Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #154 - Dippet Halloween Extravaganza
    [Image: oA5deG.png]
    Very little is known about Mr. Power's siblings, and they have only ever been featured in the press a negative light in the past, which bodes ill for any future public office Mr. Power himself might seek.Cuckolds Abound in the Would-Be Ministerial Candidates?
    After last week's shocking revelations on the potential character of Ministerial candidate  Antonia Greyback, we at Witch Weekly sized up another of the candidates for Minister of Magic! This week: Mr. Conrí Power. One of our youngest ministerial candidates, Mister Power is a man with little business experience and even less political experience, never having given any indication of strong political feeling before the Ministerial campaign began, though he was the first to announce his candidacy a mere week after Minister Urquart's resignation was made public.

    Our readers will be well aware of Mister Power's relatively recent marriage, which came hard on the heels of the couple entering a mourning period following the death of Mr. Power's mother, Líadan Power. It is a well-respected tradition that a couple should only marry during mourning if the woman has young children to support and no other means through which to do so. This was clearly not the case with Mr. Power and his wife; were the two simply overeager, or is this a sign that a potential Minister Power might have a similar lack of respect for other established tenants of civilized society? He quite clearly had no regard for the death of his own mother, which begs the question of else what he would sacrifice for the convenience of a few months.

    Mr. Power following a recent campaign event.

    There may be something else hiding in Mr. Power's closet, however, which might have necessitated the haste in regards to his marriage. Our reporters learned recently that the new Mrs. Power is pregnant, only a few months into their nuptials! Congratulations may be in order for this exceptionally virile couple, or--perhaps Mrs. Power was in the family way before the wedding? This would certainly explain the haste to move the marriage forward instead of back, following the couple entering mourning. The question that Mr. Power ought to ask himself, and that we ask our readers, is this: if Mrs. Aamiya Power is a woman of such loose morals that she would engage in such acts prior to her wedding, is there any guarantee at all that the baby she carries belongs to Mr. Power? Could this sordid secret explain Mr. Power's brother's behavior on the big day, when he attempted to sabotage the wedding by turning the bride into a child?

    Can we really trust a man to be Minister when he displays such a complete lack of control over his own family? Rumors within the Power campaign have also stated that Mister Power's recent coma may be affecting his abilities to reason appropriately, and should he be elected, Britain could end up with a morally and emotionally unstable Minister whose politics are not clear to the wizarding public.

    In end the end all voters should ask themselves - can we really trust a brain damaged man who cannot control his own family to run our dear Ministry? Is this the sort of candidate you would want your husband throwing his support behind--and if your husband does support Power for Minister, what might that say about your own marriage?

    @Conrí Power @Aamiya Power
    Tattoos: Stylish and Exotic or Just Strange?
    Tattoos are far from a recent development, as they have long been used by native, tribal peoples around the world and have subsequently spread to frequent travelers. They have had somewhat of a dubious history, as they first became popular for civilized men of either the criminal underworld, or Muggle sailors (who do not have a spotless reputation, themselves). Since the Prince of Wales received a tattoo during his travels in the Holy Lands in the 1860s, the phenomenon has been making a somewhat more reputable appearance in Muggle social scenes, but has yet to catch on in the same way in the Wizarding world--or at least, that is what we have always been lead to believe!

    Readers who are familiar with the exploits of once-presumed-dead explorers Paul Pince and John Darrow will be unsurprised to hear that after living for several years among the savages of South America, the two are rumored to have extensive tattoos on their bodies, though neither appears to have anything visible when fully dressed. If such exotic secrets can be lurking on the skin of otherwise respectable men, who else could be hiding some permanent body decoration? The answers may surprise you!

    Last week, we ran a profile of Ministerial candidate Barnabas Skeeter, the head of the dueling commission and hero of the Padmore Park troll attack. Shortly after, we were contacted by a friend of Mr. Skeeter's, who asked to remain anonymous--and when you hear the details of the story, you'll see why! This friend, a famous Quidditch player, was apparently responsible for giving Mr. Skeeter a tattoo in a rather unmentionable area!

    The tattoo was described as "prison-style," which is hardly an encouraging adjective to apply to a permanent display (though of course, until he is married this particular tattoo will not be on display, one would hope!) and is said to resemble a vine of ivy. The exact details of how the tattoo was procured can only be guessed at, but most Muggle applications involve the application of ink and a sharp needle, making the process rather painful (particularly in delicate areas).

    This may very well be chalked up to a misguided escapade for the would-be Minister, but there are rumors that suggest tattoos may not be limited to travelers and men of poor discretion. A very good tip has lead us to believe that Mr. Claudius Lestrange, heir to the noted wizard Lucius Lestrange and member of the Ministry's committee on experimental charms, may also have several tattoos on his shoulders and upper chest (likely of a far less embarrassing nature than Mr. Skeeter's!)

    Between the rising fashion in the Muggle world and the apparent acceptance of the trend by men of good repute such as Mr. Lestrange, are tattoos becoming a common fashion choice? Are they interesting and exotic, or does the pain of applying them outweigh all potential appeal? Many Muggle women who are rumored to have them take great pains to hide these marks from all except their husband, with well-placed jewelry or particularly long sleeves. The ease with which such things can apparently be hidden begs the question: how many men and women that you know may be hiding tattoos? And what would you think if you were to discover such a thing, in your wedding bed? Write in and let us know: are tattoos the new trend, or are they best left to criminals and savages, where they have so long remained?
    Paul Pince is rumored to have quite a collection of tattoos from his time abroad!

