Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    New Friends
    Ever since the DADA group project Sisse had found that she had two more friendly faces in her classes, Miss Potts and Miss Pine, with whom to converse during the day. While neither of them were a Gryffindor, Sisse found that houses didn't much matter when it came to making friends, and she quite expect that with both girls that was what they would become - friends. For having had such a small circle of friends and acquaintances back home - that was if one counted her brothers and Miss Hughes - she loved how many people she could spend her time with here at school. From time to time it was almost overwhelming, what with all her dorm mates when she was use to being alone for much of her time, but she didn't once dislike it.

    It was perhaps for this reason that Sisse found that with the cooling weather outside she lingered in the great hall after meals to try to catch her new acquaintances from other houses during the times she might have tried to study with them out of doors. Besides, in the Great Hall one could be mildly louder than one would have to be in the library. This evening Sisse spotted Miss Potts in her quidditch robes after Sisse had finished her supper. The rest of her group at the Gryffindor table was getting ready to head back to the common room, Sisse excused herself and made her way over to the young Hufflepuff. "Good evening Miss Potts. How was practice?" Sisse asked kindly, standing near the Hufflepuff table not really wanting to impose but looking forward to a chance to talk to Calla - after all today they'd covered horn growing hexes in class today, the very topic of their paper!

    @Calla Potts / @Demelza McGonagall
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    For once, she had done her homework before she had practice, which left her free the rest of the afternoon, though she had followed a few of her team members the Great Hall for dinner, to hungry to wait to eat till after she cleaned up. While she normally did take a bath after practice and before supper, this certainly wasn't the first time she hadn't and it likely wouldn't be the last time she did. She smiled, then, as she sat among her friends that still lingered at the table.

    A voice called her out, and she turned her head, two braids flopping against her back - the same style she wore her hair in every practice simply because she found it the easiest. Anything else would have been blown out or taken to long to do up but her hair was far too long to leave down to fly. That would have been a nightmare waiting to happen - it would get in her face and blind her or even possible get caught up in her broom. She had never seen that happen but it sounded terrifying to be hanging from her broom by her hair.

    She recognized the girl instantly, greeting her with a smile and a wave. "Miss Thompsett! Good evening to you too! Practice was good, I'm getting a lot better. Everyone has been so helpful in teaching me how to play. How are you doing?"

    So far, Calla had found little point in the house rivalries besides giving her a Quidditch team to play on. It certainly hadn't stopped her from forming friends in other houses, though most of her friends were concentrated in her own house and in Gryffindor. Well, there was Miss Scrimgeour, but Calla was not certain that the upper-class girl counted as a friend. Calla might go as far as to say that - her own definition of the word friend was quite loose - but if Holly would say that, she wasn't sure. She had a feeling the answer would be no.

    The only issue house had presented was when it came to working on homeworks later at night and sitting with your other house friends at meals. She actually didn't know if there was a rule against sitting at a house table in the Great Hall that wasn't yours. She hadn't actually heard anyone say you couldn't, but at the same time, she had never actually yet seen anyone sit at another table. Therefore, with a shrug to herself, she patted the seat beside her, inviting the other girl to sit down.
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    It seemed as if everyone in her year was obsessed with Quidditch, and to be honest she kind of felt left out by that. Her parents had been very clear with her from a young age that quidditch was not a suitable interest for a young lady and that she should leave such interests to her brothers. Sisse had complied by adjusting her interest to just flying, but now felt as if she were bereft of a very important subject of conversation. That didn’t mean she wasn’t glad to hear when her friends were doing well in their practices and interests. “I’m glad to hear that.” She chimed with a genuine smile.

    I’m doing very well. Thank you for asking.” She replied primly, grinning as Calla invited her to sit. Sisse slid into the seat with as much lady like grace as she had been taught. She had never seen a member of a different house sit at another house table, but she wasn’t about to let that stop her if she had been asked to sit.

    What did you think of DADA today?” The gryffindor enquired cheerfully, she knew that both Calla and Zadie had both been interested in trying the hex but Professor Sleptov had merely talked about it. At least their paper had seemed to be right on point with the lesson.

    @Calla Potts
    @Demelza McGonagall
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    Her own parents had never really been the ones to tell her she could not do something - that had been a job left to the governess who had spent years trying to wrangle her and before her, her elder sisters in to control and into the image of a proper young lady. Honestly, the governess's only saving grace had been the fact they all already like flowers. But her parents had been perfectly fine with her trying out for Quidditch - no haggling or pleading needed. She had not even waited until school had started to ask but rather had declared her intentions to her parents the day after she had met the Slytherin seeker that one day the past summer. They had even sent her a set of Quidditch gloves the other day for her birthday and she had already used them every day for the past week.

    Her parents had always been like that - letting the girls try their own things and branch out. Maybe it was they weren't all to normal themselves. But she normally had no complaints. When she came to school, then, to find she now had friends whose parents would not let them act so freely, it had confused her at first, till she realized that is was in fact, her parents that were the anomaly. Maybe then it was a good thing she hadn't been sorted into Slytherin - they didn't seem to like having girls on their team. But rather she, in Hufflepuff, got to be apart of the two teams that even had females as their captains.

    She shifted over slightly as Miss Sissie Thompsett took the seat she offered - Calla was pleased to note the girl showed no hesitance in taking the seat here, even if it was not at her own table - to make more room, twisted slightly to the side so she could face her with more ease. "I'm glad you are doing good!" Honestly, there was not anyone in school that she wouldn't want to do well - at least not yet, only three or four months into her first year.

    "Defence?" she question, not initially picking up why the other girl would asking her that. "Ohhhh... you mean about having covered the horn-growing hex today! It was really nice to know about something beforehand actually. I'm still a little upset we still did not get to try it. I mean having horns seemed so... well fun?"
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
    And how are you?” Sisse asked, leaning her knees toward Calla as she returned her question, inclining her head at the kind sentiment. They hadn’t had much time to speak these last few weeks as their classes seemed to demand more and more from them as the weeks went on.

    She nodded at her clarification of the class. Matthew had gotten her in the bad habit of calling it by initials when it appeared most of the other first years called it Defense. It likely came from all the information she tried to get from him since she had received her letter in the summer. She’d come to learn her older brother hadn’t exactly been honest with her about things at Hogwarts. For instance the game of suitors that he had started this summer was an absolute sham!

    Fun?” Sisse repeated incredulously, although she couldn’t help the laugh that danced from her lips. “I suppose it would certainly be a change from the normal.” She amended with a small shrug. “I know you and Miss Pine were interested in trying it, I almost wondered if you had.” Sisse smiled at her friend trying to show her that there was no judgement from her on the subject.

    @Calla Potts
    @Demelza McGonagall
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]