Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Private Thread 
    November 14th
    Jacob was no stranger to being injured while playing quidditch. He'd left the pitch broken, bloody, and bruised by matches more times than he could count. In spite of all that, he'd always left conscious. In his entire career, he'd never had to be carried off the field on a stretcher. A stray bludger during the Puddlemere/Harpies match changed that. He'd spotted the snitch and was zooming towards it when he was hit. He never saw it coming. There had been searing pain and then - darkness. 

    Days later, when Jacob finally came to, his thoroughly scrambled brain were still getting itself back in order. He awoke in fits and starts, fighting his way to full consciousness. His first thought was that the light above him was painfully bright. He groaned and squinted against it before trying to roll over. He still didn't have complete control of his limbs and couldn't do much more than flop around a bit. 

    "Fuck." His voice emerged cracked and raspy from disuse. "Where am I ...?" Everything was blurred beyond recognition. Jacob couldn't even tell if anyone was in the room with him so he was casting a figurative net out in the blind hope that he'd get a response.  

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    Daisy was, first and foremost, a supporter of the Appleby Arrows. That being said, she would periodically support other teams because they had a player she found attractive. This was the case with Jacob Babineux and Puddlemere United.

    Art Pettigrew's tragic marriage had left a void in Adasia's heart. Who would she be infatuated with now that he'd gone and married that ugly woman? The answer came in the face of Jacob Babineux. He was attractive! He didn't play for the Chudley Cannons, the team that Daisy would always hate because Catigern Weasley, that old seeker who'd stolen the seeker position from Sam Echelon-Arnost, used to play. Daisy held unreasonable grudges like that.

    Anyway, Daisy had been at the Puddlemere vs the Harpies game. On and off, because the thing had lasted days and Daisy didn't have the patience to sleep in her pitch seat. It became permanently off when Jacob Babineaux had been injured.

    Daisy found out, through one of Edward's teammates, that Babineaux was tended at St. Mungo's. That was when she went. She'd waited outside his room for a while, until she deemed it safe to try and get inside.

    With flowers and some Puddlemere memorabilia, she'd made Babineaux sign.

    And look at her luck, he was awake!

    "St. Mungo's hospital!" Daisy replied. She walked up to his bed with a smile. "Oh, I am so happy that you are alive!"

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    Daisy is a half-veela, which means that your male characters are attracted to her.

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    There was noise somewhere off to one of his sides (Jacob was not yet aware enough to process the specific distinction between left and right), a click-clacking that made him think of footsteps. He turned his head as much as he could in its direction and saw -

    "Merlin." Standing at his bedside was the most beautiful woman - girl? She did look quite young - Jacob had ever seen. And she was smiling at him, a smile that put all others to shame. His blurred vision put the lights behind her in soft focus, crafting the illusion of a heavenly glow that outlined her figure. Jacob actually thought she might be an angel before he remembered that he didn't believe in God.

    If not an angel, then she must be someone important to him. Why else would she be there looking so gloriously happy about the fact that he was awake?

    "Please tell me I know you," he said, breathless and in awe of her.
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    Daisy was so used to other male's awe, that Jacob Babineux's reaction towards herself didn't seem like any different. If anything, the breathlessness to his voice could be attributed to the fact that he'd just woken up after a Quidditch injury and he was likely dehydrated.

    His tone was pleading, when he asked for the exact nature of their relationship. Daisy couldn't tell him the truth - that she was no one to him. What if they kicked her out of the room, seeing that she was technically trespassing?

    So she said: "But of course! Don't you remember me?" She pouted and bat her eyelashes at the injured Quidditch player. There really was a chance that he might remember her. She wasn't exactly a stranger to society, especially after her coming out ball!

    [Image: G1lBal2.png]

    Daisy is a half-veela, which means that your male characters are attracted to her.

    [Image: rSXsG6u.png]
    As battered and achy as he was, Jacob still had the energy to feel a great deal of shame for not remembering this woman. Her visage should've been unforgettable. Yet, here he was, desperately rooting through his mind for answers. By all rights he should've been focused on calling back his knowledge of basic things like his surname and what he'd been doing to end up in a hospital ward, but none of that mattered because she was here. 

    "I must confess that I don't," Jacob admitted reluctantly. "But I'd be devastated if you told me that we weren't well acquainted. I can't imagine a woman such as yourself would be at my bedside if we weren't ... together." 

    A glance told Jacob that she wore no wedding ring, but perhaps they simply hadn't reached that stage in their relationship yet. They could very well be courting. In fact, Jacob strongly hoped they were. 
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    Thank Merlin for the dimness of the room, otherwise, the subtle raise of her eyebrow might have been more noticeable.

    Daisy hadn't come into Jacob Babineaux's hospital room with any nefarious plans - nothing beyond leaving him flowers, making him sign something for her and generally expressing her love for him. In a fan to a player sort of way. Daisy's crushes on Quidditch players could be intense, but she'd never considered using her 'gifts' to rope them into anything permanent.

    Here he was, however, hoping that the nature of their relationship was something of the permanent kind. This was an opportunity that she couldn't miss! Be 'together' with an attractive Quidditch player?!

    "Oh, my poor darling, you're still confused by your fall!" Daisy exclaimed and reached out to take one of his hands in hers. "Thankfully it is me and not my brother you're speaking with. Edward wouldn't be pleased to know that you forgot your meeting with him only days prior!"

    [Image: G1lBal2.png]

    Daisy is a half-veela, which means that your male characters are attracted to her.

    [Image: rSXsG6u.png]
    A sigh of relief passed through Jacob's slightly cracked lips as the goddess who'd taken up a vigil at his bedside confirmed that they weren't strangers to each other. He still felt awful about not being able to remember her and he cursed his injury for depriving him of what must be wonderful memories of the time they'd already spent together. Hopefully, they'd return as he recovered. In the meantime, he wanted to know more about their current situation.

    "I don't remember much aside from my name and even that required a fight to put together. I am truly sorry for my diminished capacity. I must trouble you to tell me more - for what reason did I speak to your brother?" He had to know for his own sake and to avoid embarrassing the young lady in front of her family. If he was her suitor as he was being led to believe, then even now he still had to prove that he deserved her affections. He wouldn't let a little thing like severe memory loss affect his chances with her.
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