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Hazel Whitechapel {DONE}
Full Name: Hazel Whitechapel
Nicknames: Haze and Zel are most commonly used
Birthdate: 13th May 1870
Current Age: 18
Occupation: Mediwitch @ Hogsmeade Hospital
Reputation: 8
While largely respectable herself, her brother’s unpredictable behavior has likely been subject to some rumors every now and then.
Residence: The Slums, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna
Wand: Hazel wood, 11 ½”, Unicorn Tail Hair, Pliant
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Social Class: Working
Finnegan Whitechapel, Father (1854-1880)
Mary Whitechapel (née ------), Mother (1850-1880)
Harry Whitechapel, Brother (b. 1866)
@Gilbert Whitechapel, Brother (b. 1868)
Henry Whitechapel, Brother (b. 1869)
William Whitechapel, Brother (1872-1880)
Colin Whitechapel, Brother (b. 1873); wizard
Cora Whitechapel, Sister (1875-1880)
Evie Whitechapel, Sister (b. 1877); witch
George Whitechapel, Brother (1879-1880)

Theodore Trigg, Sr., “Uncle” (b. 1838)
Theodore “Teddy” Trigg, Jr., “Cousin” (b. 1868

-- Stands at a modest height of 5'3", her figure slim and soft curves not readily apparent under the layers of her Mediwitch's robes and petticoats.
-- Long blone hair falls just to the middle of her back, and is often arranged in a simple yet practical updo or braid; she has a habit of stashing her wand into her bun or behind her ear for better ease of access.
-- Her eyes tend to alternate between a dark blue and green, and in certain lighting can even appear grayish.
-- As far as clothes goes, Zel is nothing if not a frugal young woman, and her wardrobe certainly reflects that quality. She makes a lot of her clothes herself - preferring lighter colors over darker ones - frequently altering them to fit the current styles as best she can. Her staple adornment is a simple, gold locket that once belonged to her late mother.
YEARS 1870 - 1877 | Hazel is born the third child and first daughter of dock worker, Finnegan Whitechapel, and his wife, Mary, a launderess. Growing up in the Slums of London, Hazel and her family lead a difficult life rife with struggle and poverty, the latter not at all helped by a new mouth to feed yearly, leading the children to either beg or find their own means of acquiring food. Hazel, herself, did odd jobs here and there - mostly for her mother's employer, running various errands and cleaning the like - but eventually was relegated to watching over her youngest siblings while her parents and brothers worked.

YEAR OF 1878 | Hazel was eight when she began exhibiting the same funny happenings as her older brother, Gilbert, did - although hers were much more subtle. Re-igniting a candle that blew out and charming the young buds of the flowers she was selling to bloom were just a few of those occasions, and she had to wonder why she and Gil were the only ones with such abilities and not the rest of her siblings.

YEAR OF 1879 | An explanation soon came in the form of a Hogwarts representative to explain that Gilbert was a wizard, which meant that Hazel was a witch. Their parents, of course, weren't too thrilled with news, but neither did they bar Gilbert from heading off to this magical school on scholarship. This gave Hazel hope that perhaps they'd do the same for her, as well - a bright girl at nine, Hazel knew that her only chance of avoiding re-living her parents' life was to get an education and she loved to learn when she could - but that little bit of excitement was dashed somewhat by her father's off-comment that she'd be far more useful at home.

YEAR OF 1880 | Tragedy struck when an outbreak of cholera swept the streets of London, hitting the Slums hardest of all, claiming the lives of both of her parents and three of her siblings. Now orphans, the remaining Whitechapel children were split apart, some to neighbors of their family and Hazel to stay with a magical family by the name of Triggs. While she couldn't claim to have been overly close to her parents, she did hate that her family had been torn apart, and made an effort to visit her siblings whenever she could.

With Gilbert at school, Hazel had been slow to warm up to her new home (temporary, as she viewed it), and even slower to warm up to the owner of said home. Mr. Trigg, Sr. was a kind man, that much was clear, and she was grateful for his hospitality, but she'd felt almost like an imposter in his home - a charity case, as it were - and she was a little embarrassed (and slightly intimidated) in his presence - or at least she had been until one day Mr. Trigg, Sr., bought her a set of children's books. Gilbert had been teaching her to read over the summer before second year, and Mr. Trigg, Sr., offered to continue her education. She would still continue, in the years to come, to feel like an outsider in his home, but at least now she no longer felt the need to take pains to avoid the older gentleman.

