Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
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    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    Retcon Character Ads
    So with the upcoming Great Upheaval, I am looking to net current active characters or those who will be active on the new board to replace inactive/probably not ever returning characters from my characters' pasts.

    The only things that are required are in bold; everything else that is mentioned is up for retconning! In all of these cases the dynamic/the potential for future threads is far more important than anything that happened in the past. If you have someone who fits, we can hammer out the details via Skype/PM and then work them into our apps prior to moving sites.

    For M. Lockhart
    A woman around his age (currently 22-26) who at one point in her life carried a torch for him. There was a lot of soap-opera-esque drama when she was played as "Annie" but I'd like to smooth that out with an existing character. They were very close prior to his marriage but have since fallen out of touch.

    For Thom Pettigrew
    A previous female assistant. She could have worked for him for any period between 73-85 and quit in order to marry. They had a Tony Stark/Pepper Potts sort of dynamic, but without the romantic part at least on his end, you do you. Since there's such a wide range of years there this could be open to more than one character in the past!

    EDIT: I've got someone for June '81 up until Harvey arrived in '85. I'm open for another person of this general type who would have worked for Thom any time between 1873 and 1881. She can have quit to marry or for another reason of your choosing.

    For Tiberius Lestrange
    A former schoolmate (grad year 1880), or a year younger, who had a thing for Tib (lol how). He used her for legilimency practice and discovered this, then being the manipulative jerk that he is capitalized on it. Tiberius took her virginity at the end of their sixth year, but she broke things off during their seventh when she started to catch on that he was creepy. She can have been doing anything she wants with her life after that but probably didn't go on to be a glowing paragon of society or anything.


    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Annabelle Scrimgeour
    For Stephen Flint

    A wife for him! I'm not looking for a new wife or someone to hurl at him come the new site, but rather a female character (UCPB, b. 1860-1867ish) to have married him sometime between 1884 and 1886. He's getting an entire revamp of his character that involves him not having worked for the Dept. RCMC and not being such of a boring asshole come the new site. If you're interested, send me a skype message and we can talk over the plot details!

    For M. Lockhart
    STEPMOTHER. As previously played, she was a victim of the Amortentia tea scandal and ended up married to their father, which none of the kids were happy about. I am willing to retcon that to fit your needs and I plan on requesting Lock's dad on the new board. This would be an ideal spot to put any unconnected married lady that you love as a character but don't have existing ties/connections/plots for. Also if you have someone who should have gotten married but missed their window and you want to retcon a marriage in on the new board. She would be married to a MCHB (but not a dwarf, I'm getting rid of that part) and we can discuss details from there!

    She will have two played step-children (Lock and Fortuna) as well as step-daughter-in-law Ruth Lockhart, and as previously stated there will be an ad for the husband. I'm open to her having children of her own.

    Got her, thanks!
    Kelly joins in 'cause, needs are needs

    For Sweetie Whitledge and Acacia Ruskin

    He does have an ad. But with the retcon leaves room for him to be a tad bit different if need be. He could be an already played character! Family connections are wonderful and leave for more connections to work with!
    /gestures towards Lynn's initial post: what she said.
    For Clarissa Cosgove

    A boy for Clarissa between the ages of 18-20. He'd likely be LCAB, though he could also potentially be on the lower end of MC. He was a brash, undisciplined boy that Clarissa had a brief mutual attraction with in her fifth year. He sucked at etiquette and enlisted her help as tutor since she did so well with it. He was always both drawn to her ladylike nature and intimidated. He has a rivalry with another boy over her affections that has since died. She never even know of the other boys affections.

    For Catherine Weasley

    A boy of any class, any blood that is the same age as Catherine and was her yearmate. He was likely in Slytherin but this isn't required. He shared a friendship with Catherine and had unrequited feelings for her. They still talk and write from time to time. How he feels about the fact she is now a married woman with children is up to you.

    For Josiah Rohlwing

    A woman that is between the ages of 22-25. She is LCAB and a witch that sometimes comes into Irvingly. She and Josiah had a brief flirtationship that could potentially continue if she is still single which she would have been when they met in 1885 at an Irvingly Christmas event.

    For Love Darby

    A man that is between the ages of 27-31 and is UCAB. He is likely a Quidditch player or fond of the sport but this isn't required. He met Love in 1884. He and Love subsequently had a relationship that came close to courting that kept getting delayed due to a death in his family or other reasons. He also thought that he might be too young for all that stuff. I am keeping Love's amnesia (which was also publicized so he'd very likely know about it!) on the new board so she won't remember him which could make for some angsty heart breaking drama. The old version of him was also a little unsuitable as a suitor due to a rebellious personality but I am not completely attached to that aspect.

