Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Rush Khatri

    Full Name: Rush Khatri
    Birthdate: 1860 [estimated]
    Current Age: ~27 Years
    Occupation: Sketchy Importer
    Reputation: Three
    Residence: London, Cairo, Mumbai, Beijing, Chicago, Buenos Aires
    Hogwarts House: Unknown.
    Wand: They picked up a secondhand wand in Cairo that was nine and three-quarters inches, phoenix feather and sycamore; shortly after Rush had mastered the ‘learning’ process and settled into more mundane wand use, however, the wand spontaneously combusted, as sycamore is wont to do when bored. After a frustrating period of a few months where he’d have to borrow other people’s wands in order to get anything done, the family eventually stumbled upon (stole) another wand. It’s ten and a half inches, springy, and some vaguely sandy-colored wood. Not really sure about it beyond that.
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower
    Natal Family: Who knows, who cares.

    The Important Family:
    Krishna Khatri | (Grand)Father Figure | [1816 - ?]
    @Reva Khatri | Parental Guidance | [1845 - ?]
    @'Mei Khatri' | Lover to the above | [1857 - ?]
    @Valentino Khatri | Pseudosibling | [1860 - ?]
    @'Farrah Khatri' | Pseudosibling | [1861 - ?]
    @'Yasmina Khatri' | Pseudosibling / Reva’s niece | [1865 - ?]
    Like the rest of his “family,” Rush looks vaguely but unplaceably foreign, regardless of context. He has smooth tan skin and thick dark hair, with brown eyes. He shaves only as often as he remembers to, which isn’t entirely frequently given that he tends to spend too much time working and can lose track of when the days turn over, unlike those in the family who keep to a better routine. He usually has some degree of stubble. Rush dresses moderately, but has a habit of picking up accessories that amuse him and wearing them around for a few days at a time before getting bored and forgetting them somewhere--glasses with the lenses popped out, unique hats, silly scarves, and at one point even an eyepatch have featured in his momentary style lapses. Rush is rather genial and is usually smiling, but when something has him worried or preoccupied he has a habit of biting one knuckle while he thinks. He's 5'6" OLIVE. :P
    Before The Store [Pre-1870]
    From his early life, Rush can remember only a handful of things: a large, soft woman he called Mataji, loud noises in all the walls, lots of dirt and heat. His family, such that it was, could barely keep all of their members alive, and as soon as possible--maybe sooner as it wasn’t uncommon for poor families to lie about their childrens’ ages in order to get them into gurukulas and have one less mouth to feed--he was relocated to the home of a guru on the outskirts of the city, where he was to learn magic. The guru in question did not permit study or wand work until he had deemed to pupil ready to learn them, and indeed would not even acknowledge the boys until they had already been “brought up” for several years by the older and more experienced students. In the meantime, Rush was little more than an errand boy, and went out with the rest of the pack of students each night to beg for his dinner.

    On one such occasion he became lost, and ended up sleeping in the street overnight. The next morning he was afraid to go back, as he was certain he’d be beaten for being late--so he hid in a shop instead.

    This was when Rush’s life really began. He hid in the shop--an imported goods shop, though he wasn’t literate and so didn’t know that when he entered--until it was starting to close. Afraid of being thrown out and sent back to the guruklava, he went deeper into the shop and ended up stumbling into more magic than he’d ever seen in one place before. Eventually, the owner found him. The old man was nice--he talked to Rush and fed him a meal--but after a day in what the young boy of indeterminate age considered a sort of paradise, he was told he’d have to go back to his home. He protested (he actually sort of threw a fit) and displayed magic for the first time by breaking a handful of items that probably cost more than his life was worth, at the moment.

    Fortunately, the store owner didn’t seem inclined to beat him, or even to turn him over to the police for breaking his things. Instead, after a long talk in a language that Rush didn’t understand, the old man asked if he’d like to stay, instead. Obviously, he said yes.

