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Since When Do You Want To Be An Animal?!
January 9th, 1889 — Transfiguration classroom

Admittedly, Pumpkin had done a lot more of ignoring her family lately. Not just because they were, well, her family, but because she wanted to do well her last year. Her decision to become a prefect (or head girl) had been crushed by her inability to focus on her studies, and she wanted to change that.

There was less than a year left, and she didn't feel like she doing very well. Whatever. Either way, with the papers of some middleclass wench going around, she figured she should at least check on her siblings. She was, after all, the oldest at the school. Did that mean she should have been paying more attention to them? Handsome hadn't (not that she held him up as a role model).

When she heard about Sweetie verbally (it might have been physically, she hadn't payed much attention) attacking the girl and that her sister wanted to become Animagus all in one breath... well, it made her a little upset that the Slytherin hadn't told her about it herself.

"I hear you're working on becoming an animal." she said, sliding into the seat next to Sweetie.

To be fair, Sweetie would notice being ignored if she was actually paying attention to her sisters. At this point, she was mostly staying away. Focusing on studying of her own.

It wasn’t as if Sweetie had hexed the little brat whom thought herself better than everyone else. But Sweetie felt a certain responsibility to stick up for Darling. If it had been only her… or maybe Handsome, who had been insulted… well that would have earned nothing. Or maybe praise if it had been Handsome to have been treated dreadfully.

Raising an eyebrow, she looked at Pumpkin as the Ravenclaw sat by her. She must mean Sweetie’s animagus studies. "Yes." She stated simply.

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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Pumpkin frowned at her younger sister's unenthusiastic response. The study to become an animagus was a hard, and a long, one. She wasn't sure if Sweetie was going to continue the study or get bored halfway through and decide it wasn't worth her time. She also wasn't sure if her sister was studying so she could sneak away easier and have a life all her own (and not register) or just doing it because she could.

"What do you think the animal will be?" she knew there was no real way to know, before the final transformation.

Her family always underestimated her at this point. It was more expected that they would think that she would fail, or do this so she could cause trouble as she pleased. But that wasn't it.

The reason she wasn't speaking with excitement was due to the fact that she honestly was loosing faith that any of her siblings would also be excited. Only seeing her as silly and attempting to take away something she was working quite hard for. And she was done allowing such things to happen. So no, she wasn't going to be completely open with her sister about how excited she was about this development in her life.

Pumpkin's question had already been brought up a number of times. But still, she took it with grace. "I was debating that, due to my personality, I would either be a type of cat or bird." Her personality sure showed that either possibility might be an option given her studies of other animagi.

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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