    For Owain Edwards

    A best friend & possible love interest. This person is a male that is in the same year as Owain and is a Hufflepuff. This boy is extremely shy and withdrawn to the point that Owain often speaks for him as if he is the boys own personal Cyrano.
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    I'll be back with more later lol.
    For K. Abernathy

    A werewolf who could have turned Kieran in late 1884. They caught Kieran near sunrise in some sort of woods and the 'near sunrise' part is why he didn't straight-up die. They would recognize each other if they met but Kieran has historically been very deliberate about not interacting with them at all.
    I'd prefer that this werewolf have a family for continuity reasons and to explain why Key didn't stealthily report them.

    I'd strongly prefer a pre-existing character for this!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Cassius Lestrange's post:
       Helena MacMillan
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Basically, right now Kelly is doing her wanted ads for non-fam characters here so they can be already played characters with retcon stuff

    For Margaret Rawlinson

    He also has an ad. But with the retcon leaves room for him to be a tad bit different if need be. He could be an already played character! Family connections are wonderful and leave for more connections to work with! It is optional for him to be related to the family mentioned in his ad. Preferred eldest son. Warning, he shall have a jealous ghost to deal with, which might be interesting.

    For Juniper Middlemiss

    I want this girl to show having veela affect on men. With that, there are men that have a tendency to be obsessive, resulting in stalkers. I do feel that Juniper would have some stalkers, especially because she's the type to entertain the idea of a possible future until she actually gets uncomfortable like a veela yolo. This could be an already played character, or in response to her wanteds.

    Also For Juniper Middlemiss

    Her fiancé, who has stuck with her through all of this Ban mess. I want him as a pre-played character, if possible. She tends to call him her beloved, and is head over heals. She also tends to refer to him as having a 'shiny-ness' to him. This is a complement. I'd prefer he be a wizard, and that means he knows what she is and why they aren't being allowed to marry. This is kept secret from her muggle adoptive parents, and is possibly an excuse of terrible paperwork (if you can come up with a better excuse, please let me know). This could be an already played character, or in response to her wanteds.

    For Sweetie Whitledge

    These girls do have wanteds, but can be just retcon girls that need more friends. I really want this plot, so since there is retcon happening, I would love these girls to be played, with connections. If they have more friends that aren't Sweetie, that would stick by them, or Sweetie, that is fabulous. I would love that.

    For Odette Lécuyer

    Odette is a purist, who comes from a purist family. She is also betrothed. I would love this to be to a played character. The betrothal happened in 1878, and she is the oldest daughter and there are no male heirs, so one third of her father's money will go to her. She is a Pendergast Rose (unless Kayte retcons the Roses), so the marriage would be after she graduates. Preferably, this will be to an English man, and it is mandatory that he is UCPB, due to puristness of family, as well as classist-ness.
    Hopefully this is one of the last. Stay tuned ;)

    For Nectar Shinnick

    Nectar is moving to Upper Class! This means that she and Esteban will no longer be together, since he is moving to Lower Class my heart is breaking, help me please. Personally, I wish for her to still be courting with someone, since that shall be interesting. Many changes are to be made! She is going to be a year older, is an Intern in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and did graduate Hogwarts as her guardian did want this for her (she has a guardian now! Ad shall be provided by Elaine ;)  ). This particular courtship could be their choice, or it could have been preplanned by the family of the male and her guardian for her career choice.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Acacia Ruskin's post:
       Tansy Abberton
    I lied, there is more.

    For Warwick Nott

    Three married sisters (or two, since I'm open to the youngest still being a deb, in which case, she would still be a Nott). I am open to name changes. These siblings were born into a purist household, and are all UCPB.

    Sister one, born in 1859, is the oldest sister of Warwick, being two years younger than him. Since RetCon is happening, she is open to being born pre or post September. She likely has children by now.

    Sister two, born in 1863, along with her twin brother. Preferably has a name starting with M (this is not mandatory, but I just liked the idea). I would prefer that she was born post-September, but that is optional. Most likely would have a child by now.

    Sister three, born in 1869, she is the youngest sister. She does not have to be married, given that she is 18, but that does mean that if an already played character, she would have to have her last name changed.

    Birth years are changeable within reason ;)
    (11-15-2017, 05:27 PM)Acacia Ruskin Wrote: Sister two, born in 1863, along with her twin brother.

