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Midsummer Surprise
January 13th, 1889
My Darling Sisters*

Happy New Years, I wish you all the best and I miss you terribly. I'm writing with happy news; you are to become and aunt midsummer this year! Edric and I are excited to share we are expecting our first child sometime in July.

I've written separately to Mother and Father, though I was not sure how they would take the news, so I decided to write to you directly. It would make me incredibly happy if you were to able to visit at any point, though I'm ill at the moment, so best to wait a little while.
All My Love,

Everybody got their own letter; Febs is stuck in bed and has nothing better to do.
@January Lynch, @October Lynch, @September Lynch

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January 13th, 1889
@Fortuna Bixby
My Dearest Tuni,

I feel like this may come as no surprise to you, but I will share the news nevertheless because it's exciting as much as it makes me ill. Edric and I are expecting, due in July and I'm thrilled, really. It's making me violently ill, but I'm still incredibly happy. I would love if you could visit soon, I feel like I'm going stir crazy being housebound.
All My Love,

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January 13th, 1889
@Marlena Scamander
Lena Love,

Though I know you already think me ridiculous for eloping, I can already one-up myself in lunacy; I'm pregnant. Best we can tell, due sometime in July and I couldn't be happier. Ill, but happy.

I miss you terribly and I hope it won't prevent you from coming to visit, which I would love you to do soon, I miss your beautiful face.
All My Love,

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