Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
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    Issue #162 - 1887: A Year In Review
    Charms For The New Year: Which Ones Mean What
    Shopping for the perfect piece can be hard - whether it is for yourself or for a someone else be a friend, family, or your significant other. Thankfully the New Year can actually make it easier for you to find the perfect piece! How? you ask - well, it has a lot to do with the meaning of a piece. With the New Years Resolutions being made, you can find something that fits yours or whomever you are shopping for's desire for the new year.

    A simple charm can be a wonderful place to start. Most charms are small enough that they can be carried around subtly so you can have your charm with you everywhere you go! A small pendant, bracelet, or ring would be perfect. Popular charms are a dragonfly, a rose, a bumblebee, a butterfly, a sparrow, an acorn, and an oak leaf.

    Butterflies are perfect for those seeking to improve the strength and stability of the soul. They represent freedom, spiritual growth, transformation, and immortality. A rose is the choice for seeking a bit of passion in their lives. A rose charm is said to help improve the owner's beauty and increase the chance or the quality of love and romance. A perfect gift for any woman looking to find a husband! A bumblebee represents focus, creativity, and fertility. Perfect for a woman seeking to be hard working, and increase her devotion and focus in the coming year.

    For the free or lost souls, we come to the bird. Birds are thought to act as a guide to those struggling to find their place so this is the charm for a woman who hasn't quite found her place or might be looking for something more. Oakleaf charms help promote strength, longevity, and endurance along with offering protection and nourishment for growth. An oakleaf would be perfect for children and the elderly. Lastly, acorns act as conductors for luck, prosperity, and growth along with youthfulness, strength, and stability. An acorn would be a wonderful idea for a debutante close to spinsterhood or just anyone looking to thrive in the new year!
    A rose means romance and beauty.

    Bumblebees are for davotion and fertility.

    Sparrows are for those looking for something.
    Mistletoe Madness!
    Madness overtook Hogsmeade on Christmas Eve when hooligans planted magic mistletoe in various points of the town. Enchanted so that people who passed under the plant were stuck in place until they shared a kiss on the lips, it was a repeat of the prank that Peeves visited upon students and staff of Hogwarts back in 1885.

    This can lead one to believe that the culprits are students who are under the influence of the poltergeist. It is also possible that this was the effort of desperate spinsters in the quest to trap themselves a husband. While many individuals waited for the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes to get them out of their predictament, most found it easier - and possibly preferable - to kiss.

    Was this a prank inspired by Peeves or a scheme concocted by desperate spinsters to get themselves husbands?

    One such example would be Miss Clarissa Cosgrove who did not look at all displeased to find herself in the company of Mister Albert Pettigrew. Considering he is very much an eligible bachelor it is not hard to believe that she might have purposely ensnared herself so that he might be forced to pay her ample attention.

    Miss Violetta Lestrange was caught under one of the enchanted mistletoe with Mister Charles Macmillan. Recently widowed and with Miss Lestrange's adoration for children, it would be a relatively decent match. Perhaps one Miss Lestrange saw fit to orchestrate?

    Also spotted was one of the Crouch twins who was trapped with Miss Una Walsh, an American redhead that has been spotted in the company of Mister Reuben Crouch on previous occasions. Simple accident or is Miss Walsh trying to reach far above her station?
    It is difficult to believe that every incident of the mistletoe madness was pure happenstance, especially once word was out about the mistletoe.

    The infamous Mister Herschel Dawlish was spotted with an unfortunate woman that appeared to be of Asian descent. Given what has been told of him, it is no surprise that he more than likely enjoyed the situation. We can only hope that the same can be said for the unknown young woman.

    Esteemed socialite, Miss Elladora Black and Miss Prudence Silvertree had the misfortune to get stuck together in a toy shop of all places. It isn't known if they shared a kiss to get out of the predicament but neither were none too pleased about being stuck. No doubt Miss Black would have much preferred to be stuck with Mister Zian Zhao.

