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Wilhelmina Davis
Full Name: Wilhelmina Davis
Nicknames: Mina
Birthdate: March 15th, 1856
Current Age: 32
Occupation: Lady’s Maid to Juniper Lyness
Reputation: 8. A mysterious missing brother, and she’s lady’s maid to a veela
Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland (Main Home)
Rosestone Estate - Suffolk, England
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Cedar, 12”, Dragon Heartstring. A hand-me-down that doesn’t handle well.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working Class
Family: Father: John Davis (18xx-1877)
Mother: Fanny Davis née ____ (18xx-1877)
Brother: Jacob Davis (1854)
Missing Hedgehog!Brother: Aubrey Davis (1858)
Brother: Hugo Davis (1859-1884)
Sister: Poppy Davis (1863)
Sister: Henrietta Davis (1866)
Appearance: 5’2”, with blue-brown eyes and a square face, Mina is neither imposing nor intimidating. Despite this, she's strong from her years of work and could probably fireman carry most men if the situation called for it. She has dirty blonde hair and carries her wand in her right hand.
1856 - Wilhelmina is born, the second child and first girl. She is a fussy baby, but likes her older brother.
1858 - Aubrey is born. Wilhelmina is obsessed and follows him around for the first few months, but the novelty quickly wears off and she goes back to hanging off of Jacob’s coattails.
1859 - Hugo is born. Wilhelmina doesn’t pay him much mind.
1863 - Poppy is born, and this time Wilhelmina is pleased as punch to have a little sister. She shows her first sign of magic - to her parent’s relief - when she charms a mobile to start spinning after Poppy won’t stop crying.
1866 - The year before Wilhelmina is set to go off to Hogwarts, Henry is born. Mina doesn't much get to know her before it’s time to leave.
1867-1868 School Year - Wilhelmina does well. She has the ability to memorize anything she’s read, ever, although she has trouble with her practical work. Her wand won’t cooperate, and she doesn’t exactly have a lot of power to begin with.
1868-1869 School Year - Unfortunately, although her theoretical work is good, Wilhelmina’s practical work is terrible and she fails out of the scholarship program. She is disappointed, but not entirely surprised.
1869 - Wilhelmina, now 13, gains employment as a scullery maid in a household in London. She is treated terribly, and often ill as she is forced to sleep in a cold, draughty room. She tries to seek employment elsewhere but it proves difficult.
1873 - Wilhelmina manages to find a job at a different household, this time in Hogsmeade. She is a lower housemaid, and the pay is better and the housing good. She works hard and is happy.
1876 - Wilhelmina is promoted to upper housemaid, much to her joy.
1877 - The head of house dies in the riots, along with Wilhelmina’s parents, and the estate is sold by the inheriting son. Mina is forced to find another job while still in mourning. She does, again as a lower housemaid, and again in London. The damp of her room brings back her constant illness.
1878 - Aubrey disappears, and the family is distraught. Wilhelmina tries to look for him, but gives up quickly. She won’t do a better job than the DMLE.
1881 - Silver goes missing, and Mina is named the culprit (she’s innocent, it was the butler). The household keeps it quiet, not wanting any sort of scandal (that, and they don’t want the DMLE poking around in their dubious magical artefact collection) but she is dismissed without references, and is suddenly scrambling for employment. She sees an ad for a position of upper housemaid to a newly established household in Hogsmeade, and applies. Without references, she is hired only as a lower housemaid, but she is glad to be hired at all. She realizes afterwards that this was because the lady of the house is a veela, and there were not all that many willing to work for her. Mina finds she quite likes it at the Lyness household, and settles in nicely. She gives up looking for her brother entirely.
1886 - The Lady’s Maid leaves, suddenly. Juniper is extremely demanding during this pregnancy, and when she goes off into a rage after dinner one night, the lady’s maid promptly has a mental breakdown. She is dismissed - quietly, and with good references, and Wilhelmina is promoted suddenly to Lady’s Maid after the lady of the house decides that she’s the most bearable of the bunch. She doesn’t particularly want the job, after what happened to the last lady’s maid, and Wilhelmina knows her charm work is sub-par, but the pay is better and she figures she should try it. Also, Juniper really doesn’t take no for an answer. When Juniper pays for Wilhelmina to attend a course at the Blishwick School for Domestic Magic, well Wilhelmina doesn’t really have a choice, does she?
1887 - Wilhelmina, having survived the course at Blishwick by the skin of her teeth, now has a good grasp of the magic Juniper is expecting. She survives her first year as a Lady’s Maid much the same way she survived Blishwick: being quiet, doing as she’s told, and never, ever commenting on Juniper’s fits of rage. When the ban on half-breeds at Hogwarts and the marriage ban pass, Wilhelmina is audience to a rage like she’s never seen before, and spends the days afterwards even more timid than usual. She quietly thinks to herself that it might only be the fact that Juniper’s marriage cannot be dissolved that keeps the veela from losing it completely.
1888 - Juniper is kind to Wilhelmina, usually, and the two have established a sort of mutual respect - although there is never any doubt as to who is in charge. Wilhelmina is actually quite fond of her temperamental mistress, and when the half-breed ban is lifted, the house seems lighter. Now there is only the marriage ban, and Wilhelmina is on her mistress’ side whenever it comes up. This further improves their relationship. In other news, Henrietta gets in contact with the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Apparently he’s reopening the case.
1889 - Wilhelmina is signed up for another course at Blishwick, and she is secretly dreading it. She can do the spells she’s already learned but her magic always goes on the fritz when she has to learn something new. She hopes there won’t be many new spells to learn.
Personality: Quiet, doesn’t often speak but not for lack of things to say. Reader, when she can get her hands on a book, full of hard opinions and the good sense not to say any of them out loud. Remembers every book she’s ever read wordperfect, and can quote them at will - not that that skill has saved her from domestic service.
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