Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Today Has Been Ok
    November 30th
    It was pure coincidence that Trinity had her birthday off. And it was enough of a reason to go out and celebrate. And she was celebrating by purchasing meaningless trinkets solely for herself. And as the months went on, she just replayed the events of the last year over in her head and felt conflicting emotions on all sides.

    She meandered through High Street and as it was getting ever closer to winter, and she could see the Black Lake almost every day, she thought of that chilly day in February. Sure, it was Valentine's Day but the events far outweighed the name. She hadn't even seen Theodore Gallivan since. And somehow that felt unfair. Something twinged in her chest as the thought of what had happened. Trinity felt her cheeks grow warm and she looked down at the ground briefly.

    Her eyes soon lifted, however, and she saw him. She knew her cheeks were still rosier than what could be blamed on the chilly air, but she would extend a greeting nevertheless. "Mr Gallivan!" she called, extending a gloved hand to wave to try and get his attention. "Mr Gallivan!" Trinity hoped that he would smile, for she did like his smile, and come with a cheerful greeting.

    @Elias Grimstone
    @Theodore Gallivan
    [Image: o8Y0rN.png]
    The day had been much less physical than some, but one of the other aurors-in-training had made some ill-timed jokes in one of their drills the other week about accidentally ingesting poisons - and accordingly they had been treated to a good two-hour-long talk on health and safety by their poisons & antidotes instructor.

    So once they'd at last been dismissed, it was good to emerge from the Hogsmeade entrance of the Ministry to be stung by the chill of the air, limbs finally waking back up as he fell into a strolling stride. It was very nearly the holiday season, and some of the shops had pipped December to the post, beginning to string up decorations a day early. He'd take the slow route back to the house, Theodore decided easily enough. Besides, he'd been meaning to stop back in the family quidditch supply shop for days, just for the fun of looking around. He hardly got to survey all the quidditch kit anymore.

    He came to regret this plan of his when someone called his name, and, drawn by her waving hand, his eyes alighted upon Trinity Estep. None other than Trinity Estep. He tore his gaze away from her at once like he'd been burned, but the memory of their last encounter blazed up, just as quickly. Their last encounter was precisely what Theodore had intended it to be, after what he'd done - after what had come over him - and the only hitch in this plan which had, up until this point, been working flawlessly was that she worked in the village where he lived, didn't she.

    Now, if only he had a poison to accidentally ingest to spare him. He'd looked away and scratched his head as though to make out that he'd been mistaken, and hadn't seen her at all... But then she said his name a second time, and well, what was there for it?

    He pasted a smile to his face, and turned towards her, eyes widening as though this were the first he'd seen of her. Merlin, could she have possibly forgotten? It had been months and months, perhaps it had been washed right from her memory since then -

    "Oh, Miss Estep," Theodore replied, with feigned surprise; he could feel his face burning. "So nice to see you," he said faintly, "how have you been?"
    [Image: ItRCHA.png]
    As the space closed between them, Trinity made a mental note not to bring anything up that had happened between them. The events of Valentine's Day were so far in the past now it would seem silly to bring them up now. It had been a cruel prank that someone had thought up that happened to get Theodore Gallivan in their grasp. Her eyes darted quickly to the street and up to a nearby building before settling again on her former year mate.

    Trinity flashed a small smile. The air about them seemed so thick with tension and it left her largely immobilized. Her gloved hands fidgeted with each other. It was almost as if her mind was telling her to calm down and not be so uptight. It was true that there was an almost indiscernible stiffness to her posture that had not been present the last time she was in the company of Theodore. 

    It felt weird to her now to even think of him as Theodore. Still, he had stolen her first kiss and it had been one of the only things she had managed to think about in the first few months after. Then after the Wizarding World Market and getting stuck in the rubble just days after acquiring a new wand after breaking her previous one roller skating! She had thought about that just as frequently until the thoughts of Valentine's had faded. Until just now when she stood in front of the other guilty party. 

    She cleared her throat as quietly as she could before answering him. "Celebrating," Trinity said softly. "Today is my birthday. My parents finally decided that I can handle myself after the Wizarding World Market incident. They finally sent my aunt away," she laughed, mostly to herself. "Enough about me, however. How have you been?"
    [Image: o8Y0rN.png]