    The eligible widower, Mister George Livesey, has been seen in the company of Miss Attica Paxton repeatedly over the last few months. It is difficult to believe that their predicament was any sort of accident. A friend of the blonde widow has said that she believes that he is stalking the young widow.

    One of the Scrimgeour twins - we believe it was the disowned one given the appearance of her clothing - was spotted with young healer in charge, Richard Gladstone. It is our belief that Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour is trying desperately to cling to her upper class wealth by trapping one of Britains eligible bachelors!

    This is yet another example of why the board should vacate Peeves the poltergeist from the school premises. His influence over the students at Hogwarts has always been questionable but now it is even more so when his influence surpasses the schools boundaries! Who knows what other untoward ideas he has passed on to students and general public under the guise of pranks?

    @Clarissa Cosgrove @Albert Pettigrew @Violetta Lestrange @Charles Macmillan @Reuben Crouch @Una Walsh @Herschel Dawlish @Elladora Black @Prudence Silvertree @Zian Zhao @George Livesey @Attica Paxton @Annabelle Scrimgeour @Richard Gladstone
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       Annabelle Scrimgeour
    1887: A Year in Review!
    The 1880s have been a wild decade for the magical community in Britain, and 1887 hasn't failed to add to the list of momentous events, damaging scandals, and pressing questions that have yet to be answered as the year comes to close! Today we look back on all the shocking moments, scarring tragedies, unanswered questions, and political decisions that will no doubt leave mark in the history books!

    Many were shocked to discover that the Minister's daughter had been infected with lycanthrophy during the summer, and more were shocked to learn of his resignation seemingly because of it!

    1. Resignation of Minister Urquart. The magical community in Britain was shocked by the sudden resignation of Minister Balthazar Urquart, but even more shocked by the events that led up to his resignation! The Daily Prophet revealed in August that Minister Urquart's daughter, Miss Topaz Urquart, was a werewolf, and that he was caught in the midst of an attempt to cover up that knowledge from the public! Calls were made for the Minister to resign, and to many's surprise, he did! It doesn't seem, however, that many of his supporters abandoned his cause in the wake of his resignation. Following the election on December 13th, Mr. Justin Ross, a supporter and personal friend of Minister Urquart, was elected to successor!

    2. Hogwarts Bans Half-Breeds. Another political decision that dominated the social and political narrative of 1887, Hogwarts made the decision to ban half-breeds, including part-vampires, part-veelas, part-giants, and part-goblins, from attending the school for the 1887-1888 school year. Such a controversial decision was bound to bring arguments from both sides of the aisle, so it was no surprise when many voiced their support while others voiced their displeasure. One of the defining features of the ban was the fact that any students who failed to present adequate proof of ancestry—whether genetically fully human or not—would be unable to return as well. As of October, the board of governors has reversed that part of the decision, which will allow students who were expelled due to inadequate proof of ancestry to return to school in January of 1888. However, the fate of half-breeds and their opportunity for the education the future remains unknown.
    3. Disaster at the Wizarding World Market. When witches and wizards from all over Britain gathered in London to experience wizarding culture from around the world, the last thing on everyone's mind was the possibility of tragedy. However, that is exactly what occurred on July 9th. After winged tigers escaped their enclosure, panic ensued as numerous men, women, and children became victims to brutal attacks, collapsing displays, and injuries that could last a lifetime. Notable losses included Mrs. Olivia Pendergast, socialite and founder of Pendergast's School for Young Roses and the Sanditon Resort proprietor, Mr. Herbert Fudge. Many in the community were left mourning the loss of friends and family members—an event that continues to affects many of our readers and their families up to today.

    4. Reconciliation with the Crown of England. Ever since the 1877 muggle riots that took place following the revelation of the magical world to the non-magical community, the Ministry of Magic has been cut off from the muggle government completely. Conservative sentiment, along with fears surrounding the possibility of reconciling with our non-magical counterparts, fueled the policy that kept the magical community in Britain separated from the muggle one. However, the Ministry shocked many when it announced that it would be reconciling with the Queen of England during the summer of 1887. While many, assumed to have muggle relatives and friends of their own, voiced their support of the decision, others chose to condemn the Ministry's decision and published countless articles outlining the dangers of such an action! As of December of this year, the muggle and magical governments have been smoothly cooperating and working to rebuild their relationship.

