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February 1889
February 1889

This month, the full moon will be on February 15th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of February.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!

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What: Phyri Dempsey's Weirdo Spinsterhood Celebration Extravaganza
Who: It's Porphyria's birthday celebration. This is not yo mama's fancypants UC ball: no formal invitations, dance cards or ballgowns. This is like a secret high school party that goes around by word-of-mouth and is doomed to get wildly out of hand. Attendees are likely to be:
  • people she has personally invited (if you're a friend you have no choice but to come; also includes "people she met, like, one time, and did not instantly hate")
  • people she may not know so well but who have a shared love of literature, horror, or spinster pride?
  • people who've heard through a friend of a friend, or been invited by one of her siblings; anyone who has Some Reason to randomly wander in. Parties are meant to be crashed.
  • Absolutely not relevant: class, reputation.
  • Absolutely not invited: Witch Weekly.
Where: A derelict Irish castle on a tiny overgrown island in the middle of a lake.
Why: It's the Big 27, and Phyri is PUMPED to ring in her official spinsterhood.  
When: 23rd-24th February 1889 (the weekend before her birthday), partayyy all night.

This Irish castle belonged to some eccentric medieval wizard of folklore, often said to be cursed. Lots of winding staircases and passageways to nowhere, featuring rooms full of odd relics and colonies of bats, probably. Fingers crossed you don't fall through a hole in the floor. Party activities likely include: castle exploration, dramatic literary readings and telling horror stories, VE-era Truth or Dare, consumption of absinthe and/or opiates. Maybe an icy February swim. Possibly ft. some hungover sailing on the Sunday.

If Porphyria deems any guests "boring", they'll get locked in a room with the resident poltergeist.

Contact Player(s): MJ (@Elias Grimstone)

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What: St. Valentine's Mushy Love Poetry Night
Who: Hosted by Whizzhard Books in Hogsmeade! Open to anyone of any class, gender, or age. Participants are welcome to recite their favorite poem or one they have written themselves. Anyone is welcome just to listen, as well.
Where: Whizzhard Books
Why: Poetry night happens twice a month, and this one is all about love since it is so close to Valentine's Day.
When: The evening of February 12th, 1889.
Refreshments will also be provided in the form of baked goods, punch, and tea. In previous years, there have been a few incidents of attendees drinks being spiked with love potions, but they were caused by individuals hoping to win over the one they love. Whizzhard Books wasn't responsible and discourages such actions. Participants may only recite two poems per person. Make it an evening your loved one will never forget.

Contact Player(s): @Billie Farrow (Finn)

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[Image: BosGN1.png]
Thank you, Haaaawke!

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