Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Private Thread 
    13 November, in the Himalayan Mountains

    Truth be told, Ophelia was a little glad that Miss Blackwood was laid up in bed that afternoon. She would never have wished harm on anyone (at least, not someone she knew so little and had so little reason to dislike--she might very easily have wished as much harm or more on Adelia Lovegood), but she'd been a little uneasy around the former Quidditch player since the trip had begun. She wanted to befriend everyone on the trip, since her recent self-removal from Rose & Thistle was still at nearly the forefront of her mind. Picking a fight with Mrs. Greyback seemed of very little consequence--she was a recluse, anyway, and would probably go back to being a recluse when her bid for Minister fell flat on its face, but even if she did try to impress herself upon polite society, it seemed unlikely that any of the sorts of people Ophelia cared to impress would indulge a potential adulteress. Picking a fight with the ladies' club, however, had been a bit bolder. She had expected them to remove Mrs. Greyback from the membership roster, and although many other women had followed her example and left the club, Ophelia was feeling a little betrayed that they hadn't cowed to her wishes. Without the benefit of a ladies' club, she'd have to curate her own circle of friends more vigorously, and being stuck with four other women for a month seemed the perfect opportunity to force some friendships into blossom.

    That being said, Ginevra Blackwood was a dangerous woman. She felt this instinctively based on what little she knew of the girl from Witch Weekly--namely, that she had, until recently, played Quidditch, and that she seemed to care very little for what society thought of her. Ophelia was a bit iffy on Quidditch herself, as far as conversation topics went, and though Mr. Devine seemed not to have minded her ignorance so far, she could very well imagine at some point in the future she might have a friend who was more knowledgeable over for tea, and Mr. Devine might strike up the liveliest of conversations with them and... well, the idea of being forced to sit idly in the parlor while his eyes lit up at the things another woman was saying, while some other woman brought a smile to his lips or a laugh from his throat, was simply unthinkable.

    She couldn't be conspicuous in her lack of attention to Miss Blackwood, though--which presented itself as something of a difficulty in befriending the rest of them. The tumble down the mountain path had given her the perfect opportunity in that regard--though of course it was very unfortunate for poor Miss Blackwood. Ophelia was sure to be appropriately saddened by the fact every time it was brought up, despite her own secret feelings on the matter.

    After the hike that morning and the massage that followed, Ophelia dressed in something lavish but comfortable she'd picked up the previous week in Beijing. It was the sort of thing she'd likely never wear in England, except perhaps to a costume party, but she was feeling adventurous and elegant, and she assumed that these women, who had all been in Beijing with her the previous week, would hardly be shocked by the choice of outfit. Sitting down for tea, she turned her attention to Miss Swift--the girl closest to her age, aside from Miss Blackwood, and therefore probably the most useful connection to make. Women with so many children as Mrs. Meadowes and Mrs. Maddox had were not, in her experience, bound to be the stars of any social scene, and though Miss Swift didn't exactly look as though she was going to be the star of anything, at least she didn't have eight tiny distractions back at home to prevent her.

    "Have you decided what you'll be doing this afternoon?" she asked conversationally as she poured the tea for herself. "I'm afraid I was enjoying the massage parlor so much I may have cut my window for reviewing the different programs woefully short."

    @Ismene Swift @Aldous Crouch
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       Ismene Swift

    She had suspected going into it that the hike would not be to her tastes, but had grinned and gone forward nonetheless, determined to get the most out of what she was (sadly) certain would be a once in a lifetime journey. Ismene Swift had never dreamed her bid to attend the Witch Weekly voyage would bear fruit, and her travels so far had been almost in a sort of jubilant haze.

    Issie’s suspicions had been correct, but after a bath and a change of clothes—and some temporal distance from the endeavour—she was once again quite content, especially given her companion.

    “I’ve made arrangements for some sort of mummification process. It sounded rather exotic when described, and the woman assured me I would leave feeling quite refreshed,” Ismene answered, her own tea now only half full. The young deb was still rather shy about this whole spa…thing, given her middle class upbringing and her English sensibilities. She would not, however, let on as much to Miss Dippet if she could help it!

    This is a Téble

    [Image: pCh5m29.png]
    set by stef <3
    "Mummification!" Ophelia exclaimed, eyes widening slightly. "How terribly exotic!" She really did find it so, too, though she probably would have expressed the same sentiment with a slightly lesser degree of enthusiasm no matter what Miss Swift had come up with. Truth be told, there wasn't much that was offered at this resort that seemed mundane, compared to England, but if anyone was going to find something entirely uninteresting to do here, it probably would have been Miss Swift. Ophelia was a little impressed, honestly. Perhaps she'd misjudged the younger woman?

    "Did you know, in Egypt when they made mummies, they pulled all the organs out and put them in jars?" she asked, speaking rather quickly in her excitement. She had done some reading about Egypt while she'd been at Mrs. Pendergast's, to sate her desire for travel when Armando was quite adamantly opposed to leaving the country. It was a shame that this trip wasn't taking them by Egypt at some point, because it really was a terribly fascinating place.

    It occurred to her as she took a quick sip of her tea that perhaps it wasn't exactly the best of manners to bring up disembodied organs over tea, particularly when Miss Swift was about to undergo a procedure of the same name. Her excitement may have outraced her propriety, in this case. "Oh, but I'm sure it won't have anything to do with that. Do you think they'll wrap you up in all those bandages with some sort of skin care solution?" she asked; this sounded like a far more reasonable treatment to be offered at a spa than anything having to do with organ removal. "I'm sure that will be lovely. And probably very elegant. Mrs. Meadowes mentioned that she was going to take a bath in mud this afternoon, so you're surely much better off than her!"