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Say We'll Make It
1st January, 1889

Happy New Year! And a belated Happy Christmas. I hope the holidays treated you well? I know I was in pretty high spirits for the rest of the month. Funny the wonders a Honeyduke's trip can do.

And look at this, would you! New Year, new me: I've turned over a new leaf - and shall have to stock up on parchment, I suppose - because I am determined to write, and that this resolution shall be one to stick. I bet you'll wish you'd never mentioned it. I've even cleared a space on my desk for this express purpose. (Did you know I had a desk, all this time? I'd forgotten.)

You'll have to teach me the trick to letter-writing. I don't remember paying all that much attention in etiquette classes.

So I'm still a fair novice, but - I suppose it's no surprise to say I am, as ever,
missing you,

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   Elsie Beauregard

January 2nd, 1889

Well, this certainly is a pleasant surprise! Happy New Year to you as well. The holidays were lovely, it was nice to be back in the spirit, as it were. It's funny, I was just thinking about sitting down to write just yesterday, but got thoroughly distracted by Owen and forgot until it was late.

You have a desk? Color me shocked, can't recall seeing it before. I don't really think there's a trick to it, just reply to what's written, like a slower conversation. You'll get the hang of it, and the effort means a lot to me.

Are you ready for the finals? I should see if Harvey can get tickets for a match, I wouldn't want to miss any this month.

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
5th January, 1889

I have a desk. That's right I do. It has drawers and everything. Next time you see me, I'll probably have acquired fancy little spectacles from all the reading and writing I will have been doing. I bet I'll look doubly intelligent by then, and ten times as attractive. Obviously.

What the devil, Owen! But oh, Owen! How is he? He is still at Hogwarts, isn't he? Maths may not be a strong suit of mine, but I had the funny delusion he and his sister would be graduating this year. But that can't be! Can it?

I ought to ask after Harvey too, I should say - but yes, you rather should get tickets. If you can, that is. You probably weren't keeping track back when We, quite incredibly after last year, are doing excellently this season. Probably because I had nothing better to focus on So I imagine the Howlers are quite the hot ticket at the moment. I wouldn't want to jinx it, but... we may even make it to the very finals, this year.

That'll be one way to see me, at any rate. (In all my glory.) It would be a nice way to retire, really, go out on a high

Hopefully I'll get to see you soon, too.

January 6th, 1889

Oh my, how positively grown up of you! So distinguished. Trying for another feature in Witch Weekly are you?

Yes, Owen and Lottie do graduate this year. Just a few more short months to go. It's unreal to think about, but it's true. We're about to unleash Owen on the world. Probably to play quidditch, but who knows.

Harvey is fine too and I will ask him about tickets when he comes for dinner this week. I always keep track, of course I do. I do hope you make it, go out with a bang, as it were. No second thoughts yet? Either way, I'm sure we can run into one another soon enough, with a little careful  planning.

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
8th January, 1889


You know that's my primary aim in life, racking up the Witch Weekly features. I'm not even joking.

That makes me feel damnably old, the twins. I can't believe how many years it's been since we graduated, never mind those midgets! And of course Owen ought to go into quidditch, good man! Which position is he hoping for? Has he any prospects yet?

Speaking of quidditch, still, no. No second thoughts. Or third thoughts. Or any thoughts at all: it's quite settled. Anyway, it's been years! I'm due for a change.

And you must be overdue for a change, by which I mean you probably deserve to unbury yourself from your books and get out of the library for a day. Any firm intentions to? I can set my compass to wherever you plan to be for a chance encounter - as usual, I'm as free as a bird.

Because soon can't come

soon enough,

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   Elsie Beauregard

January 11th, 1889

I would honestly expect nothing less.

It is hard to fathom the twins graduating, but it's coming faster than we're all ready for, I think. I haven't any idea what Owen plans to do, though I'm sure Harvey does, they'll have it all planned out right down to the last detail, I'm sure.

I am. . . selfishly relieved to hear that, though no less sorry for it still. You are right though, you don't sit still for very long, very well. As for myself, I do believe I have some free time this upcoming Sunday, though are you sure you aren't busy? I feel like you ought to be.

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
12th January, 1889


I only have a match on Saturday, so Sunday would be perfect. And there's only so much practice that can be done: my backbeat has never been better, and, as a matter of fact, without you to distract me for so long last year, I perfected my sloth grip roll in a week. Could still do it in my sleep if I wanted -

But I'm sure I'm losing you now. I can almost see you hiding a yawn. So, Sunday, I'm free. Where would you like me to be? The park, perhaps, if the weather's nice? (Maybe one day we'll actually get to go on another boat ride, dead centre, in the middle of the park - you know, when we're allowed to do something as mad as being seen together, in touching distance!) Else somewhere along the High Street, if it's dreary out? Please don't say the bookshop.


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