Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #158 - A Womanizer For Minister?
    [Image: oYkX5O.png]
    Venice: The Crowning Jewel of the Sweepstakes Holiday
    Continuing our series on the Witch Weekly Anniversary Sweepstakes holiday, this week we publish an account of Venice written by Bartonburg's Miss Ismene Swift. Venice is the final vacation destination for our contestants, though they will not return to England until the conclusion of a five day cruise along the European coast. Keep reading for a description of the lovely city of canals!

    While all of our voyage was magical, Venice is truly the jewel in the crown. The city’s waterways weave an intricate web amongst buildings while its culture is almost familiar to the British traveller, making for an exciting blend of what is expected and what is not.
    A young lady should not be put off by the opportunity for travel by gondola, as it is truly a smoother ride than any carriage I’ve ever taken—not even the faintest opportunity for sea-sickness! For the cultured traveller, it is a city of beautiful art and magnificent architecture; for the social traveller, food and balls abound! If I should die tomorrow I should do so happily with the knowledge that I have been able to visit the most wondrous city on the continent!
    Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis is a very tall woman, standing at 5'7'', making her barely shorter than her beau. We suspect that this has made choosing appropriate shoes even more of a challenge! Fashion Icons: Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis
    Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis is the one lucky woman who captured the heart of the fashion mogul, Mr. Marcus Lytton. Other than a very pretty young woman - in spite of her unfortunate height of five foot and seven inches! - Lady Penelope is also well-dressed, as one might expect given who her beau is!

    We have studied her style to give our readers tips and inspiration!

    Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis

    Lady Penelope chooses feminine and elegant colours for her wardrobe. She primarily dresses in blues and purples. She doesn’t seem to favour heavy detailing in her clothes and instead opts for minimalistic outfits. If she opts for patterned textiles, they are very subtle. She also doesn’t seem to favour flowers and lace as decorations. In spite of her twenty-one years, Lady Penelope has shed off any girlishness from her style! Perhaps that is because of the considerable age gap between herself and her beau?

    For everyday outfits, Lady Penelope opts for simplistic hairstyles covered by sophisticated hats. In the evening, however, she often likes to play it up by adding a twist reminiscent of the middle ages in her updos! She wore her hair in a unique braided updo at a recent ball which made her look like a modern Guinevere! We can’t help but speculate whether this is a hint for styles to come by the House of Lytton. Robes and more traditional styles do seem to have resurfaced lately, as seen on the Mrs. Nephele and Belphoebe Lestrange!

    An outfit we particularly admire is a particular red ballgown she wore at Lytton’s Fit for A Queen Ball this summer! Red is certainly Lady Penelope’s colour. Perhaps she could replace some of her more half-mourning-esque dresses for ones in reds!
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       Helena MacMillan
    Mister Herschel Dawlish has only been married once in his long life. Is this so that he can freely make false promises to impressionable, young women by making them believe he might make them his wife if they follow his every whim? A Womanizer For Minister?
    Herschel Dawlish recently tossed his hat into the ring for our new Minister. Within his announcement, he stated an intention to address women’s rights. One can not help but wonder why Mister Dawlish is so interested in women’s rights. Despite his advancing age, the Chief Warlock has been spotted in the company of women a multitude of times and has been said to consistently be quite flirtatious, especially when the woman in question is young and particularly pretty!

    Chief Warlock and Minister of Magic candidate, Herschel Dawlish is often said to look young for his age of ninety-seven.

    Anyone who was in attendance at the Fit For A Queen Ball might remember that he arrived with a certain young Ministry summer intern of the lower class as his plus one for the event. It is heavily speculated that the young woman used the older man as a means to gain access to a ball that she otherwise had no business attending. There is no doubt that she quite likely used her feminine charms to get the Chief Warlock to agree. This could also be a sign of senility in Mister Dawlish which is also not a very forthcoming trait for a Minister of Magic..

    If Mister Dawlish can be so easily coerced into giving into any young, pretty womans whims than what does that say about his abilities - or lack thereof - to be an effective Minister? A veela or part veela woman could just waltz into his office and have any laws they might conjure up put forth into effect which would not only give unfair advantage to such women but could have a very negative effect on Magical Britain as a whole.

    Some say that not only was he so bold as to bring his lower class “companion” to an elegant ball but he attempted his charms on a young woman during a funeral! Mister Dawlish has also been seen in the company of Witch Weekly fashion favorite, Miss Ophelia Dippet who looked very uncomfortable with his company. One can only imagine what he was saying to the poor girl, especially given that she was recently engaged!

    With what is obviously very little respect for women and his womanizing ways, one could easily come to the conclusion that Mister Dawlish would be a very questionable choice for campaigning about women’s rights and for a Minister in general.
    Achieving a NEWT-level education is a source of pride for the population of magical community who has achieved them—including the well-bred ladies of society! The question still remains: how important are NEWTs in ensuring the success of a well-rounded socialite, housewife, and mother? Opinion Piece: Do Young Ladies Really Need a NEWT-Level Education?
    The debate is likely as old as the school itself: Does a young, well-bred lady truly require a NEWT-level education? If not, why do many families from both a wealthy and middle class background, expect their daughters to procure the prestigious grades?

    In the muggle world, women rarely face opportunities for education because they lack one important quality: magic. Since the founding of Hogwarts School, men and women have been education alongside each other because the two sexes have been viewed as equal in magical ability—unlike the physical and emotional characteristics that muggle women are limited to. That shows why, to many wealthy and middle class families, a NEWT-level education is a sign of prestige: strong NEWT grades express that a young woman is not only well-versed in the womanly arts and skills, but also in the magical skills that encompass her identity as a witch!

    What is the value of a NEWT-level education to a well-bred young witch? From our experience, there is not one clear, simple answer!

    Nevertheless, it has been more common to pull young ladies from the classroom following the founding of magical-run finishing school such as Pendergast's School for Young Roses. There is no denying that the completion of a finishing school curriculum before their prime is a sure sign of their marriageability, but many families have preferred that their daughters attend finishing school following their daughters' graduations.

    From a logical standpoint, it seems the most important thing for any couple to ensure is that their daughter has a bright future ahead of her as a wife. Beginning and completing finishing school while they still continue to bloom physically and emotionally allows them to debut alongside the students in their Hogwarts years without spending vital years at a finishing school. However, the true answer to the question relies on the parents' expectations for their daughters.

    Knowledge in subjects that men are expected to grow knowledgeable in—politics, economics, sports, etc.—are not important to a young lady, but magical ability is an invaluable asset to a young witch. Magic at a NEWT-level does not only prepare women to support and defend herself in the unfortunate case of bad luck later in life, but it gives them knowledge to compliment their abilities as hostesses, wives, and mothers.

    While society does not acknowledge that advanced knowledge of the various types of magic is a necessity for success in a woman's life, there's no doubt that it can prove useful. Magical ability is what defines a woman's identity as a witch, and should therefore never be overlooked when deciding what the right path for a young woman's future is. There are plenty of cases where an OWL-level education has proved sufficient for a young woman to succeed in life, but for others, a NEWT-level education is what has allowed them to survive in the competitive—and sometimes harsh—world around them.
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       Aldous Crouch
    [Image: oCV5zn.gif]

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