Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Walt Brownhill
    Full Name: Walter Jameson Brownhill
    Nicknames: Walt
    Birthdate: October 13 1842
    Current Age: 45 Years
    Occupation: Head of Muggle Liaison Office
    Reputation: 5.
    Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.
    Wand: Willow and unicorn hair, 10 1/2 inches, springy.
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle Class
    @Eleanora Brownhill, wife, [1856 - ?]
    Theodosia Brownhill, daughter, [1876 - ?]
    Tatianna Brownhill, daughter, [1876 - ?]
    Clementine Brownhill, daughter, [1879 - ?]

    Clement Brownhill, father, [1818 - 1878]
    Hazel Brownhill nee Denbright, mother, [1820 - ?]

    - Anna Estep nee Brownhill, sister, [1840 - ?]
    -- David Estep, brother-in-law, [1834 - ?]
    --- Sarah Shaw nee Estep, niece, [1860 - ?]
    --- @Trinity Estep, niece, [1867 - ?]

    - Sylvia Huddleston nee Brownhill, sister, [1845 - ?]
    -- Terrence Huddleston, brother-in-law, [1841 - ?]
    --- @Lily Huddleston, niece, [1865 - ?]

    - Clara Halliday nee Brownhill, sister, [1849 - ?]
    -- Newton Halliday, brother-in-law, [1840 - ?]
    --- @Fauna Halliday, niece, [1872 - ?]
    --- @Flora Halliday, niece, [1872 - ?]
    --- Abraham Halliday, nephew, [1874 - ?]

    Paternal family: Muggles in Leeds, not in touch.

    Winfield Denbright, maternal grandfather, [1799 - ?]
    Aileen Denbright nee Darrow, maternal grandmother [1812 - ?]

    Aamir Nejem, father-in-law, [1810 - ?]
    Mary Nejem, mother-in-law, [1819 - ?]
    - Conrad Nejem, brother-in-law, [1837 - ?]
    - Oliver Nejem, brother-in-law, [1839 - ?]

    Cousins: Denbrights. 
    Second Cousins: Boots, Denbrights, Darrows, Brownes, Brownings, Carmichaels, Huxleys.
    Third Cousins: Humphrey-Mavises, Meadowes, Kays, Humphreys, Macintoshes, Reeds, Abbotts.

    Appearance: Walt is on the taller side but utterly unimposing. The word that comes to mind, looking at him, might be something like mild. He has thick dark hair which he keeps trimmed in fashion. He typically wears suits but can also be seen in robes on occasion. He writes and wields a wand with his right hand.
    Childhood: 1842 - 1853
    From the earliest days of his childhood, Walt idolized his father. Clement Brownhill was a muggleborn wizard who had not only overcome the handicap of growing up away from magic, but had gone on to a celebrated career as a potioneer and had published several books, including a guide book on where to find rare potion ingredients in the English countryside and several potion recipe guides. As a child, Walt was towed along to book signings and events, and on his father's frequent outdoor trips in search of new herbs and ingredients. He wants to grow up to be Just Like Dad, even though he doesn't really get enthused about potions and herbology the same way the older man does.

    He shows his first sign of magic after his younger sister, which is... fine. It wasn't like he was that invested in making a big, impressive display, or anything. Besides, his dad doesn't seem disappointed.

    Anna goes to Hogwarts three whole years before him, but he can't really be too disappointed about it; she's two years older and he has a late birthday. He's still disappointed about it but don't tell his dad.

    Hogwarts: 1853 - 1861
    Walt goes off to Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat attempts to make him a Hufflepuff, but he pleads to be placed in Ravenclaw, like his father was. Begrudgingly, the Hat grants his request, though it informs him he would be much happier in Hufflepuff. Walt is delighted to be a Ravenclaw, however, and sends ecstatic letters home. He only gets locked out of the common room because he can't figure out the riddle a couple of times. It's fine.

    In third year he adds Ancient Studies, Muggle Studies, and Ghoul Studies. He likes things with the word 'studies' in the title, apparently. What he really wants is to be good enough at potions that he's recommended to take Alchemy, but it's not looking good, so far. A few friends encourage him to get into clubs or maybe try for Quidditch, but he feels a little intimidated just keeping up with his coursework. Aside from potions club, he mostly sticks to homework. And prefecting, because that's a thing that happens to him that he certainly didn't ask for and doesn't much care for. He's not really the confrontational sort, which makes policing his peers rather difficult.

    His OWLs come off well, though he doesn't get as high of marks as he'd hoped. Which is fine. Who needs NEWT classes, anyway? He never wanted them. He certainly didn't want to be able to take Alchemy, and he didn't go to the professor in question and beg for a second chance, or anything.