    Still Mostly A Kid [1870-1879]
    He only told them his name was “Rush,” although they assumed that was probably short for something he didn’t remember. For the moment, the shop consisted of three others: Krishna, the man who owned the store and had agreed to take him in, Reva, who was his daughter and and already an adult by the time Rush was introduced to her, and a girl a bit younger than him who was related to them in some way that he didn’t immediately comprehend. Rush secretly wondered whether the two adults had agreed to take him in because of his proximity in age to the little girl, like he was being picked up as a designated playmate rather than because they actually cared about him. That didn’t bother him a bit, though, and he dutifully followed Yasmina around for the next year. If his ticket to the shop rested on appealing to the little girl, he was going to make damn sure that she liked him.

    Rush learned that Yasmina was a recent addition to the shop, as well; she’d joined them a year earlier after her father had died under circumstances he never bothered to ask about. That only strengthened his feeling that he was primarily there to make Yasmina feel more at home, even though he did grow progressively more and more attached to Krishna--whom he called Grandfather because Yasmina did--and to Reva. After he had been at the shop a year, their “family” grew again with the inclusion of Mei, a scrappy Asian girl a few years older than him who’d come in through the Chicago storefront.

    As the years went by, Rush learned reading and writing from the other people in the store--and in several languages, too. They also taught him magic--something he hadn’t even known he wanted to learn, back when the violence at the guruklava had been his only path to it. With a wand they’d acquired in Cairo, he dutifully learned magic alongside learning the “family business.” He showed an affinity for charms, and particularly for altering objects slightly--which came in handy over the course of the next few years as he can subtly manipulate some of their wares to get them sold more quickly, or to make them appear more valuable than they are. Making something seem heavier and more substantial than whatever it’s actually made of it a pretty regular occurrence. The spells don’t last forever, but the shop doesn’t issue refunds, so that isn’t really his problem.

    A few years later in 1876, the rag-tag “family” grew again with the inclusion of Valentino, a runaway teen from Buenos Aires. Rush was very interested in having another male around the shop, especially since Valentino is the same age as him. Yasmina had gotten sulky over not being able to attend school (despite Rush assuring her that his experience of ‘school’ at the guruklava kind of sucked), and while Mei hasn’t been consumed with any inexplicable moodiness, she is making the transition into being considered an adult, which makes something of a gap between the two of them, at least in his mind. He takes immediately to his new “brother” and personally takes charge of getting him settled in to the shop.

    Yasmina starts learning magic in 1877, shortly before Rush’s studies in the various subjects would peter out. Without a formal course schedule it’s not as though he ever really finished; he just reached a point where he knew everything he thought he’d reasonably need to know, and only read further on things that he thought were particularly interesting. By the end of 1878, his sycamore wand decided that it could take no more of merely being the companion of a shopkeep and spontaneously combusted. Which wouldn’t have been quite as big of a deal, except that it decided to give up the ghost while he and the rest of the crew were asleep, meaning that the lodging area over the shop nearly burns down. It doesn’t, though for the first half of 1879 Rush doesn’t have a wand of his own and has to borrow someone else’s any time he really needs to use it, which, thankfully, is infrequently. Whether out of annoyance at having to lend him his wand all the time or out of genuine affection, Valentino eventually “finds” a replacement wand whilst out on an errand for Mei. The second wand takes to Rush much better, though due to the nature of its acquisition he doesn’t know anything about it.

    During the wandless months near the end of 1878, the shop also acquires another member in the form of runaway Chicago teenager Farrah. This is theoretically the last time they end up finding and subsequently adopting a magical stray orphan, but since Mei, Val, and Farrah weren't really planned (and neither, for that matter, was Rush himself) it's hard to say that it definitely won't happen again. At least Farrah is a bit older, and doesn't take too much of their time up in learning magic.

    Sort of An Adult [1879-1887]
    Around the time that Rush was starting to consider himself an adult, Yasmina was hitting the bad-decisions part of puberty, and boy does she make some bad decisions. Rush is particularly worried when she disappears for three days and comes back home obviously drunk, but it's not as though there's anything to be done about it, and at least she did come home. It seems to just be a phase, luckily, and after a few "acting out" occasions she seems to mellow out, at least from his perspective.

