Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Young-Jae Choi
    [Image: tumblr_nsr4vcXm961tvkf3zo2_400.gif]
    Full Name: Young-Jae Choi
    Nicknames: Jae
    Birthdate: 26 January 1863
    Current Age: 24
    Occupation: Earth Magic Professor
    Reputation: 4, his family is notorious for being a bunch of weirdos.
    Residence: Birmingham, West Midlands when school is not in session
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumnus
    Wand: Ebony, Abraxan tail hair, 13", supple
    A replacement for his original wand, which broke after a rather harrowing experience with some acromantulas in the forests of Siam.
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle Class
    Those Chois. You know, the ones in Birmingham. Yeah, them.
    Being a metamorphmagus in control of his abilities (most of the time), Young-Jae can change his appearance as he pleases. However, as he is a teacher at a reputable institution, he doesn't make a habit of undergoing extreme transformations in public. Naturally, he has black hair, though it would often appear light brown, verging on blonde. He has dark brown, almond shaped eyes. Despite his prominent jawline and high cheekbones, his face still has plenty of roundness to it. He has a flat, wide nose with a prominent tip and very full lips. His skin has noticeable golden-brown undertones which deepen in the sun. 

    At six feet even, Young-Jae is noticeably taller than the average man. In his youth, his long limbs made him somewhat ungainly, but he grew into it. After the accident that permanently damaged his leg, Young-Jae had to learn how to carry himself all over again. He still walks with a pronounced limp and can sometimes be seen using a cane, though he tries to reserve using it for when the residual pain is at its worst. His lithe muscle is a remnant of his Extremely Adventurous Living, and it is slowly softening now that he's less active. 

    When not in his work robes, he likes muggle style suits with patterns some might consider garish. His time out of the country has also given him a taste for South and East Asian influenced attire. He is right handed. 
    Young-Jae was born into a large family of eccentric witches and wizards in January of 1863. His mother, a well known astrologer, was greatly disappointed by the fact that he was born a week too late to be a Capricorn like she'd hoped. Aquariuses, in her opinion, were largely resigned to dull, unimportant lives. Her disappointment was quickly quelled when, a few weeks later, Young-Jae's metamorphmagus abilities manifested themselves in the form of some unnaturally bright eye colors. Her great-great-great grandmother had been one as well and the woman had become notorious in Korea for her shape-changing antics. As far as his mother was concerned, her son's abilities far outweighed any consequences he might face from being born under a bad sign. 

    As a child, Jae was blissfully unaware of just how strange his family was. With nothing else to compare to, he thought the way they lived was normal. It wasn't until he went to school in 1874 that he discovered "respectable" women weren't meant to wear pants, grandfathers didn't regularly walk around in nothing but sheepskin tunics, and that your full siblings were supposed to look like you, among many other things. He was sorted into Hufflepuff where he had to learn to cope with how normal and boring the world was outside of his family. 

    Even as a first year, Jae generally found the social scene at Hogwarts lacking and turned to his studies for entertainment. He was a good student, not because he was naturally inclined towards academics, but because the alternatives just didn't interest him. He was never rude, just distant in a strangely warm sort of way. 

    In his third year, he selected Earth Magic, Divination, and Care of Magical Creatures for his OWL electives. By the time OWL exams came around in fifth year, Jae was more than ready for them (it would've been a bit sad if he wasn't, considering all that time he spent in the library). He scored a mix of Os and Es, with two stray As in subjects that he quickly dropped. Going into his NEWTs, he selected Earth Magic, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, and Charms as his classes. 

    He became properly enamored with Earth Magic as a field of study and began writing to experts in the field at the end of his sixth year to see if any of them were in the market for an assistant. He didn't receive a reply until halfway through his seventh year from Mister Carroway, a man who did the majority of his research out in the field. They arranged a meeting in London during the winter holiday. Mr. Carroway, impressed by Jae's enthusiasm and dedication, offered him a chance to assist with a new research project after he graduated. Jae happily accepted his offer and went back to school pleased that he'd gotten his immediate future figured out. 

    Though he didn't have to worry about post-Hogwarts employment, NEWTs were still incredibly stressful for him, so much so that Jae took on a light gray tint near the end of the year, until exams were finished. When he finally got his marks - straight Os - he was ecstatic. His skin was a little golder than normal for a while after that. 

