Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #161 - Secret Lovebirds Zian Zhao and Elladora Black Uncovered
    [Image: oT9tde.png]
    Not all ladies are born with perfect skin or hair, and the constant pressure from society to remain natural has forced young women to come up with solutions that solve their beauty troubles without apply unseemly paints to their faces! 6 Beauty Tips For Common Issues!
    1. Here's one for our blonde readers! Did you know that blondes are more susceptible to having acid stomachs? Taking ammonia orally can stabilize the stomach and save a blonde beauty from looking uncomfortable!

    2. Ammonia can also be consumed orally or used mixed with bathwater to assist in weight loss!

    3. Orange juice can be squeezed in one's eyes to make them brighter and more beautiful. Ladies are warned to beware of the immediate pain, but the results are worth it!

    4. For many women, the cause of frizzy or coarse hair is cutting the hair itself! If your hair is anything other than soft and silky, we definitely recommend letting it grow on its own accord without taking scissors to it!

    5. Suffering from corns on the feet because of ill-fitting shoes? Smothering the feet with an extract of cannabis is said to be the perfect solution to ridding of the ugly spots!

    6. Suffering from sparse eyelashes and eyebrows? A mercury nightly eye treatment is said to help the hairs grow fuller and more noticeable!
    The popularity of Christmas trees inside every home - even among the poor - was boosted by Prince Albert, the husband of the Queen. 10 Facts About Christmas
    01. It is not quite known who first created a Christmas Card for general distribution. It may have been William Egley Jr whose card had an unclear date that could be read as either 1842 or 1849. Or it could be Sir Henry Cole whose creation was dated 1843.

    02. Tom Smith invented Christmas Crackers in 1847. They typically have sweets and other sorts of trinkets within them. Of course, Christmas Crackers made with magic tend to have a variety of fun surprises.

    03. A glass pickle ornament hidden within the Christmas tree can bring good luck.

    04. A popular beverage to offer to carolers when they came to sing is Wassail punch. A mixture of fruit, cider and spices and heated to perfection, it is the perfect thing to warm the singers up.

    05. The origin of Santa Claus can be dated all the way back to the eighth or ninth century.

    Families often gather together on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to spend the day together in celebration of the holiday.

    06. It is tradition for a lady and a man that find themselves under mistletoe to share a quick kiss. This could be a very fine way to express your interest in certain gentleman or to ensnare one.

    07. The Christmas carol titled '‘Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly" originated in Wales.

    08. Candles are often placed on Christmas trees as part of their decoration. A bluebell flame spell contained in small glass vials would also work just as well and would perhaps be safer.

    09. The centerpiece and main dish of most traditional Christmas dinners is a goose.

    10. Mistletoe and holly are very much considered to be two main parts of Christmas decor. Mistletoe, especially, is seen as something of a status symbol to have in ones home.
    Secret Lovebirds Zian Zhao And Elladora Black Discovered!
    Just in time for Christmas, we here at Witch Weekly are able to present our readers the juiciest scandal since Miss Lovegood left former Minister of Magic, Balthazar Urquart, at the altar! Through thorough investigation, Witch Weekly have deduced that the Ministry's liaison from China, Mr. Zian Zhao, has seduced a certain spinster.

    The dashing Mr. Zhao, an impressive catch for a spinster in her late 30's.

    Suspicions were first drawn when the Chinese liaison was spotted – by multiple witnesses! – turning into a crow! This in itself is scandalous considering Mr. Zhao is not on the Ministry's animagus registry! This does beg the question of whether foreign liaisons to the Ministry are actually obligated to join the register.

    This very same raven incriminated himself by flying thence directly to the Black's residence in London where he has been seen to be admitted to the house by a woman whose description matches that of Miss Elladora Black.

    Admittedly, the descriptions given by the witnesses could have matched that of either Miss Black, or her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ursula Black.
    Although Zhao's senior, Miss Black is still exceedingly attractive for a spinster.

    However, later evidence brought forward seems to rule out Mrs. Black as Mr. Zhao and Miss Black have allegedly been meeting outside of the privacy of Miss Black's home, one witness even claims to have seen the couple engaged in intimate conversation at a Christmas party last week!

    It is the meetings at the Black's London home that are truly shocking. The level of debauchery taking place under the Headmaster's roof is quite appalling and Mr. Zhao has foolishly incriminated both himself and his lover by arriving at the house in his raven disguise as there is hardly anything so suspicious as a gentleman animagus flying directly into the bed chamber of a lady!

    As shocking and disturbing as these revelations may be, it seems less so when one remembers the scandal that surrounded Miss Black's younger sister a few years ago when she absconded with a muggle by the name of Hitchens. Will Miss Black be estranged as her sister was? Will Mr. Zhao find his marriage prospects damaged by his involvement with the society spinster? Only time will tell.

    @Zian Zhao @Elladora Black
    Spicing up one's social calendar can be made more difficult for a young lady or debutante who is not in a position to issue invitations of her own accord, but for a socially adept young woman, the judicious dropping of hints to the right people should do the trick! Get Out of the House This Winter
    As much as we all love the social season, most will agree that pushing so many events into the span of a few months in the summer has the unintended consequence of leaving many women stuck and home and bored out of their wits for the rest of the year. While this serves a practice function in the Muggle world, where transportation can be a major obstacle to continuing acquaintances throughout the year, there is no reason a magical young lady ought to find herself resigned to months of inactivity!

    The Theatre
    Although we're approaching the tail end of the busy Christmas-play season, there will still be sporadic attractions available in January and February at both the de Montfault theatre in Hogsmeade and all the major London playhouses. Consider buying tickets for The Last Dragon Scale premiering in January, or the operatic adaption of the life of Rowena Ravenclaw, Fair Raven, which will tour through Hogsmeade in February. Patrons of the theatre should also not overlook the Muggle play La Tosca, which opened in Paris several months ago and is set to play London in late January. The appearance of the famous Parisian actress Sarah Bernhardt in the title role makes this play one not to miss, despite the lack of magic.

    Winter Leisure Sports
    For the more athletically inclined, nothing could be more appropriate and thematic than organizing a family trip to enjoy a winter sport. Horseback riding and sleigh races are excellent for those with the means to procure them. Ice-skating and sledding are popular activities with a minimal equipment investment. If those are too much effort for your family, spend a day having a snowball fight or just building a snowman (but please ensure that any animation enchantments are performed only under adult supervision; too many snowmen have gone wandering loose in Muggle areas in recent years and the Ministry may impose a heavy fine if you lose control of your snow creation!)

    Themed House Parties
    With the weather providing an obstacle to many guests' casual attendance, potential hostesses should strive to make their events as memorable as possible. Devise a scavenger hunt around your house or grounds, or stage a 'murder mystery' and have your guests play auror to solve the case. Your imagination is the only limit! This is also the ideal time of year for longer house parties, as guests are unlikely to have conflicting demands on their social calendar, so if you have ever had an untenable idea during the season which would require an entire weekend away, consider staging that now!


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