    Many questions remain unanswered as the year comes to a close. Perhaps the most pressing is the changes coming to the magical community following the election of Minister Justin Ross. Questions have arisen as to whether or not his policies will follow close in line to his predecessor, while others are wondering how he'll improve on the progress made in the last three years. Other pressing questions include the fate of half-breeds at Hogwarts, changes to the Ministry's policies on werewolves, and the fate of the relationship between the Ministry and muggle government.

    @Balthazar Urquart @Topaz Urquart @Adelia Lovegood @Justin Ross @Phineas Black @Herbert Fudge
    While some may make resolutions for the new year,
    others may find it exceptionally helpful to know just what they may need to work on in order to ensure a healthy life both personally and professionally. This week, Witch Weekly is providing our readers with just that -- and then some!
    Predictions For You in the New Year
    Our journey's throughout this past year most certainly rivaled those of the previous. We have all garnered knowledge, experience, happiness, sadness, a new child or perhaps a new spouse. It is not always in our minds when the new year begins that these things will occur for us and when we ponder the events that occurred within the past twelve months, we may observe events or scenarios that we may have handled better had we been more prepared. With this in mind, Witch Weekly is seeking to provide this information to our readers prior to the start of next month, so you may all benefit and thrive from start to finish. To make matters easier, we have broken down each section in accordance to your astrological sign.

    Just a few of the astrological signs. Which one do you belong to?

    Aries - It will be in your best interest to regulate your emotions. This has been something you have struggled with this past year and, with a little assistance, you may be able to find that special someone with added composure. Don't rush into anything too quickly, though also take advantage of situations when you see fit to progress either in life or your career. Steer clear of your impulsive thoughts. What you may want to purchase may not be in your best intentions and could pose a risk to your overall mental and physical health.

    Taurus - You must separate yourself from other individual's drama in the new year. You have been so wrapped up in other people's business that you are slowly starting to become overwhelmed by your own concerns. This stress may negatively impact your health as well and could begin to deteriorate important relationships. Regarding love, you may be someone who throws themselves in a relationship all at once. Take a few moments to look at the connection you both share and, if needed, reevaluate the situation to make sense of it all. Your overwhelming nature may also cause conflict in your career or household, so make sure these emotions and ambitions are in check prior to engaging in meaningful conversation. This new year will be your opportunity to further your education, so pick up a new book or seek to learn something new!

    Gemini - This year will be yours to lead. You will have multiple opportunities to succeed, a newfound confidence, and learn how to balance your everyday life to ensure your health is kept in a positive light. One issue for you in the coming months may be separating your emotions from your profession to your personal life. Make sure you are on top of everything and are cognizant of spending in order to ensure a smooth regulation of finances in relation to your income.

    Cancer - Other people may begin to erect barriers in their lives that you may want to break down. Be respectful of these bounds and tread carefully in social situations. Make sure you maintain a positive attitude in the new year despite any feelings of somberness. You may receive the attention of a lot of potential suitors for whatever reason; perhaps you experiment with your looks or try out a new beautification potion. This will be your year to avoid petty squabbling with peers and rise above the common gossip. Enrich yourself with experiences and learning so you may add more to the conversation. You will meet many new people this year who will benefit you immensely, both in finances and personal endeavors, so the aforementioned skills will be necessary to further these relationships.

    Leo - The start of the year may seem slow to you. It may appear as though things aren't progressing or that you haven't the drive to continue pushing in the direction you have been for so long. Don't give up. Push through any barriers that stand in your way and make yourself known. Your personal life will greatly improve close to the beginning of the year and will yield long-term results. In order to ensure these connections last, keep in touch with them every so often so they know you are thinking of them. In this respect, you are the type to take charge and guide any team to success. Continue this behavior and you may see new opportunities simply dropped at your feet. This may include the ability to travel, so take advantage and experience the wonders of the world!

