Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    11.10 Election update!
    11.07 We have Posting Wizards!
    11.06 A big announcement...
    11.04 Happy AC day!
    11.03 Banner time!
    11.03 Welcome to November!
    10.29 October is waning...
    10.17 Election 1887 campaign ledgers are up!
    10.16 Kayte's changed her (Charming) face!
    10.10 Congrats to September's PW winners Olive and Miri!
    10.03 An update on the Hogwarts ban...
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    November 1887
    November of 1887
    This month, the full moon will be on Thursday, November 30th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

    Post below using the form if you want an event added! Check out this thread for more information.
    [b]What:[/b] What is your event? Just the name here, please! Any additional information should go below "When".
    [b]Who:[/b] Who is it for/who is hosting it? Who is invited?
    [b]Where:[/b] Where will it be taking place?
    [b]Why:[/b] Self explanatory.
    [b]When:[/b] IC Date (If you want a forum please post a few days in advance).
    [b]Forum:[/b] Does your event need a forum?
    after a splinching incident in july 1884, aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp.
    [Image: xndky8.jpg]
    set by breezey
    What: Spreading Awareness For Half-Breed Rights Ball
    Who: Acacia Ruskin is hosting it, though has a few NPC sponsors to help with decorations and food. ACAB welcome, preferred 3+ rep, but not fully required. Supporters encouraged, skeptics welcome, haters are free to post and protest.
    Where: Hogsmeade Hall (Free Of Charge Is Good For Acacia.)
    Why: To get further support of Half-Breeds rights, and to give more information about Half-Breeds, as well as hope to dismiss stereotypes of people who are Half-Breeds.
    When: November 17th, 1887
    Forum: Would love one, if that is OK.

    With some anonymous sponsors help, decorations have been paid for, and the Hall has been spelled to look nice (though Acacia had no part in that, given she is not old enough to do magic outside of school). The hall has also been spelled to be larger than usual, to fit more people inside. Food has been served, and fliers are handed out with information in support of Half-Breed rights, as well as requests to support the cause (Supporters and Sponsors Needed). Acacia has also brought a first draft of her book, in hopes of finding a publisher, or friends of one.
    Set created by me! Check out more at my graphics shop!
    [Image: qUBAbLw.jpg]
    Acacia needs help! Come support the cause?
    [Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
    [Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]
    What: Puddlemere United v. Holyhead Harpies Victorian ManCave Evening
    Who: Thom to host for male friends and acquaintances. Invited:
    @August Echelon-Arnost@Leon Lupin@Ryder Lukeson
    @Phineas Black@Aldous Crouch@Roberto Devine
    @Nathaniel Gallivan@Roman CrouchMitch Quiddell
    @Wesley Cavanaugh@Charles Macmillan@Regan Pendergast
    @Edmund Grimm@Henrie León@Theodore Gallivan
    *Blank spaces are bodies. I ran out of played males I thought Thom would be reasonably friendly with. If you have someone you want to get added to this event, hit me up; otherwise assume those are NPC Black's members or something.
    Where: Thom's Quidditch box
    Why: Because Thom's getting cabin fever not being able to host any parties with his pregnant wife. This party may be taking place in a Quidditch box but in addition to the game it'll be a general scotch drinking/cigar smoking/politics discussing manly men's night out.
    When: Nov 11th; boozing and such starts up to two hours prior to the start of the game, which takes place in the evening. Guests can arrive whenever convenient. Supper will be available during the game.
    Forum: Nope, just a PSA! Anyone on the invite list can shout if they'd like a thread, otherwise just assume it happened and was grand!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Thom Pettigrew's post:
       Aldous Crouch

    Gorgeous set by MJ!
    What: An Evening with Mrs Antonia Greyback

    Who: Anyone
    Where: Hogsmeade Museum of Magical Miscellany
    Why: Antonia will be taking questions and pressing the flesh - i
    When: 7th November
    Forum: niet
    [Image: NFtAIND.png]
    Amazing Set by Rune! <3
    What: Parlour Games at the Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom
    Who: Hosted by the Committee to Elect Justin Ross and aimed at wizarding world business Owners/their spouses+families but the usual (Fisks + Javert + Ben Sterling + Balt) are getting invited too, obviously. Let's shoptalk, listen to the string quartet, and play billiards.
    Where: Second Floor of the Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom WE ARE NOT BALL-ING WE ARE HAVING AN INTIMATE* HANGOUT (read the forum description if you want setting descriptions)
    Why: Bitches want votes
    When: Nov. 17
    Forum: No

    *Not that kind of intimate.
    [-] The following 5 users Like Justin Ross's post:
       Aldous Crouch, Morwenna Skeeter, Quincey Honeyduke, Severina Restell, Trinity Estep
    [Image: qWk2Ukx.png]
    SET BY BEXY <3
    What: Talk Over Tea
    Who: Eleanora Brownhill's campaign invites notable women (the definition of this is flexible, UCAB and MCAB with 4+ reps as a general requirement) to talk with the candidate while enjoying afternoon tea. This event is for ladies only, men will not be invited because #girltalk.
    Where: The Painted Lady (the tea room, not the brothel :p)
    Why: Rubbing elbows with notable ladies who can vote or have husbands/fathers/brother/assorted male family members who can vote.
    When: 10th November
    Forum: Nope!

