Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You Could Say It's A Surprise Party
    See Inside... Thread 
    30th October, 1887; Ministry break room.

    Walt rather thought, all things considered, he was adapting to the news of his wife's candidacy very well. 'All things' under consideration were the fact that he'd only learned that she was intending to run on Saturday morning, when the paper had been brought out to the table with his eggs and toast. Eleanora had apparently she had been so busy that she had forgotten to tell him she was planning to run. Whether he really believed that or whether she had, perhaps, delayed telling him for fear that he would try to talk her out of it made no difference now; the fact was that she was running. Walt was supportive, because he was always supportive, and maybe he was making a point to be especially supportive because she had, for whatever reason, kept this news from him until the absolute last possible minute.

    Well, after the last minute, actually. He supposed perhaps he ought to be grateful to hear that they were hosting a campaign ball a whole three days before the event, instead of being informed of it when the servants laid out his nice suit for the evening.

    Even though he was being very supportive, he was a bit anxious about going in to work on Monday morning. What would his coworkers think of the paper over the weekend? And more much more damningly, would they realize that he'd never mentioned Ellie running for office before and connect the dots to realize just how utterly clueless he had been?

    It was lunch time, though, and so far he'd managed to avoid any particularly awkward conversations. He was looking for someone relatively safe to share a table with in the Ministry's break room, because he was hoping he could continue this not-terribly-awkward streak. The most likely candidate that he saw upon arrival was Darrow; a friendly enough face and a distant relation somewhere along the line, and probably a man who would avoid being Awkward if it could be helped.

    As soon as he'd sat down and exchanged pleasantries, however, he realized that just pretending this all wasn't happening wasn't going to cut it. With a sigh, he offered, "We're hosting a ball tomorrow night."

    If it sounded sudden, that was because it was. He wasn't sure whether he was hoping this was less shocking to Evander Darrow or not. Would it be even worse if the other man had already gotten an invitation to a ball Walt's own wife had neglected to tell him about?

    @Evander Darrow (@Cassius Lestrange), open to other Ministry types!

    Walter's wife was running for minister. This rather solved Evander's issue of finding someone to vote for, because Walt Brownhill was his friend, but he still thought that it was - odd. He would have felt weird if Laura was running for Minister, which she certainly wasn't, and so he could not help but feel weird that Walt's wife was running for Minister. At least Eleanora Brownhill was sane - unlike, say, the Greyback woman.

    Evander had been thinking about this in the back of his head, off and on, since the announcement Saturday. So all of these thoughts came right to the surface as Walt sat in front of him, and Evander made up his mind not to imply that he was anything other than Supportive about Eleanora's campaign, because to do otherwise would be awkward.

    He could not, however, muster enthusiasm about a ball. Parties appeared on the long list of things that Evander was unenthusiastic about. At least he was friendly enough with Walt that Walt probably knew that already.

    "Oh," Evander said with a small smile, "Laura and I will be sure to be there." 
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       Walter Brownhill
    It wasn't until Evander spoke that Walter realized he was hanging on each syllable. There was so much to be conveyed that he couldn't come right out and say, or ask about, but it was all there, buried in subtext. Oh: Evander and Laura Darrow had not, in fact, received any invitations to a ball the Brownhills were apparently throwing, which either meant that Ellie had forgotten to send them out (a problem) or forgotten to include the Darrows (also a problem, though a decidedly less political one since Evander didn't seem the sort to be terribly offended about being left off the invite list for a ball).

    They were coming, though, and that was a relief. Walt hadn't even been consciously worrying that they wouldn't, but he felt a slight weight off his shoulders all the same. The Darrows being present meant that Walt would have at least two people that he knew and was comfortable around to use as a social refuge, should the evening require it. He wasn't bad at parties, honestly, but--well, Walt had never politicked before. His wife had assured him it would be easy--just smile and shake hands and be nice and talk about the things she wanted people to talk about--but he had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't be quite that simple, and he might end up needing a friendly face at some point in the evening.