    Aside from Yasmina's teen angst, life continues on quietly for several years, although Krishna is beginning to get noticeably older and his eyesight has started to decline. In 1883 he decides to retire from the business side of things, and sets himself up in a (stationary) house to comfortably live out his old age. Since this occurs less than a year after Reva and Mei start not-so-subtly sleeping together, Rush sometimes jokes that Krishna was so sick of their public displays of affection that he had to quit the shop. To Mei, anyway. He’d never say that to Reva.

    With Reva and Mei being an item™ and with Valentino's never-exactly-chaste lifestyle, there's plenty of prompting for Rush to think about finding somebody, but he spends so much time at the shop that he doesn't tend to interact, socially, with anyone except their customers (who he obviously can't be honest with). He does have a brief flirtation with a girl in Buenos Aires in 1885, but it never goes anywhere very serious as she wanted to know more about his life than he was really comfortable telling her. Aside from the store (which is a secret to most of the world), there isn't much to tell, and the relationship really fizzles out before it has a chance to begin.

    1886 goes down in store history as the year of the storm cloud. After accidentally breaking one of Mei's new acquisitions (a dusty-looking mirror that probably wouldn't have sold for much anyway), Rush is cursed with bad luck. This wouldn't have been so awful if that bad luck hadn't manifested itself in a literal storm cloud materializing over him and following him around every time he's outside. For several months he's more or less confined to the shop unless he's going out at night or in a pre-existing thunderstorm, because otherwise he would be rather conspicuous. The curse is supposed to last seven years, presumably, but luckily for him they find a way to dispel it after several months, and life continues much as before (except for some added safety precautions when dealing with Mei's new shit).

    The next year stretches on and is almost boring by comparison. There are, of course, always hijinks to be had - Mei's collecting keeps them all on their toes since she tends to prioritize things that are cool over safety, and Valentino tends to get himself into trouble quite frequently in his personal life - but mostly, life continues on as it always has, which suits Rush just fine.
    Others might describe Rush as a “workaholic,” but that definition implies that Rush considers what he does work, which he really doesn’t. He enjoys socializing with customs and building up a certain rapport, and will often keep track of certain requests and keep an eye out for things in other cities despite the fact that the shop policy is not to take “orders.” He gets invested in the stories behind the items that they’re selling--whether the stories themselves are genuine or created--and has an uncanny ability to make whatever item he’s talking about seem important. Rush frequently loses track of time when he’s working on something and will sometimes end up working through the “night” and making it up with periodic naps throughout the workday. He tends to be in the shop more often than not, even when it isn’t his shift. He also has no qualms about “moving” the shop during the off-hours so that he can go look for a particular item for a regular customer, some object that he’s decided he personally needs, or even just a piece of fruit he’s particularly craving. He very seldom coordinates these movements with the rest of the group and is frequently on the receiving end of angry owls when he accidentally strands someone in a city they had business in during the evening hours. So far, at least, there’s never been any lasting harm done, and it’s rather hard to stay mad at Rush; he smiles too much for that.
    Language Proficiencies:
    — Marathi: his native language; fluent.
    — English: fluent; accent is lightly Cockney but still intelligible in other areas. Spells things the British way.
    — Spanish: proficient, near-fluent; can converse about anything flawlessly except for occasionally forgetting a word, mixing up an idiom, or making a minor grammar mistake.
    — Egyptian Arabic: proficient; can speak it about as well as Spanish but is much iffier on the reading/writing side and sometimes has to stare at things for a few minutes before they make sense.
    — Mandarin: passable; he can conduct shop-talk and run errands in Mandarin but couldn't have an in-depth conversation of any length.
    — Hindi: understands it but won't speak it; he'll switch to English unless a customer only speaks Hindi, in which case he speaks it very grudgingly. He just doesn't like it and can't articulate why. He's maintained the bias against it from his pre-store life whilst forgetting the entire reason behind those feelings.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn

    Application Approved!

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    Introduce yourself to the community
    — Start networking, or just jump into a thread!

    Please feel free to contact me or any member of our staff team if you have any questions.
    We hope your time here is magical!

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