    What: Children's Charity Clothing Drive
    Who: Eleanora Brownhill's campaign invites anyone who is able to donate winter clothing (or money to have clothing made) for the sake of needy children to dine in London on the evening of the 15th. There will be food, live music, and a brief talk from Mrs. Brownhill about the importance of charity. The event is open to ACAB 4+ rep, but you must donate something to be allowed in, so keep that in mind.
    Where: The events room of a nicer charity in London
    Why: Votesss
    When: 15th November*
    Forum: No

    *The fancy event will be on the 15th, but the drive itself will run until December 20th.

    What: A Night at the Casino
    Who: Eleanora Brownhill's campaign invites well to do members of the community to a night of fun and games at Irvingly casino. Blanket invites to UCAB and MCAB peeps with 4+ reps. Guests will basically have the run of the casino and get to hang out with/talk to/harass Ellie at their leisure. Dress to impress.
    Where: Irvingly Casino
    Why: Schmoozing 4 votes
    When: 19th November
    Forum: No

    What: Day of Service at St. Mungo's Hospital
    Who: Eleanora Brownhill's campaign invites supporters to join the candidate for a day of service at St. Mungo's Hospital. Attendees will be assisting hospital staff with light work from the morning through to the afternoon. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. ACAB 3+ rep. Volunteers won't be doing anything gross or unseemly, just work that makes for good photo ops and keeps them from being a hindrance to staff. It's also a great time to interrogate Ellie about politics and such.
    Where: St. Mungo's Hospital
    Why: More votes + advancing status as a charity goddess
    When: 25th November
    Forum: No

    What: Rally for Eleanora Brownhill
    Who: Eleanora Brownhill's campaign invites supporters to hear the candidate speak on her beliefs and plans for office. The event is totally open to the public so there are no restrictions on who can attend. Ellie will give a long speech then entertain questions afterward. Buttons, pamphlets, and other election themed things will be passed out by campaign volunteers.
    Where: Hogsmeade Hall
    Why: Another one for votes
    When: 30th November
    Forum: No
    What: Lucy Pettigrew's 50th Birthday Party.
    Who: Lucy to host, with Hannah keeping out of the way. Any UCPB women would be invited.
    Where: The Wellingtonshire house.
    Why: Lucy is 50 and getting drunk is the only solution to this fact.
    When: 5th November.
    Forum: Nah.

    Drinking punch and pretending nobody is over 35. There will be music. There may be laudanum.
    [-] The following 2 users Like Lucy Pettigrew's post:
       Ellory Pendergast, Quincey Honeyduke
    What: #OccupyPadmorePark (Rally for Justus Pilliwickle)
    Who: A rally for support hosted by Justus Pilliwickle. He'll give a speech and answer questions. The event is public so anyone can attend, though he's mostly interested in selling himself to the lower class.
    Where: Padmore Park
    Why: Vooootes and visibility
    When: November 12
    Forum: No
    [-] The following 2 users Like Justus Pilliwickle's post:
       Dionisia Tweedy, Quincey Honeyduke
    What: Fundraiser For The Protection of Avian Magical Creatures
    Who: Hosted by The Podmores. Targeted at the usual UC/prominent MC crew.
    Where: His estate in the English countryside
    Why: So Jenny and I could bring this thread up to date. IC to raise awareness/honour/etc avian magical creatures.
    When: Nov 11
    Forum: Nah

    There will be a hot air balloon that will take Orpheus and Ellory for an unforgettable ride. Then regular rich people party stuff, lol.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ellory Pendergast's post:
       Quincey Honeyduke
    What: Chief Warlock @ Hogsmeade Hall
    Who: The less affluent voters (Lower MC/LC)
    Where: Hogsmeade Hall
    Why: Herschel thinks he has it in the bag with the rich folk so wants to coerce the peasants who can vote.
    When: November 23rd
    Forum: No

    What: A Dawlish Debauchery Dinner
    Who: UC men and any high ranking MC Ministry men
    Where: Herschel's lavish London townhouse
    When: November 23rd
    Forum: Nope

    Quote:Following his Hogsmeade Hall event he will host a fine banquet followed by smoking, gambling, stealthy political persuasion, and a high class hookers who don't LOOK hookerish but they're obviously not society ladies and while not naked they will be more forward and sexually available than your average debutantes.

    **If your character is known to Herschel for prudishness then your invite went astray**
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Herschel Dawlish's post:
       Aldous Crouch

    What: The Conservative Calling with Stephen Flint
    Who: Members of the upper and middle class who are known to hold conservative opinions, and a few others that Stephen personally feels can be brainwashed into supporting a conservative candidate. Any women invited would likely be UCPB and eligible to vote. Stephen will simply "forget" to invite muggleborns.
    Where: Hogsmeade Ballroom
    Stephen will be discussing the issues important to conservatives, including the dangers of associating with the muggle crown once more (not to be confused with mixing muggle and magical blood, which Stephen will be avoiding due to halfbloods in the crowd), the problems of half-breeds, and most importantly staying true to their roots and treasuring their current values.
    When: November 15
    [Image: flint_zps80simcil.jpg]

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