    Virgo - People may begin to shove their issues onto your plate in the coming months. Make sure you separate yourself and maintain a polite demeanor despite any discontent experienced by friends and family. Generally, people will be wishing to hear your opinions and thoughts, so let your voice be known. Your conversations may also warrant certain relationships to further, much to your liking, and will see advancement in your professional life if applicable. You will have loads of luck this year, both financially and socially, so use this to your benefit and engage more with those close to you. Sudden freedom in your schedule may also be common which will make the task of social interaction all the more easier for you.

    Libra - Now is the time to take responsibility for your actions. Realize that not everything will go your way and that it is completely okay that it doesn't. This surely shouldn't dissuade you from making a spectacle of yourself however, as that will just be how you attract the attention of others in the new year. Embrace this boisterous and loud attitude and behavior to experience success, though make sure you allot time to focus on your health and well-being. Participate in activities that challenge the mind and aid your adventurous spirit.

    Scorpio - Your goal for the year will be to avoid stirring the pot. Develop a stern attitude to increase your effectiveness in life and avoid evoking stronger emotions from others so as not to begin drama. You will have to use your wits and looks to prove successful in the coming months, though with your determined attitude this shouldn't be an issue. Make sure you continuously see the bigger picture in every situation and don't dwell on the small quips others present. By keeping calm, you will realize who is important in your life, what connections you need to make, and what will be best for your body.

    Sagittarius - As the past year winds down, it is likely that you feel worn down and unmotivated. Your feelings may be playing tricks on you, so don't fall victim to their foolishness. Make your own decisions to balance your emotional state so you aren't so easily persuaded by over-infatuation or overbearing personalities. One useful tip to help you may be to reach out to others for advice and support. You shouldn't have to face these battles alone and certainly wouldn't want to regardless. Try to set goals throughout the year so you have something to strive for. Being able to check off these items on a list can be a great tool for your mental health.

    Capricorn - In the quickly approaching new year, try to not let people stifle you. You have a lot to say and, for one reason or another, may feel as though you can't get the words out or find the right moment to do so. If your conversations are full of nonsense, don't worry about it. You have to drudge through the mundane to reach the most exciting outcomes. Despite this, you are going to feel an overwhelming sense of pride in yourself. Your confidence will spike through the roof and you will achieve greater feats then you have in more recent times. In addition, you will become well-aware of what your body needs nutritionally and will familiarize yourself with wellness by the year's conclusion.

    Aquarius - One thing to focus on next year will be time management. If you see a task or have a mountain of things to accomplish, start chipping away at them immediately. Don't let yourself fall behind or you'll feel as if you can never recover. Focus your attention not on status, but on personality and genuine qualities. This mindset will prove beneficial soon enough and grant you the eyes of many a potential match. If you are currently working, then it is about time you begin a new phase in your career. Reach out to your connections to seek out new opportunities or make small changes in your space to create a small difference. Although it may be a lot of additional work, purchasing a pet may remedy any feelings of loneliness and may also assist in your goal of keeping on target, not to mention influencing your health in a great way.

    Pisces - You will be very productive in the new year. There will be many moments that you feel an urge to complete tasks or realize goals--seize these opportunities to advance in life and provide a sense of strength and trust in yourself. Don't pay attention to the lies people tell and focus all of your energy on the facts. You cannot dedicate so much of yourself to what is wrong in the world, so try to remain fixated on the positives. Try to work on your appearance this year to show the world what you're made of. Improving one aspect of yourself may accomplish this goal, so hold your head high and refrain from straining yourself. You needn't add your opinion to every conversation. Hold your voice for the most important events. You will have plenty of opportunity to converse in the future as your social life will be booming.

    With that, our list is concluded. If you have had any successes throughout the past year and or are particularly interested in astrology, then please write in a submission to Witch Weekly so we may feature your response in a future article! We all hope you have a wonderful new year!

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