Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Qedma Bakaffa

    Full Name: Qedma Bakaffa
    Nicknames: Qed
    Birthdate: Februrary 13th, 1847
    Current Age: 34
    Occupation: Care of Magical Creatures Professor
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Harari House, Lowlan Scotland
    Hogwarts House: Uagadou
    Wand: None (Good old Uagadou wandless magic)
    Blood Status: Half-blood
    Social Class: Upper
    Appearance: Qedma is a very tall man, 6'5'' in all, broad and well muscled. He always dresses impeccably, though he does not hesitate to dirty his clothes during his work. He does not use a wand, relying instead on the wandless Magic taught to the students of Uagadou, but his dominant hand is his right. 

    History: Qedma Bakaffa was born the second child and first son of rich Ethopian parents. His father was a talented wizard, while his mother was a muggle. His birth came after a number of miscarriages, and a large age gap existed between Qedma and his sister. She was eleven at his birth, already at Uagadou learning magic. Qedma had a brilliant life. His father was extremely rich, and had a life of incredible luxury. His life was largely uneventful until a Dream messenger visited him, and his acceptance to Uagadou was secured. 

    Qedma loved his schooling, and excelled in most subjects. By his second year at school his sister had married a merchant from Uganda and gave birth to his first nephew, Muwenda. Qedma became incredibly fond of animals from a very young age, and caring for magical creatures was his favorite subject by far. In an effort to make studying them easier he began to train to become an animagus, he was eventually successful, and transformed into a White Rhino. 

    When Qedma approached his father, asking for his blessing and support to become a Magizoologist, he outright refused. It was below a Bakaffa to go crawling through the dirt, climbing over rocks and through dusty lairs, scrambling to look at animals! Qedma, reluctantly, accepted his father new best, and instead joined the Ethiopian Department of International Magical Cooperation. After a few years as a desk officer in Ethopia, and the birth of a second nephew Iyasu, Qedma was sent to Lisbon. For three years he lived in the city, and enjoyed it a lot. He put behind him dreams of a Magizoological career. Diplomacy was challenging and prestigious. 

    His next posting was to China, where he was Deputy Head of Mission. But there he also began to write on African Magical Creatures in Mandarin. The books proved moderately successful, but reawakened in him a wish to do his own research. Without telling anyone he began to study the magical creatures of China, and he found that it made him happier than he had ever been in his diplomatic career. He published his findings under the pen name Ceros.

    Next the Ministry sent him to Britain as Head of Mission. His Father was immensely proud, and bought him a beautiful country estate as a reward. Qedema renamed it Harari House, and would travel via the floo network to his estate each night. In 1877 he also purchased a large townhouse in Hogsmeade. He found he enjoyed the social life in Britain more than in either China or his native home. And he made a great deal of close friends.

    While the International Liaison Qedma invited his nephew Iyasu to visit him in Britain. To the great disappointment of his family Iyasu was a squib. Qedma offered him a job at the Mission in Britain as his personal assistant. The young man enjoyed Britain and decided to stay in the UK longterm, three years later he married a young woman named Jane. 

    In his 30th year his father died. Qedma had not been close with his father over the last decade, and was surprised by how easily he took the news. He took leave and travelled home to help his mother. But he no longer felt at home in his native country, and set of again as soon as he could. He had inherited a fortune from his father, and decided he would finally begin his career as a Magizoologist proper.

    Over the next four years he traveled around the world, writing on average a book a year. He used Harari House as a base, and kept in contact with his good friends in Britain. In December of 1887 Qedma had just arrived back from a seven month stint in the Amazon, when he heard that Hogwarts needed a new Care of Magical Creatures Professor. He had loved his own schooling, and the idea of passing on his own knowledge appealed to him. He applied for the role, and was successful.

    Personality: Highly proper, loud, gregarious, determined, hardworking, demanding, loyal.

    Sample Roleplay Post: 

    It had taken Qed years to get used to the weather of Britain, but now he could not imagine living without the cool breeze and almost constant rain. And he had come to love snow! A light dusting covered the grounds as he walked down a long slope heading towards the forest. He stopped for a moment, breathing in the crisp winter air, and admiring the stunning view before him. Mountains, trees, and vast fields all covered in untouched snow. Not for the first time Qedma thanked his past self for leaving the diplomatic world. 

    He continued to walk south, and now he could just make out the small group of students waiting for his lesson. ''Students, good morning.'' They all replied with a welcoming ''Good morning Professor,'' or some variant at least. He smiled and nodded. ''So, today we need to head over to the Black Lake, so let us hope it hasn't frozen!'' The small group headed towards the lake, the students made small talk as they did. Two girls were discussing whether one particular student had taken a liking to either of them, while another girl was explaining the different temperaments of certain Dragon breeds. Once they reached the lake it was, as he had feared, frozen solid. 

    Rolling up his sleeves Qedma moved his hands quickly, a few seconds later they stopped abruptly and the ice began to melt. ''Okay then young ones. Today we will be catching Flying Seahorses. I have been assured that you are all proficient in the Seize and Pull Charms, which you will use to bring them to you. Once you have I would like you to carefully examine them, make notes on their appearance, and your home work will be a two page essay on their various uses. Now, who ever catches the most will win ten points for their house, please begin.''
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