Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    The Familial Cliche
    See Inside... Thread 
    25 October, 1887.

    Brannon had always considered his family to be a tight-knit one, and so while he supported his two oldest sons' decisions to live elsewhere, he was always rather pleased when they came by, announced or not. He personally thought that Ari and Julian living on their own was rather admirable, as they were showing a sort of financial stability that could not always be expected of men their age--though he was too fond of any of his children to say that he was disappointed in Konstantin or the younger boys for remaining at home. Until they decided to marry, it didn't make a whit of difference to him where his children lived, as long as he was still able to see them frequently enough for his liking.

    He had probably actually been seeing more of the children who had 'left the nest,' so to speak, since Ross had announced his intention to run for Minister, but it certainly didn't feel that way. Social events had never been his forte, since he had a more retiring nature. Going out to parties and dinners and fundraisers was not, in his mind, quality family bonding time, but rather work. It was quite refreshing to have his oldest son at home for a few hours, where they could let down the political facade and just enjoy a meal.

    Ari had arrived prior to dinner, however, so the rest of the family had not yet come downstairs, and Bran found himself alone with his oldest in the parlor. They'd exchanged the normal pleasantries--asked about work, you're looking well, that sort of thing--before Brannon turned his attention instead to yet another party they were all going to be dragging themselves off to in two days' time.

    "What are you going as, to this Halloween ball?" he began conversationally. He'd picked out his own costume a few days prior, and was rather happy with it--more because it was, at its base, just a normal suit and therefore just as comfortable as a normal suit, not because he had any particular love of dressing up and making himself into some sort of spectacle. The election season would be over soon enough--though he supposed if Ross won, they might get invited to this sort of thing all the time. That was a little worrying.

    @Ari Fisk (@Elias Grimstone) but set in the Fisk parlor so open to other family members as well!
    Ari very much liked living his life indepedently, having his own space. That wasn't to say he disliked spending time with the family - if anything, living apart from them had made him fonder of his siblings (all of them!), precisely because he could choose to escape, if need be.

    Tonight, at least, his schedule had allowed for him to be finished at the hospital in good time, with time to change at home and still show up at the family house for dinner. The parlor was quite quiet at the moment, too, which left him to see how his father was.

    At the moment, his father had utterly lost him with the mention of a halloween ball.

    "Oh," Ari remembered, brow furrowing at a question he hadn't considered in the slightest. This was that Dippet invitation, wasn't it? Ross had been invited, because of course; and Katia too, since she had won a competition in Witch Weekly, apparently. That said, Ari wasn't entirely sure why the invitation had been extended to the whole family. It was very considerate of the Dippets, he supposed, though he imagined that the hosts were more concerned with boosting their numbers than anything. At any rate, he hadn't the faintest urge to dress up at all, and since it seemed like a rather grand affair, Ari didn't expect anyone would miss him.

    "Actually, I thought I might stay late at the hospital that night," he explained, with an offhand shrug. He glanced at his father curiously. "Why, have you got a costume?" Frankly, he hadn't thought his father would be particularly keen to go, either. Much less to wear a costume. Xena would do something creative, of course - but she had an eye for things like that.

    [Image: xqNZwRG.jpg]
    [Image: BuBE8n6.gif]
    Under other circumstances, Brannon would have not only understood his son's hesitation regarding this event, but perhaps even sympathized with it. It wasn't that Brannon Fisk had any desire to be flouncing around costume parties thrown by girls no older than Xena, to be sure. With the campaign season still in full swing, however, he couldn't help but frown at Ari's response. Being called away by work was one thing, and something no one could fault him for, but Bran didn't like to think that his eldest was planning on missing the evening, just for the sake of missing it. It wouldn't do Ross any favors for the rest of them to be perceived as antisocial shut-ins.

    It also wouldn't do Ari any good to be an antisocial shut-in. Brannon knew that he had friends, of course, but they were the same ones that he'd had since Hogwarts, as far as his father could tell. There didn't seem to be much movement in Ari's social circles, or if there was, he wasn't taking much advantage of it. Aside from his few close connections, his son didn't do much except work.

    "I've got a suit charmed," he said with a shrug, answering the question merely so he could get back to what he now saw as the more important facet of this conversation. "Is there something pressing to be done at the hospital that night? It certainly wouldn't do you any harm to get out of the house more often," he pointed out, his tone matter-of-fact but by no means unkind. "Meet more people."
    Ari opened his mouth to ask charmed as what, exactly? in honest interest, but his father was too quick for him.

    "There's always something to do," Ari said evenly. And it was true: one never knew how many new people would be admitted to the ward, there were long-term patients that needed checking up on, and there was always a hefty amount of paperwork to do. And Ari didn't loathe the stuff like some; in fact, it was a task he found quite pleasant. (Sadly, he'd learnt from experience that that was not an excuse accepted by most people.) "And I thought it would be nice to let some of the younger healers off for the night instead." He gave another shrug, pulling a face to suggest that they'd probably enjoy themselves more than he would. A win-win situation, if you liked.

    Because Ari was well beyond the need to go out to parties, as far as he could tell. He suspected this must be about Ross's campaign - which Ari was duly and loyally supporting! - but he didn't really see how his presence or not at one party would impact it at all. Ross wasn't hosting it, and it wasn't even a political event. Besides, everyone would be in costume, so who was to say whether he was there or not!

    He felt it would be petulant to bring any of this up, however, so he only silently wished that he was a better liar, so that he could have pretended there was something urgent he would need to see to, just in case the rationale already given did not pass muster. His father might well move on and change the subject now, anyway. He didn't mean that seriously, what he'd just said - about getting out of the house, meeting more people, wherever that was coming from. Ari had heard it all before from Xena, and was rather good at tuning it all out. ("The hospital is out of the house, you know.") So he gave a well-worn smile, and added rhetorically, "Why would I need to meet more people?" He did have friends. He wasn't greedy about these things; he didn't need to be friends with all of society to feel fulfilled.
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    [Image: xqNZwRG.jpg]
    [Image: BuBE8n6.gif]
    His son's excuses merely made him frown, though Brannon didn't reply right away. He had never been a healer himself, and so he couldn't readily respond to the intimation that Ari would find plenty to keep him busy--nor did he know much, he realized, about his eldest son's coworkers. Perhaps it was rather noble of him to try and give the younger healers a night off, and perhaps some of them had received invitations to this very party which they would like to indulge in, but that didn't do anything for his son's social life.

    Brannon knew Ari was no pariah, of course, and he didn't want to imply in his response that he thought he was utterly friendless. He'd decided the best way to respond would be to find a way to relate this back to Ross' campaign, but before he could find a graceful way to do so, Ari had given him the perfect opportunity to say precisely what was on his mind, instead.

    "Well, I should think that's fairly obvious," he responded matter-of-factly, his face assuming an expression of mild befuddlement that he'd even needed to ask the question. "Unless you've got a girl hidden away at the hospital, somewhere."

    That might not be unreasonable, actually. Ari did spend a lot of his time at work, and it wasn't entirely improbable that there were some lovely young women who had taken up internships as healers. Brannon wasn't opposed to the idea at all--he only really opposed women in the workforce after they were married. While it wasn't preferable for them to work, by any means, it wasn't enough of a reason on its own to condemn a potential match.

    "Do you?" he asked, with obvious interest.