Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Flowers in the Window
    Private Thread 
    It was a sad and melancholy thing but as little as a year ago, had anybody asked him whether he thought his younger sister would still be the lone lady of his household, Orlando would have answered to the affirmative. He only wished that Ada had not had to endure such public scorn and unchivalrous feeling from society even before the incident only for the result to be the two of them, sat in the sun-warmed conservatory he had built on the back of their home some years ago, her painting and him reading, as they had been want to do for many years now.

    For himself Orlando did not mind the quiet, solitary life. He had chosen it willingly and it suited him perfectly well, but Ada seemed to have had spinsterhood rather thrust upon her; it was a dreadful injustice to her character in his opinion, although he had wisely not voiced that of late seeing as how her character was being rather torn apart in society and, he suspected, it would be for some time. Mr Urquart might have bigger problems but society never forgot and never forgave.

    Still, society could go hang itself as far as he was concerned. She was his sister and, to Orlando at least, the finest company anyone could ask for.

    “That’s a rather sorrowful piece,” he said with a kindly questioning tilt of his head towards the landscape she had been slowly working at all morning. “The sun is much brighter than you think my dear.”

    @Adelia Lovegood
    @Ursula Black
    [Image: Orlando_SIG_by_Bee.png]
    wonderful set by Bee
    As it would turn out the third heartbreak was the worst.

    Unlike prior instances, Ada hadn't fallen too hard and fast and found her feelings not to be reciprocated by the time it was too late. Unlike the last two times, she hadn't been the one on the receiving end of rejection. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, she seemed to be having an even worse time trying to move past it. She'd been inconsolable after her first heartbreak but she had at least moved steadily through the stages of grief. The second time had been miserable too but had at least lacked the novelty and the element of complete surprise. Not that she'd been expecting James Herondale to end their courtship, but it had been far more gentle than James Riley ending their engagement and shortly after pursuing someone else.

    The trouble this time was that not only had she spurned the Minister whom she had afterwards realized she had some semblance of feeling for, but there was only person to blame for her unhappiness and it was herself. Ada had sabotaged her own happiness and the moment she had realized that the horrible feeling in her gut was in fact regret, she had another horrible feeling in her gut that told her she had just thrown away her third and final chance of happiness.

    Now here she was, over four months later as melancholy and regretful as she had been after her initial epiphany in July. To add to her turmoil was the censure she was receiving from society which she'd been avoiding like the plague by... Well, avoiding society entirely. The possibility of crossing paths with Balthazar Urquart was also another reason to remain within the safe confines of the Lovegood house. She hadn't seen him since she'd very literally left him at the altar and especially with after what had happened to his daughter only weeks later, she didn't think she could handle a conversation with him that wouldn't end regrettably.

    While she might be very low in spirits and struggling to manage them, she was trying to give a different impression to her brothers. Empty smiles and false assurances that she was every synonym of 'well' had become habitual, as had hiding away in plain sight with an easel so that she seemed less distraught than she might have done if she'd continued to lock herself away in her room as she very much wanted to. Ada was not a master of deception, however, and for all her practiced attempts to seem contented the truth inevitably shone through as clear as day.

    Usually it was quite easy for her to fool herself into believing that Orlando and Andren were oblivious to her misery, but other times it was impossible. It was impossible, for example, when Orlando remarked on the dismal appearance of her current painting. As far as near-Winter mornings went it was quite beautiful - the bright sunlight on the slowly melting frost made the grass sparkle and the mist made everything look softer. Ada's painting on the other hand could have been an entirely different day, and in a word, it was gloomy.

    Ada lowered her brush steadily and scrutinized the canvas before her. It had better resembled the scene before her at one time, but then she had been too heavy handed with the blue-grays and the sun peeking through dark cloud had grown dim beneath unnecessary brushstrokes. "I mixed some gray on my palette but it ran into the yellow and now the colors are all out of balance," she explained, turning her head towards him so she might send him one of those reassuring smiles that likely had the opposite effect entirely. The colors hadn't run together, at least they hadn't on her palette, the canvas was another story. "Is it a good book?" Deflecting was another tactic she'd grown overly fond of.

    NOVEMBER 29, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Orlando Lovegood