Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    J'aime les bonbons!
    A gramophone sang in the corner of Professor Wiltingham's office, its warbled voice seconded only by the sound of the fire cackling in the hearth. The old woman sat quietly in a puffy, orange chair opposite the fireplace, a copy of the Daily Prophet hoisted before her in mid-air as he held a cup of tea and read quietly. She missed her office, that was quite evident; of course, it was not quite as quaint as she had left it once she returned, but that was undone within seconds upon her arrival. Her books were stacked neatly into the bookshelf, a green, oval carpet conjured onto the floor, and a few paintings of famous Transfigurationists hoisted onto the stone walls to add a bit of colour to that pallid chamber.

    Of course, peace only lasted so long; she had a sudden rapping at her door, causing the old woman to stir. Guests were such an unagreeable illness; they came and went, often without warning as well. She stood from her chair and crept back to her desk, hastening to look as if she were actually working.

    "Enter," she said with a sweet voice, though it poorly masked her irritation. She reached for her tea, only to realise it was still floating beside her copy of the Prophet, and instantly clicked her tongue at both of them to disappear.
    @Holly Scrimgeour
    [Image: rIPEOxP.png]
    Professor Wiltingham is a severe old lady with an unfortunate desire to say what  is 
    on her mind, though one must credit that to her age.  She uses a cane to walk, and
     should you require a bit of extra-credit, one must simply persuade her with sweets.
    [Image: DFw5U7K.png]

    There was something different about being back at the castle in January; not only had some of their professors been replace, but it seemed Holly's motivation had been replenished. She was twelve years old, full of potential, and she had so much to learn—and on top of that, she only had a few more months until she was one-seventh the way through her education! How was she supposed to learn everything she expected to?

    Her immediate thought was to visit Professor Violet Wiltingham, their new Transfiguration professor. On top of being a wealthy pureblood like herself, Professor Wiltingham was a woman; Holly was sure she would relate to her!

    She came dressed in her sleek black robes with a pocket full of sweets. Some of the older students—ones who had been around the previous year when Professor Wiltingham taught—spoke of her love of specific candies and her willingness to help students if given them. This had to work.

    Upon being granted entrance into the professor's room, the first year walked in with her head held high and a pleasant (yet not inherently weak, as she worried!) smile on her face.

    "Good afternoon, Professor Wiltingham. I'm Miss Holly Scrimgeour," she greeted, nodding her head in a polite greeting. "I'm one of the Slytherins in your introduction class. I was hoping you might be able to assist me."
    Professor Wiltingham perked a brow imperiously, observing the girl who— for lack of a better descriptor— strode into the old professor's office much as Violet would've herself at that age. She looked over her spectacles at the girl, listening carefully. 

    "Oh?" she hummed curiously in that sweet, aged voice of hers, quirking her head slightly. "And what, my dear, may I assist you with?"
    [Image: rIPEOxP.png]
    Professor Wiltingham is a severe old lady with an unfortunate desire to say what  is 
    on her mind, though one must credit that to her age.  She uses a cane to walk, and
     should you require a bit of extra-credit, one must simply persuade her with sweets.
    [Image: DFw5U7K.png]

    Step one: complete. She had managed to get into the office and ask for assistance without getting booted out immediately, which is something she now imagined the older Slytherins had told her to make her appear nervous. Perhaps it was that suspicion in the back of her mind that had caused her to turn her nose up at such a suggestion! Professor Wiltingham, first and foremost, was a professor—and that, mixed with a woman of good breeding, would hardly make the type of woman to turn away students so ardently in need of her assistance.

    "I wish to learn more about animagi," she declared with confidence. There was no point in showing timidness; it would more or less suggest that her interest was not genuine, or at the very least that she lacked the confidence needed to proceed. "I understand the topic is taught to third years and higher, but my thirst for knowledge does not wish to be held to such limits—especially with such a knowledgeable, talented woman as her professor," she explained with a respectful smile.