    Ministerial candidate Barnabas Skeeter was recently revealed to have a tattoo in a rather salacious place!

    Claudius Lestrange is rumored to have several tattoos!

    In this photograph you can actually see a hint of a chest tattoo on Mr. Darrow! Scandalous, or exotic?

    @Paul Pince @Barnabas Skeeter @Claudius Lestrange @J. Alfred Darrow
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       Barnabas Skeeter, Elsie Beauregard
    Dippet Halloween Extravaganza!
    There were many events - many of them campaign events - in the month of October and one of the ones that stood out the most was the Halloween party thrown by our own fashion guru, Miss Ophelia Dippet. Many notable people attended dressed in costume, as was required for admission,  to take part in the Halloween festivities.

    Once more, the first floor of the Dippet home was utterly transformed for the party. Readers might remember that this was previously done for Mister Armando Dippet's birthday celebration in March. Miss Dippet proved herself - once again - to be an expert at coordinating themed parties!

    Upon entrance to the party, attendees first had to go through a labyrinth that contained various spooky encounters that most found to be quite entertaining! Mrs. Antigone Lestrange - looking quite well, might we add! - stayed close to her husband as they walked through. More than likely due to the spooky atmosphere that was only helped along by the floating candles used to light the Halloween celebrations.

    Of course, the highlight of the night was the costume contest! There were many wonderful costumes and some not quite as impressive ones. Mister Roberto Devine attended - as one might expect of the hostesses fiancé! - as the prince to Miss Dippet's elegant swan princess. Miss Dippet's costume was quite the sensation as we have come to expect from the fashion icon! Her gown went from white to pink whenever she danced with her husband-to-be and looked every bit what we would expect from a fairy tale princess!

    Mister Roberto Devine's parents also attended the extravaganza dressed as a knight and medieval maiden. Mrs. Dippet was said to be absolutely thrilled, though her husband was considerably less so. It is said that he thought the whole affair and contest to be rather tacky!  Whether this is his true opinion of the party or arose out of his alleged disapproval of Miss Dippet is not quite known.

    Of course, he seemed to be an outlier as many other attendees got into the spirit of the Halloween celebrations with their eyes on the prizes. Miss Ellory Pendergast arrived dressed as the Daily Prophet whilst Miss Anne Fontaine paid homage to our own Witch Weekly! Mrs. Ursula Black was stunning as the night sky complete with constellations. Mrs. Evelyn Abercrombie came as a rose - no doubt in tribute to the finishing school founded by the late Mrs Olivia Pendergast.

    At the end of the night, however, only a few could win. The winner of the Most Creative category was Mister Marcus Lytton, who came as a ghost. His body was made to look shiny and translucent which made for an amazing ghost like appearance! Mister Brannon Fisk won himself the prize for the Best Use of Magic category with his skeleton costume. His suit was enchanted to look like bones and he did marvelously with it. Mister Thom Pettigrew's lion costume garnered him the prize of most realistic. Miss Dippet's royal prince, Mister Roberto Devine, took home the prize for best male costume. Best Female costume went to Mrs. Calliope Riley who came dressed as the autumn season.

    If it was Miss Dippet's intention to display her potential as a society wife, we have to say that she quite succeeded. We look forward to whatever future events she may host and whether they will be as whimsical has her past ones have been thus far.

    The Best Female Costume Winner is Mrs. Calliope Riley

    Best Male Costume Winner is Mr. Roberto Devine

    Most Realistic Winner is Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    Best Use of Magic Winner is Mr. Brannon Fisk

    Most Creative Winner is Mr. Marcus Lytton

    @Ophelia Dippet @Armando Dippet @Antigone Lestrange @Roberto Devine @Ellory Pendergast @Annette Fontaine @Ursula Black @Evelyn Abercrombie @Marcus Lytton @Calliope Riley @Thom Pettigrew @Brannon Fisk
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Witch Weekly's post:
       Ellory Pendergast
    Beauty Potion Reviews: The Golden Snidget Line
    Madam Greta Walstad, a favourite in the beauty potions industry, recently released her newest line of potions for blondes, the Golden Snidget Line. It takes its name after the endangered golden bird and it promises to give the blondes that consume it golden hair like the bird’s feathers.

    The line consist of three potions that a member of our team tried for two weeks. This is what she has to say:

    “The first is a tonic meant to strengthen the hair itself. It’s meant to be taken once a day, after a meal. Madam Walstad promises for hair to be stronger and shinier within a few days of consuming the potion. I do think that it is a bit of an exaggeration - I didn’t see a drastic change, but I did shed off less hair. (A problem of mine, seeing that my hair almost reaches my knees when it is down!).

    The second potion is meant to be applied on the hair itself to give it additional shine. I loved the effect, but it is definitely not a potion to consume on a daily basis. My hair became so shiny, that it would make an everyday appearance over the top. I will definitely use it for balls, however, especially in the Christmas season where golden dresses are in!

    The third potion is a hair curler. Madam Walstad promised for my hair to curl itself within twenty minutes of me consuming it. I don’t know if it is because my hair could never hold a curl without magical help, but nothing happened.

    Overall, my favourite potion of the three was the second. It’s sure to give blondes a heavenly glow!”

    We all wish we had Miss Ligeia Baudelaire's lovely golden curls!

    Mrs. Evelyn Abercrombie's hair needs no potion to gain a heavenly glow!

    @Ligeia Baudelaire @Evelyn Abercrombie

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