SUMMER OF 1881 | After nearly being denied the chance at a magical education, the arrival of her Hogwarts letter had been a happy one for the then eleven-year-old, and her old excitement at attending had been re-ignited. She had re-used a bunch of Gil's old books and had her school attire bought second-hand, but her wand, however, was newly bought courtesy of Mr. Trigg, Sr.,. Aptly (and amusingly) paired, the sleek Hazel wood wand was 11 1/2" long and comprised of unicorn tail hair, and Hazel was quite attached to it.

SEPTEMBER 1881 - MAY 1882 | Joining Gilbert and Teddy, Mr. Trigg's young son, at school, the sorting hat had needed no time at all to promptly sort her into Hufflepuff. While initially disappointed to have been separated from her brother (who was a Gryffindor at the time), she soon found that she felt quite at home in the house of yellow and black - at least there, Hazel felt as if she belonged. Academically, her work with Mr. Trigg, Sr., over the past year seemed to have paid off, and she did quite well in her classes, finding that she did well in more practical work than pure theory. Socially, she was friendly, but not particularly open except to a few; she was an active participant in Charms club.

SEPTEMBER 1882 - MAY 1883 | Second year was nothing particularly special, though did begin offering tutoring services to first years with little to no literacy skills.

SEPTEMBER 1883 - MAY 1884 | Third year saw Hazel add Earth Magic. She enjoyed it, even if the subject did come across as a little whimsical for her tastes at times. Gilbert decides to complete his education after his fifth year, and drops out after OWLs, working odd jobs here and there. Hazel considers her own education goals, and wonders if going for her NEWTs would be a feasible plan.

SEPTEMBER 1884 - MAY 1885 | While one brother left, another took his place, and her younger brother, Colin, joined her at school. She enjoyed having him there, rarely getting to see him otherwise, though was mostly glad to see that his new family was treating him well.

SUMMER OF 1885 | Hazel and Gilbert discover that Evie - their youngest sister - was once again orphaned, though this time was sent to an orphan asylum, which wasn't so much the problem as figuring out which one she was sent to. This event decides Hazel's education plans, and she opted to leave after her fifth year in order to find and care for her sister. She had felt that she lost too much family already to not try to keep the ones she had left together.

SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | Fifth year saw Hazel strenuously prepare for her OWLs, and she'd ended the year - and thus, her education - with solid OWL scores.

SUMMER OF 1886 | A few weeks after she left school, she and Gilbert discovered Evie's whereabouts, though nothing could quite be done about it until they could afford a place of their own - Mr. Trigg, Sr., generosity could only extend so far. In July, after spending the summer working as a seamstress, Hazel received her OWL scores, and applied as a Mediwitch at Hogsmeade Hospital.

AUTUMN OF 1887 | While work as a Mediwitch could be a lot of pressure sometimes, the pay was enough to make the daily stress worth it, and she and Gilbert were able to rent their own little flat in Hogsmeade by fall of next year. The Slums wasn't the safest location, of course, but it was theirs and at least they were together.

AUTUMN OF 1888 - PRESENT | Evie left excitedly for Hogwarts where she was sorted into the ------ house; the small flat felt empty without her energetic presence to fill it, but life still went on for the Whitechapels. Both Hazel and Gilbert continue to work at Hogsmeade Hospital, and while her brother's unpredictable moods are often a source of vexation to her (and she, admittedly, cannot understand them though she tries, for his sake) she's proud of him that he's managed to keep this job longer than a year and supports his inventing endeavors wherever she can.

Taurus. ISFJ. Frugal. Optimistic. Practical. Stubborn. Gentle. Hardworking, though does have a tendency to overwork herself. Ambitious, but not so much for personal gain; she just wants a better life for her family. Neat. Patient. Creative. Loyal. Determined. Friendly on the surface, but naturally private; to that end, she does have a tendency to bottle up her emotions. Responsible. Family-oriented. Realist by day, dreamer by night.
-- She's adept at embroidery; one of the few ways she knows how to spruce up their dingy little flat at very little cost is by adding her own designs to things - curtains, table cloths, pillowcases, etc. are all things she tends to work when she can.
-- While she's accepted her decisions, a small part of her still wishes she could have went for her NEWTs, and she tries to teach herself the material in order to fill that gap. Without a proper tutor, however, her wandwork attempts are often shoddy at best.
-- Her amortentia smells of dried herbs, baked apple pie, and a cologne that belongs to a very specific person that she denies even to herself. Merlin forbid, if Gilbert ever found out!
Name: Miri
Age: *sings* I don't know about you, but I'm not feeling twenty-twooo
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