Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    A bit cold, aye?
    The old groundskeeper was tossing kindling for his fire place when he heard old Bonnie, his faithful bloodhound, whine at the hut door. Squinting through his spectacles, he used his cane to steady himself up. The deep clunk of his peg-leg was something he'd become adjusted to over the years, and as did Bonnie. Hobbling to the window, he pulled back a dusty, sun-worn curtain to peer out at the grounds.

    "Oh, Bonnie, it's naethin' ye auld dug," he grumbled with a bit of a whine, turning his back on the wrinkled canine. Though, he decided he'd better go out and check the lake following one of Bonnie's thunderous barks almost made him jolt into the fire-place.

    Wrapped in several knit scarves and his long, patched trench-coat, the Mr. Candlemass limped towards the lake, after Bonnie, through the snow-laden grounds.
    @Questor Spryly
    [Image: rJr1Kpb.png]
    Egbert speaks in a thick, Scottish accent and has a peg-leg. Also, he is often accompanied by his large blood-hound dog named Bonnie.
    It was good to be back at Hogwarts. It was great, even. The only downside was that he was stuck with the second years when he ought to be a third year and his pride was taking a hit. It was just plain embarrassing and it wasn't even his fault! Now his friends were all in the year above him and not even in the same classes! He didn't think he'd even missed out that much, it wasn't fair.

    With some time on his hands and no one to spend it with, he was kicking snow drifts by the lake and practicing his spells for the dueling tournament. A rather good knockback jinx hit a tree and he was pleased by this until a heap of snow landed on his head and made him shiver. "Stupid tree. Stupid snow," he cursed under his breath, teeth chattering intermittently. With a thinly gloved hand, he started to brush the snow off of his head - what hadn't melted at least - and then thought he heard barking. He looked about for the source of it, a hand still brushing at his now de-snowed head.
    JANUARY 11TH, 1887 | @Egbert Candlemass

    Bask in the glory of my Lynn set!
    Mr. Candlemass trudged through the snow, the stump of his leg aching from the cold. As his rather excitable dog lead the way, they came over a hill that overlooked the glassy, frozen lake—

    "Bonnie!" he cursed through his scarf, "It's tay cold fur swimmin', gie 'at auld squid a rest, will ye!" The old bloodhound, much to Mr. Candlemass' dismay, developed a habit of disappearing in the summer so that she could entertain the giant squid with a game of fetch. As the groundskeeper stood there, something like a snow-laden statue, he narrowed his eyes at a stray student— unfortunately, Bonnie had too. Before Egbert could call her off, she was down the hill and flying through the air like an overgrown, snow-flecked flying squirrel. 

    "Gie back haur ye wee shite!" Mr. Candlemass roared after her, almost tripping down the slope himself. Grabbing ol' Bonnie by the scruff of her neck, he pryed her from the student; she was undoubtedly harmless. 

    "Sorry abit 'at, laddie," he wheezed, "she'll nae harm ye, a promise ye tha', she's jist a goofy auld lass is all." After calming the bloodhound, Egbert squinted at the boy rather severely; the groundskeeper must've looked like a giant, given his already immense and abnormal height. 

    "Now, ye better tell me whit yoo're daein' out haur in th' middle a' winter, before a' summon a' professur tae skin yer hide, laddie," Mr. Candlemass grunted, poking the boy with his cane.
    [Image: rJr1Kpb.png]
    Egbert speaks in a thick, Scottish accent and has a peg-leg. Also, he is often accompanied by his large blood-hound dog named Bonnie.