    He doesn't end up taking Alchemy. He does take Ancient Studies, Charms, Ghoul Studies, Herbology, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, and Transfiguration. Dropping potions was difficult, but after some tough-love chat from his academic advisor, Walt realizes he's never going to be his father, and it's probably about time he decided who he was going to be as a person. And he's actually never liked potions that much, to be honest.

    Walt decides to throw himself into his remaining classes (still a full course load!) and his prefect duties and hope to get Head Boy and make his father proud that way. He doesn't get Head Boy, but that's fine. It's whatever. He didn't really want that extra work, anyway, and his dad probably wouldn't really care that much.

    Young Adult Life: 1861 - 1875
    Heading out into the world with an impressive but eclectic collection of NEWTs in hand and a burning desire to find a career that at least rivals his father's level of prestige, Walt heads to the Ministry. Since he had good marks in Charms and Transfiguration he finds a job with the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, first as an employee and then as a member of the accidental magic reversal squad. He does passably well, though the whole non-confrontational thing does see him reacting to things just a touch slower than he might otherwise.

    Although the Brownhills have never been rich, they have always been comfortable, which gives Walt the luxury of enjoying the social scene freely right off the bat. He meets Eleanora Nejem in the summer of 1874, immediately following her graduation from Hogwarts, and is immediately smitten. They share many of the same interests and he loses no time in asking to court her. He wouldn't have lost any time in marrying her, either, except that when he goes to get her father's permission, he says no. Which does wonders for Walt's self-confidence. Yep.

    After a few months of dogged determination, though, Mr. Nejem finally agrees (though Walt would never fully get over the notion that his father-in-law must really dislike him, not to mention Eleanora's older brothers). Regardless, the pair are married in September of 1875. He's so happy about it he doesn't even really mind that Ellie wants to go work at the Ministry--much, anyway. He doesn't mind much. He'd certainly never say anything about it.

    Married Life: 1875 - 1880
    It turns out Ellie isn't going to go work in the Ministry, because THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY. Walt is very pleased. He is somewhat less pleased when the pair of daughters actually arrive in the summer of '76, because twins make him a little anxious (where did they even come from? Ellie and he have no twins in their families!) but he wouldn't ever admit as much. Besides, they are very cute, particularly once they start growing bigger every day. Fatherhood is the first thing in his life that Walt feels like just sort of clicks, and he's not self-conscious when he's around his two daughters. Ellie, meanwhile, seems to be getting restless. She writes, and starts publishing essays in '77. So he's married to a writer now, officially, which is... great. He's thrilled. No, really, he's very proud and not the least bit jealous that his wife is doing that thing his dad did that he always wanted to do for himself but never had the skill for. He couldn't be happier about it.

    Walt takes the death of his father in 1878 pretty hard, and now it's his turn to feel restless. He's finding life in the London house rather suffocating, and when Ellie discovers she's pregnant again the following year, he uses that opportunity to suggest they relocate to Hogsmeade. They get a nicer, bigger house in Bartonburg and have a daughter (just one, this time!) that winter.

    Hogsmeade: 1880-1887
    Eleanora publishes books, now, not just essays. Feeling rather restless as just a squad member with no real upwards movement for the past several years, Walt requests and is given a transfer to the Muggle Liason Office. It's a great job for someone who doesn't like confrontation. Dealing with livid wizards and frightened Muggles, all day long. It's excellent.

    As Walt is settling into his new office, Ellie is becoming a Symbol; she's got Causes, now, and she's writing books that people are calling feminist, which is sort of a scary word--even for someone who clearly doesn't mind working under a female boss, with Astrid Parkinson as his assistant head for several years now. Walt wishes his wife would be happier with their lot in life, and starts dropping hints about having more children--maybe a boy this time--which Ellie doesn't seem to want to talk about.

    In 1883 a series of changes are made in the department; following Mr. Macnair's departure from the Ministry, Mrs. Parkinson ascends to his position as head, with a man from another office--Rosier--as her assistant head. The head of their office also leaves in the shuffle, and Garrett Wallingford takes the leadership role. He's ten years younger than Walt, but that's... fine. He's been in the office longer. It makes sense. Really. Walt isn't bitter about it at all. He finally gets the position three years later, in 1886--because Wallingford is being promoted to the assistant head of the entire department. Which is fine.

    It's 1887 now, and Eleanora has four books out. The twins are heading off to Hogwarts, which leaves their house feeling rather empty, in Walt's opinion--and still no progress on getting Ellie to agree to more children. Which is... fine. He's not bothered at all. Really.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn

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