Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Laura Darrow
    [Image: tumblr_mo7f61RIBb1rxt93ko1_r1_250.gif]
    Full Name: Laura Elodia Darrow née Appleby
    Nicknames: L, probably some ridiculously cute pet names courtesy of her husband
    Birthdate: 14 September 1859
    Current Age: 28
    Occupation: The Best Wife of All Time
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: London
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    Wand: Apple, Phoenix Feather, 14", Bendy
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle Class
    Ulysses Appleby - paternal grandfather - b. 1788
    Catriona Appleby née Guadarrama - paternal grandmother - b. 1802

    Franklin Appleby - father - b. 1822
    Mathilda Appleby née Walsh - mother - b. 1831
    • Agnes -- née Appleby - sister - b. 1854
    • Louise -- née Appleby - sister - b. 1855
    • Stanley Appleby - brother - b. 1857
    • Dorothy Appleby - sister - b. 1863
    + many, many cousins 

    Evander Darrow - husband - b. 1849
    + (mostly dead) family
    Laura values her appearance highly and it shows. Unapolgetically vain, getting ready for the day is always a production with her. Her long, dark hair is either gently curled or pinned into an elegant up do. Laura is no stranger to cosmetics, using various powders, salves, and paints to highlight her natural features. She has thick brows, large brown eyes, a prominent nose, and a wide mouth with full lips. Her shapely, hourglass figure is "enhanced" by tightly laced corsets and vibrantly patterned dresses. Her fashion sense is bold, geared towards making statements at the many events she attends. Standing at five feet five inches, she is taller than average, a fact she's quite proud of. She is right handed.
    Laura's birth was about as dramatic as Laura herself. Her mother went into labor two weeks early while her parents were taking a short vacation in the countryside of Spain. She was born on the floor of a humble cottage, delivered by a local woman who spoke no English and communicated with her parents using elaborate gestures. Her siblings were surprised to see her tucked into her mother's chest when they finally returned to their London home. Dorothy, the last child, was born four years later, in 1863 

    The Appleby children were thick as thieves growing up. Though they had their squabbles and rivalries, they were still willing to do anything for each other. They all cried when Agnes had to leave for school in 1865, though Stanley would later vehemently deny it. When Louise left the next year, they were still unhappy at being further divided, but were somewhat comforted by the fact that Agnes would no longer be alone at school. By the time it was Laura's turn, she was actually eager to go. 

    In September of 1871, she went off to Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. 

    During Laura's time at school, she was generally popular and far more concerned with socializing than doing well in her classes. Out of a sense of duty to her family, she never abysmally failed anything, but she was told more times than she could count that she had the potential to do much better. Despite her distinct lack of interest in academics, she still completed seven full years of schooling, graduating with average (and irrelevant) NEWT scores. Laura entered society as a bright eyed debutante. Pursuing a husband was secondary to going to every function she'd been invited to (and even some she hadn't!). 

    Laura briefly moved to Spain at the behest of her paternal cousins who'd she'd been in communication with since childhood. She entertained the notion of marrying a Spanish gentlemen and permanently immigrating, but when their courtship fell through, she couldn't leave the country fast enough. Back in England, Laura swore off men and largely ignored their attentions. 

    When Laura met Evander Darrow, she was still sore from her failed courtship. Though she'd vowed to never let herself get ~seduced~ by another man with a strong jaw and nice cheekbones, she found herself liking him far more than she should. When he asked to court her in 1883, she accepted partially as a 'fuck you' to her ex and partially because she really liked him. The latter quickly became the only reason for her continued dedication to him.

    Laura stayed with Evander through the losses in his family, surprising many people who thought her too shallow and preoccupied with a perfect happily ever after to let such sadness touch her life. 

    Even before he proposed to her in 1883, Laura decided that she wanted him for life. 

    They got married in 1884 and Laura was overjoyed. She had plans for a bright future full of happiness, where tragedy was a stranger to them both. Then Evander's mother died a month later and Laura had to temper her dreams with reality. 

    After the death of Evander's cousin, she became determined to bring as much life into their family as she could in spite of the universe's persistent efforts to take it away. 

    When not trying to drag her husband out to everything on her social calendar, Laura obsessed over giving him children. After a year of trying with no success, she was still hopeful, but concerned. Her sisters comforted her with tales of their own conception woes, all of them ending in the birth of healthy children. Another year passed without children, without even a pregnancy. Laura started to worry that something was Very Wrong. 

    Late in the spring of 1887, Laura began feeling ill and fatigued, which put a damper on her many activities. Initially, she dismissed it as a sickness brought on by the changing seasons, but when it showed no signs of going away on its own, she consulted a healer. The healer suggested she might be pregnant and she was told to continue monitoring her symptoms. Though it wasn't a sure thing just yet, Laura couldn't stop her hopes from running rampant. As the days wore on, she began noticing physical changes which, while privately celebrated because they confirmed that she was in fact with child, were craftily hidden from her husband. She wanted to wait for the right time to tell him. 

    That time never came. 

    A few weeks into her second trimester, Laura suffered a painful miscarriage. Afterwards, she took a sudden trip to her parent's house, telling Evander that she missed them dearly and wanted to spend a few days with them. She showed up unannounced at their doorstep and broke down the moment her mother pulled her aside to question the reason for her visit. 

    Though her father and youngest sister knew something was wrong, her mother had promised to keep the miscarriage a secret and refused to give them details. For the remainder of her time there, Laura holed up in her old room, crying for hours at a time and sleeping fitfully when she was too tired to make more tears. 

    Laura returned home and acted as though nothing had happened, quickly resuming her old routines. Against her mother's advice, she'd decided not to tell Evander what had happened. He'd already lost so much. He didn't need to lose this too. 

    In the fall, Evander's brother (who'd been declared dead years ago after failing to return from an expedition)  turned up, much to everyone's surprise. Having never met J. Alfred, Laura was unsure of how to deal with him, but she was nevertheless grateful for his presence considering it meant not all of her husband's family was dead. 

    His shenanigans, her husband's feelings about said shenanigans, and the upcoming holiday season are all welcome distractions from the things she'd rather not think about. 
    [Image: tumblr_owzv2hbgCm1qcb516o1_540.gif]

    [Image: tumblr_owzv2hbgCm1qcb516o2_540.gif]
    Laura has a big personality and there's really no getting around it. A flamboyant, sociable, and confident woman, Laura likes being the center of attention wherever she goes. Outwardly, she is almost aggressively happy and persistently optimistic. She likes to appear fearless in the face of all the turmoil life can bring and doubtless of her status an Important Person in the Universe. 

    In the rare moments when she's alone (and Laura hates being alone), she does have her share of worries. As much as she'd like to be, she isn't entirely carefree. Rather than establish comfort with solitude or properly confront her problems, she tries to fix everyone else's. Laura is a bit of a busybody and, as with many of her other behaviors, she won't apologize for her interest in other people.
    Sample Roleplay Post: 
    [Image: tumblr_inline_mliokw3xUy1rcheh4.gif]
    Out of Character

    Name: Alex
    Age: 22
    Contact: PM, skype
    Other Characters: Souri et al
    How did you hear about us?: I live here
    Application Approved!

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    We hope your time here is magical!

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    set by MJ!

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