    [-] The following 2 users Like Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Aldous Crouch, Annabelle Scrimgeour
    (11-15-2017, 05:48 PM)Ophelia Dippet Wrote:
    (11-15-2017, 05:27 PM)Acacia Ruskin Wrote: Sister two, born in 1863, along with her twin brother.


    Lynn, don't you judge me XD

    IDK, he could have died, that is open for discussion.
    For Roberto Devine

    This woman is 26-28, UCAB and was one of Roberto's mild interests when they met in early 1884. As Roberto got to know her, she turned out to be very high strung - to the point that she ran off rather rudely just because she lost sight of her chaperone at a social event - which ended up driving Roberto away. Instead of considering her own traits, she blamed her chaperone (previously, this was her brother but that's your choice) for the missed chance with Roberto. Depending on things, she could have fun, catty drama things with @Ophelia Dippet , Roberto's darling fiance.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Clarissa Cosgrove's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    For Una Walsh

    This gentleman is also an American. He is @Tierney Walsh 's age (b.early 1862) and quite easily his best friend. His family had a neighboring farm to the Walsh's, leaving the families to be rather close. He had feelings for Una early on but never acted on them, knowing she viewed him as another brother. In 1883, when @Reuben Crouch shows up, Mr. American leaves, not wishing to watch Una fall for a "British dandy." They stayed in touch quite sporadically over the years but he never learned of the outcome with Ben. He works with magical creatures as well with a focus on research. He's funded his travels by writing books that have all done rather well. He has been in South Africa studying a herd of erumpents with the herd was decimated by poachers with only one baby surviving, Oscar. He wrote to Una then, knowing she'd starting working at the Podmore Zoological Gardens and plans were made for her to retrieve the baby. It was their first face to face encounter since he left in 1883. It was then he realized his feelings still existed for her and after a night of a few too many drinks and the truth of what had happened after he left came out, he decides he needs to actively pursue her. Class and blood is open. I don't expect him to come around until the site is moved over (unless someone is feeling overly ambitious). We can hash out further details as I have several running rampant in my mind! Message me here on Emmy or hit me on skype!
    This plottable is preferably meant to be an /endgame plot. So if you are not comfortable with a planned relationship, this is not for you. However, just because it is destined for them to end up together, we don't have to make it easy for them. all the angst
    Willing to trade for another plottable/wanted

    More to potentially be added in the future.
    [-] The following 2 users Like Emmeline Woodcroft's post:
       Annabelle Scrimgeour, Madeleine Backus
    [Image: psFZTN.png]
    (11-14-2017, 10:43 AM)Ophelia Dippet Wrote:
    For M. Lockhart
    A woman around his age (currently 22-26) who at one point in her life carried a torch for him. There was a lot of soap-opera-esque drama when she was played as "Annie" but I'd like to smooth that out with an existing character. They were very close prior to his marriage but have since fallen out of touch.

    Just letting everyone know that I'd really like someone for this. If I don't get someone retconned in I may request her as a plottable on the new site but I'd so much rather talk to someone before then and decide what we'd like to keep from all the drama fest before and what is going away xD

    The First Transgression
    Male — 31+ — Upper Class — Pureblood — Dark Haired

    I'm retconning Ursula's first affair for the new board in order to open up new plot opportunities. I'd really prefer to see this hole filled by an established character rather than having someone create someone new, but if there's no one about who would work then obviously that makes that dead in the water.

    So this character will have had a one-off fling with Ursula in December of 1880 that resulted in a bastard son being born in September of 1881. They probably had an acquaintance prior but were never particularly close i.e. not close friends or in love with one another. They are aware of the existence of their bastard and may have taken the child in depending on their particular circumstances. Otherwise they believe, as does Ursula, that the child is dead. There will be plots.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ursula Black's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    For J. Alfred Darrow
    FORMER HEARTTHROB. Open to an ACAB woman between 22 - 30. After some degree of romantic relationship in 1881-82, Alfred was under the impression that the two of them were meant to be, but didn't have the financial means to actually propose. He pined after said lady the entire time he was shipwrecked/wandering in the wilderness. Meanwhile, she heard that he had been declared dead in 1883 and entirely moved on. Things are pretty awkward now.

    Their past relationship is pretty open from her end. Alfred was very much devoted to her but kept things very close to his chest because that's just how he is; he doesn't like to talk about things that are important to him. She might have felt the same way or might have just been enjoying the attention. Whether he expressed his intention to marry her upon return from the expedition or not is up for discussion!

    Presently, things are almost entirely open; she could be married, engaged, courting, or still single. What sorts of interactions the two have already had or may have in the future is also open! She could still have #feelings if you're feeling that and want the drama. ;)

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