    "Thank you," he said, genuinely. "It won't be just a ball," he continued, aware of Evander's dislike for such things. "Dinner and politics, that sort of thing. And you don't have to wear a costume," he added in a rather optimistic tone, though he wasn't quite able to maintain it through the next announcement: "Eleanora has mine picked out already."

    Costumes were also on the long list of things that Evander was unenthusiastic about, so he couldn't help but smile. Anything that involved not wearing a costume was a good idea - although he doubted that his brother would be at this party to repeat the Dippet Halloween fiasco. And if he was then at least it showed that Alfred was hanging out with more normal people.

    "I think I can talk about politics," Evander said in an unsure tone, "But what's your costume? Are you going to match her?" That was a bit of a thing; Evander had actually matched Laura at the Dippet party, which was the closest he had come to liking his costume.
    If Evander could talk about politics, he was one step ahead of Walt. Maybe Laura Darrow ought to be running for Minister, too. That wasn't fair, of course, and he felt guilty for thinking it almost as soon as the idea popped into his head. He'd told Eleanora he'd do his best, and she'd already been talking to him about issues and talking points, but the truth was that he didn't have the head for this sort of thing. He'd never had any political ambitions himself, and didn't tend to have opinions on matters that didn't affect him directly. Remembering all of the things he was supposed to say was going to be a challenge, and one he would have to face whether he was ready for it or not come tomorrow evening.

    "She's going as Ravenclaw," he said with a nod. "And I've got a suit that looks like a raven. It's not so bad," he said, because he assumed Evander would think very little of the idea of an anthropomorphic bird suit. "It's mostly just a normal suit. And it could be much worse - I imagine if she had the idea to go as Helga Hufflepuff I might be stuck as a badger for the evening," he said, shaking his head with a slight smile. He didn't have anything against Hufflepuffs (which he hoped he'd made very clear to his daughter when she'd been sorted there this fall), but he didn't relish the idea of being dressed as a badger, regardless.

    Evander could not imagine anything worse than an anthropomorphic bird suit, so was glad that Walt clarified almost immediately. This did, however, solidify that he wasn't going to go in costume -- it was more than enough already to go to this ball. Would there be many more events?

    "I'm not sure how you'd even manage a badger suit," Evander said, "Although perhaps it's a good thing that Ravenclaw isn't involved with snakes - that just seems difficult."
    Walt nodded in response, an expression of good-natured exasperation flitting across his face. "Luckily, I don't think Eleanora's intention is to shock the civilized world to death," he said lightly. "She's already running for Minister; she doesn't need to go dressed as Salazar Slytherin for Halloween." The most shocking part of that, of course, would be that she'd be dressed as a man, but the less believable part in his opinion would be that his wife would chose to forsake her own house in favor of its traditional rival. If she was going to go dressed as a man, Gryffindor would make more logical sense (and would be much easier on him; he wasn't going to pretend to be delighted by the idea of being dressed as an animal, but if he had to be, a lion was much better than either a snake or a badger).

    Evander chuckled in a good-natured sort of way. Eleanora Brownhill had a struggle ahead of her if she did want to win -- there were plenty of people who would never vote for a female candidate, and plenty more who would never vote for a candidate from outside the Ministry. If it wasn't for his friendship with Walt, he never would have considered her.

    "Does she have many other events planned?"
    Walt shrugged in an affable but mildly weary manner. "She's Eleanora," he said, as though this were answer enough. In a way, it was. Throughout the entire time that he'd known her Ellie had never been one for idleness, and it had been quite a struggle to keep her off of her feet for the bare minimum amount of convalescence after she'd given birth to first the twins and then to Clementine. His wife was always passionately devoted to whatever her latest cause was, and he knew that Evander and his wife had been on the receiving end of no small amount of invitations throughout the years to showcase that. It wasn't as though she was going to be less involved now that she had a personal stake in the issue at hand.

    After a contemplative moment, Walt added quietly, "She really intends to win." On the surface, it seemed like a silly thing to say. Who would run for Minister if they didn't intend to win? Still, it was a sentence with a lot of things tied into it from Walt's perspective. It was as close as he would probably come to admitting to anyone, friend or no, that he was honestly a little unsure about how fervently his wife wanted this.