    Over the summer of '81, Jae prepared to assist Mr. Carroway with his research in South-east Asia. They were to be studying the effect of geography and wildlife on the potency of certain types of Earth Magic and Mr. Carroway wanted Jae to have some training before they spent the better part of a year in a foreign country, in the middle of nowhere. In the fall, Jae and Mr. Carroway journeyed to a remote area of Siam where they would be conducting the majority of their research. Not a day went by where they failed to encounter something new and exciting, and Jae found himself taking great risks for the sake of knowledge. Even after he was nearly killed by a colony of acromantulas and lost his wand, his desire to keep pressing forward never diminished. It wasn't until the spring of '82 when they were presenting their initial findings at a conference in Paris that Jae got a replacement for his wand. 

    By the end of the summer, Jae and Mr. Carroway were ready to enter the second phase of their research. This time, they went to Korea with the intention of studying in the various mountainous regions of the country. Mr. Carroway (problematically) assumed that Jae's heritage would give them a leg up when it came to interacting with local people and getting information they wouldn't be privy to otherwise. Unfortunately for the both of them, he was both unfamiliar with local culture and completely hopeless at picking up the language. For the first time, Jae found himself actively using his abilities as a metamorphmagus to help them along. As it turned out, tight lipped men tended to become chatterboxes when a pretty outsider was batting her eyelashes at them. For almost two years, Jae played the part of Jung-Ah, an English born woman who wanted to connect with the land of her ancestors, the moment it became advantageous. This turned out to be whenever they spent their time in civilization and not camping on the side of a mountain. 

    They returned to England in late 1884 for another circuit of conferences. While Jae enjoyed sharing what they'd discovered with the world, he enjoyed the adventure of "the hunt" far more and couldn't wait to leave again. The several months he had to wait before they could go off exploring again were excruciating. Their next voyage took them to Ceylon, an island off the south east coast of India in 1885. After a few weeks of information gathering (during which Jae wore many faces), they finally set off to the interior of the island. They had just set up the first of many camps they would occupy during their year long stay when a minor earthquake put an end to their work and Jae's career as a researcher. The quake compromised the integrity of the rock overhang they were taking shelter under and, in their rush to escape, Jae's lower half was partially crushed by falling debris. By the time he was brought to a doctor, the damage was irreversible. The doctor just barely managed to save his left leg, which had sustained the most trauma. There were also injuries to his spine which would go undiagnosed until he returned to England three months later. 

    Jae spent the majority of 1886 recovering and hoping against hope that he'd be rehabilitated enough to back into the field. When he could no longer deny the reality of his situation, he had a minor breakdown and became a recluse for as long as his family would let him. 

    Residual guilt over the fate of his assistant turned treasured partner prompted Mr. Carroway to recommend that Jae apply for the recently vacated post of Earth Magic professor at Hogwarts. It wouldn't be remotely similar to the life he'd lived for the past five years, but it was something more than continuing to mourn what he'd lost. Returning to Hogwarts had never been part of his life plan so it took a long period of consideration before he applied for the position. He was hired over the summer and started his first year in the fall of 1887

    TL;DR: Those who can't do, teach. 
    The Victorian equivalent of the Cool and Hip Young Teacher who wears his hat backwards, sits on the desk, and tells the kids to call him by his first name. Unreasonably excitable about knowledge and learning. Will give you a 1000 megawatt smile while handing you back an exam with a failing grade on it. Likes to see the good in people even when they really don't deserve it. Naively believes everyone is redeemable. Used to be wildly irresponsible with his life, but has since mellowed out (not that he really had a choice). Suffers from chronic pain but prefers not to burden other people with his problems so he grins and bears it. Sense of what is normal and proper is definitely a bit skewed thanks to his off the wall family and the large chunk of time he spent outside of Proper English Society. Also difficult for him to maintain an attachment to his physical self because of the whole metamorphmagus thing.
    Sample Roleplay Post: 
    [Image: tumblr_inline_o7bb3lWivI1rlswv9_500.gif]
    Out of Character

    Name: Alex
    Age: 22
    Contact: PM, Skype
    Other Characters: They're out there
    How did you hear about us?: You already know~
    because he is a metamorphmagus, young-jae tends to change his form when outside of school. your character may know him as jung-ah kim or diana moon.
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