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Alexandra McPadraic
Full Name: Alexandra Elizabeth McPadraic
Nicknames: Alex, Allie to her sisters
Birthdate: January 29th, 1870
Current Age: 18
Occupation: Pendergast Rose
Reputation: 9 – Alexandra has been an upstanding lady of society (at least in public) since the haircut three and a bit years ago. Although there is still the talk from when her father brought his nephew into his care.
Residence: Irvingly during schooling periods, and the family manor just outside of Hogsmeade when at home.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Chestnut, 11", unflexing, phoenix tail feather
Blood Status: Half
Social Class: Upper
• Arthur McPadraic, Father, 5th January 1842
• Aurelia McPadraic nee ---, Mother
o Florence McPadraic, Sister, 10th November 1871
o Isolde McPadraic, Sister, 17th March 1873
o Lynette McPadraic, Sister, 26th November 1874
o Blanche McPadraic, Sister, 12th June 1877
o Eleanor McPadraic, Sister, 9 December 1879
• Evaine McPadraic nee ---, Step Mother, 1861
o Gareth McPadraic, Half Brother, 21st February 1887

• Dunstan McPadraic nee ----, Cousin/adopted brother, Oct 1876

Alexandra has a height of about 5”3’. Although shortish, she leans towards being skinny as well. Her hair is a coppery brown, in the right light it picks up on the red with in. Alex keeps it at shoulder length, finding she prefers it that way and it’s easier to see the curl within. Alex uses her right hand for her wand. While she is not particularly a fan, she wears the clothing appropriate for her station if only to avoid another argument with her father.

1870 – Alexandra was the first child born to Arthur and Aurelia McPadraic. Not the worst baby, she was curious and could have nasty tantrums.
1871 – Florence is born.
1873 – Isolde is born. Alexandra starts to take lessons with the governess, must to her distaste. She would rather be running around outside, not that her father would approve now that she was meant to be learning. One such lesson causes a tantrum when she is not in the mood, first signs of her magic as she sets the governess’ books of fire.
1874 – Her third sister Lynette is born. Alex understands but is annoyed because it means even less time she gets to spend with her mother.
1876 – Father is overjoyed with her first brother is born. Sadly, he becomes sickly, dies three months later. Cousin Dunstan is born.
1877 – Another sister, Blanche, is born.
1879 – Eleanor is born. Alexandra hopes it will be the last sibling she has. But they probably won’t stop coming until there is a son to carry on the family legacy. Which annoys her greatly.
1881- Alexandra starts her first year at Hogwarts although must returns home early December due to the passing of her mother who died during childbirth along with the baby. While sad for the loss of a sibling, she knew she would probably have blamed the death of her mother on it. Instead the blame is shifted towards her father for pushing her mother to have so many children.
1882 – Alexandra returns to finish her first year and start her second. Aunt dies, and father brings home their cousin to live with them - Arthur was reluctant to have his kids engage too much with the boy and kept him kind of separate for a while. Alexandra holds hate for the boy, if he had come earlier, perhaps her mother would still be alive. But it slowly turns into annoyance of time.
1883 – Alexandra returns to school and Florence starts her first year. Their father stops the mourning of his wife which once more annoys Alex.
1884 – Alexandra and Florence return to school and Isolde starts her first year. Father starts courting Evaine and marries her later in the year. Alex feels that her step mother is far too young and just after the position being married to her father would give. She refuses to connect with the woman despite her father’s wishes.
1886 – Evaine has a miscarriage. Lynette starts her first year. Alexandra completes her O.W.L.s and despite fighting with her father, is soon pulled out and sent to Pendergast’s School for Young Roses instead of continuing for her N.E.W.T.s. The argument over this was probably the worst they had ever had. Alex had stormed off to her room and after a long while sitting there she cut off all her hair before returning calming down for family dinner. Perhaps one of the reasons they never had the argument again because her father was even more set in his ways after, but it was the change she needed to accept her fate. Although she would never truly grow it long again, keeping it at the shoulder but with enough length to tie back so her father couldn’t complain.
1887 – Much to her annoyance, she had another sibling. Gareth is born.
1888 – Blanche starts school, Florence completes her O.W.L.s and starts to attend PSYR. Dunstan starts school.
1889 – While not in the mindset for marriage, Alexandra does want to be done with finishing school. She plays her part out in society and continues to find ways to annoy her father.

Charming, Sensitive to Others, Imaginative, Passionate, Curious, Artistic, Fiercely Independent, Unpredictable, Easily Stressed, Overly Competitive, Fluctuating Self-Esteem

She is fluent in French, and semi-fluent in German.

She loves Quidditch and would have played if she had been allowed.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsE
Care of Magical CreaturesO
History of MagicA
Other Classes: etiquette, violin and painting


Name: Bella
Age: 23
Contact: PM, Discord
Other Characters: @Donovan Connolly
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