889 — Howler Stadium

Having taught one wizard but not the other, Nikolai was not certain how the match would go. The professor reviewed the rules rules before saying, "Mr. Nott, you may begin!"

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Warwick bowed to his opponent as was expected. As the rules were stated, he had been thinking about what would be a good first spell. To be the first to act made things both easier and harder. He had the upper hand in surprise, but not in seeing the skills of the other wizard. At least he wasn't going up against a woman, as he might be hesitant to cast any spell now that the rules had changed since 1886. "Aguamenti." He cast his spell, aiming for his opponents face with the spell to conjure water for the sake of disorienting the man. And it was better than a simple stunning spell. While he was confident that it would work, that didn't mean that he knew for sure.

Magic By Tiff
Although he hadn't had the hubris to go up against the aurors and experts in the competitive track, Tybalt at least wasn't worried. He had always liked duelling, even back at school - and he was on home turf here at the stadium, as it were!

The gentleman he bowed back to was visibly his elder, and a stranger to him, so Tyb had very little idea of what to expect. Not the usual first move, the charm the man cast - but that left room for a little creativity, and Tyb, being a mature and practical adult, elected to try to transform the oncoming stream of water into a harmless cloud of brightly-coloured bubbles.

It was not, Nik thought, the most practical move—Nott would likely be killed in real combat if that was how he chose to perform—but it did the trick, blinding Kirke before the younger wizard could counter.

“A point to Mr. Nott,” the wizard declared to Nott and the still-dripping quidditch player. “Mr. Kirke, when you’re ready.”
Nott 5 | Kirke 4
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Alright, so, he hadn't had great luck with the bubbles, but it could always be worse, Tybalt told himself, as he pushed his sopping wet hair out of his eyes.

He grinned, not defeated quite yet, and supposed he might as well try something more ambitious than dull. Besides, the water had given him an idea. He squinted over at Mr. Nott, waved his wand, and hoped to transfigure the man into a duck.

There was something in the younger man's eyes that gave Warwick the feeling that he wasn't going to like what was coming for him. So he knew he'd have to react fast. While attempting to dodge, he thought of the a particular jinx. "Orbis!" And thus he cast the jinx that would hopefully cause his opponent to be sucked into the ground. His goal was to get the lad's legs stuck. Try aiming from a new height!

Magic By Tiff
Seeing a dignified gentleman transfigured into something decidedly undignified, for the former auror, would never cease to get old. Though he was able to suppress a chuckle, there was laughter in Nikolai's eyes as he awarded the next point to Kirke.

After reversing the effects of the spell, he bade Nott begin the tie-breaking pass.

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@Warwick Nott

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Warwick was not amused by the stupid transfiguration trick. He'd show them. With proper magic. "Incendio!" He cast at the arm of his opponent. That way the act of the young man would be to put it out... hopefully.

Magic By Tiff
Well, apparently the uptight gentleman across the way did not like water enough to take well to being a duck. Tybalt's barely-suppressed laughter died down when he heard the man's revenge on its way. Hastily, with all the concentration he could muster, Tyb tried for a Flame-Freezing Charm that would make being set on fire a... more pleasant experience, with any luck.

If not, he supposed he'd have to duck.

The flames were frozen midair, solidifying Nikolai’s confidence in his teaching skills. He declared young Kirke the victor of the duel.


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