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How Much Longer?
December 9th, 1888 - McPadraic Estate

Alexandra and Florence had returned from Pendergast for the month break four days ago, and so far Alex had been keeping her head down. Sure she wouldn’t stay in the same room as her step mother for long, but that was nothing new. But she hadn’t spoken out against the woman or her father, she hadn’t ventured into the staff area without a tutor or governess with her and she didn’t fight when her father told her no. Surely it was enough time that perhaps they could get through a conversation without argument?

It was worth a try at the very least.

It was just past ten in the morning, and her father would be in his office doing whatever he did on an off day. Alex straighten her dress and touched her hair making sure it was nicely done up in a bun, she didn’t need her father getting in a mood before she had bought up the topic she was desperate to discuss. With a deep breath she knocked on the door and waited.

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Arthur sat at his desk, reading the newspapers. There was a cup of coffee beside him, which one of the maids had just brought in, and he had requested nothing further. Hence, he was surprised when there was a knock on his door. He folded the newspaper and placed it before him, though not before casting a small charm to mark where he had stopped reading. The newspapers were reporting on the Webster case, and although the information was horribly incorrect, and the criticism on the MLE unfair, he wanted to finish reading. Not in a terribly good mood because of said circumstances, he frowned at the door and called out: in a low voice "Come in." If this was a servant disturbing him over something trivial...
With one last check of her dress and another deep breath, Alexandra opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. Looking at her father at his desk was a normal sight, and he didn’t look like he was in a good mood either which was also a normal sight for her. Perhaps she should come back at a different time…

“I was hoping for a word Father” she said instead.

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Alexandra who needed a talk. Generally not a good thing. His daughter had a lot of strange notions about playing Quidditch, being some kind of academic, or doing anything else improper to her rank and sex. And when she did not get her way, she would do crazy things like cutting off her hair. He feared for her future, but it was only with the greatest effort that he could keep her in line. He was not sure how much longer he could protect her against herself. And so the frown on his forehead deepened as he looked at her. "Do sit down, Alexandra."
Her father and her had always looked at things differently, it was just unfortunate that Alex had been born with her temper. She hoped she could keep it now however, she needed this conversation to go in her favour. So, she did as she was told and sat down across from him, doing the proper thing of fixing her dress once there.

“I was wondering” hoping “if you would allow this year to be my last at Pendergast” she said deciding it would be best just getting straight to the point.

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That question only demanded for one word: "Why?" he asked, in a tone that showed that the question was ridiculous in the first place.
Alexandra was ready for it. So much so she didn't even need to take a breath to calm herself.

"Well, firstly I don't see how another year or two will benefit me at this point. Secondly I'll be nineteen in a couple of weeks. Thirdly," and hopefully the one he cared about "I could start looking for a husband should I come out at this year." Not that she wanted to marry, but at this point she would rather fake it in society than at the school.

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Alex sat back and took off the reading glasses he had been using for the newspapers. He eyed his daughter critically. If he could steer her into the safe harbour of marriage quickly, all the better. With Alexandra's tendency towards impropriety, Arthur sometimes feared she would go down his sister's road. He could not bear such betrayal and shame again. And he would not watch his daughter die unhappily in some shack the way his sister had. But the way she was now, she would never get a good match. And he was still hoping that another year in school might make more of a lady out of her.

He sighed. "Alexandra, I appreciate the fact that you are starting to take your future more seriously," he started strategically. "You have turned into a beautiful young lady, you've had an excellent education, and you come from a good family. There will be plenty of offers once you do come out. But I would rather see you properly prepared."
Alexandra tried not to flinch at the good education comment. She wholeheartedly disagreed in that regarded, being taught how to drink tea was not the same as learning. “I understand your concern father, but please just listen” she said calmly despite feeling her temper start to rise. Of course he already had his own plans, it that didn’t mean she couldn’t make him see.... hopefully.

“Plenty of woman come out at nineteen. I’ve been at that school since fifteen. I really doubt another year will teach me anything new, beside most of what they teach you had taught to me before Hogwarts” she said calmly, keeping eye contact. “It would only be me wasting time that could be used for making connections.”

She felt a little hesitation at the next part but she pushed through hoping it would help. “I’ll even work with Evaine to plan it.”

[Image: swbRAG4.jpg]
He frowned while he listened. There was something in what she was saying. She had been taught most of what she needed to know. But he doubted she had internalised it, and that concerned him. When she mentioned her step-mother, he grew suspicious. It was no secret that Evaine and Alexandra disliked one another. And whenever Alexandra had shown signs of disobedience, he had put Evaine in charge of discipline, which probably had not improved things. "How do I know you will not only give her more trouble?" he asked critically.
She’s the trouble making one.. Alexandra thought hushly to herself, which she knew was mean. But the woman was annoying, and not her mother. As for not giving her trouble, well she couldn’t very well say ‘because I need to get out of that place’ or ‘because she would be useful for once’ to her father. But Alex had planned for this.

“If you allow me this, you have my word I will on my best behaviour for her. One fight and I’ll return to school without resistance.”

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He sighed. He cared about his daughter. He wanted the best for her. But she seemed determined to make her own life difficult. "I want you to make a good match, Alexandra. I want you to have a happy marriage, be with a man who will love and respect you. But I sometimes fear for your married life. Men don't like women who are so restless and strong-willed. I would hope one more year of school would make more of a lady out of you. And that would make your life a lot easier in the future."
Alexandra sighed and looked down at her hands. Of course he wouldn’t listen.

“If I do marry for love, then he will accept those traits because that’s who I am father. When will you accept that?” she lifted her head to look at him once more. “One more year at that school won’t change that. If you truely want what’s best, this is it. Let me start my life. It’s the only way I can grow now.”

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There had been a moment he had considered granting the request, but now Arthur rose from his seat, his frown deepening while he looked at his daughter. Obstinate girl. How dared she talk to him that way? He took a deep breath. "You will go back to school, because I tell you that's best for you. Your disrespect only demonstrates how much you still have to learn. Now I want you to go to your room, without a fuss, and I will not hear of it again."
Alexandra stared at him for a moment before standing and heading for the door where she paused with her hand on the handle.

"You have no idea what is best for me Father, every decision you have made was for you" she turned her head to look at him, speaking calmly despite the anger she felt. "Mother would have listened."

Then she turned her hand and walked out, letting the door slam shut behind her.

[Image: swbRAG4.jpg]
Arthur stood nailed to the ground for a moment, astonished at the display of complete disrespect. He took a few deep breaths. Alexandra was beyond correction, he sometimes feared. Suddenly, he moved, flung the door open and followed his daughter, his eyes hard and his mouth a thin line. When he reached her room, he did not knock, but entered and grabbed her by the arm firmly. "You insolent girl!" he said, voice raised, although not quite shouting. "This is why you're going back to school. Give me your wand." he demanded.

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