Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #152 - Greyback's Home For Halfbreeds
    [Image: o39iVm.png]
    Women in Quidditch: A Recipe for Miscarriage?
    Only a few weeks ago, Witch Weekly broke a story relating to a possible concealed miscarriage from Hogsmeade Howler chaser Desdemona Pettigrew, following over a year of marriage in which the Quidditch player and her husband, Arthur Pettigrew, have prioritized the sport over their familial duties. A recent tip lead us to believe that Mrs. Pettigrew's case is far from isolated, and we've gone through years of research to give you the inside (and rather alarming!) scoop.

    Mrs. Desdemona Pettigrew, formerly a rather fertile Collins-Potter, may have been ruined by the game she loves so much!

    Readers may or may not be familiar with Holyhead Harpies coach Marceline Gillum, a childless divorcee of thirty-six. Ms. Gillum previously played for the team she now coaches, and played for her house team prior to that. Between various obligations she was playing Quidditch at some level or other from 1863 until 1880, when she was forced to retire due to a pregnancy. Mr. and Mrs. Gillum's first child was stillborn, however--as was their second.

    In fact, Ms. Gillum was unable to provide her husband with a single living child over the course of their eight year marriage, which ultimately culminated in divorce.

    Ms. Gillum returned to Quidditch after her marriage ended in disaster.

    Ms. Gillum's long history of playing Quidditch and her tragic inability to carry a healthy baby to term may not be mere conincidence, however; there is mounting evidence that the two may be linked! Many women with long Quidditch careers have difficulties transitioning successfully into motherhood, and some, like Ms. Gillum, are never able to bridge the gap.

    Experts suggest that extended periods of broom-riding may jostle a woman's insides, leaving her ill prepared to bear the strain of childbirth. This would suggest that there is a certain period of Quidditch playing that may be permissable without damaging a woman's reproductive organs, but where that line is, no one is quite sure. Does damage begin immediately and accumulate slowly, or is there one traumatic event which prevents these women from successfully becoming mothers?
    After nearly twenty years of Quidditch, Ms. Gillum has certainly crossed it. Mrs. Pettigrew has been playing since 1881, having avoided the sport in Hogwarts--is it too late for her, or might she be able to safeguard her future chance at children by quitting now?

    Given the fate of Ms. Gillum, who was abandoned by her husband and now coaches the least successful Quidditch team in the league as a means of supporting herself, should we perhaps be worried about the future of Mrs. Pettigrew? Her husband has rarely been seen to make what society would deem logical decisions, but even a degenerate man may be tested when a woman proves herself entirely incapable of performing her duties as a wife!

    This also raises difficult questions for current female Quidditch players, such as Miss Nectar Shinnick, a Holyhead player who recently began courting Puddlemere United player Esteban Zavala. Would Mr. Zavala retain his interest if he was certain this union would never bear fruit, as it seems rather likely would be the case? Indeed, it may be prudent for gentlemen in search of a wife to investigate whether their potential bride has any Quidditch experience at all, even at the house level, until this phenomenon is better understood!

    Miss Nectar Shinnick, current Holyhead Harpies player.

    Fortunately, women playing Quidditch is rather unusual at the professional level, as any fan of the sport will know, but the Holyhead Harpies provides an opportunity for many women who lack the skills to properly compete against men on other teams to continue to sate this unnatural desire for athleticism. Most fans of the sports agree, particularly given their recent league standings, that the majority of Holyhead players are insufficiently skilled compared to their male professional counterparts. At the Hogwarts level, however, women in Quidditch is far more usual and in fact could even be described as the norm--currently, two of the four house teams are captained by girls, and there are a total of ten young women spread between the four teams, all of whom are potentially ruining their chances at one day leading a fulfilling life as wives and mothers.

    Should your daughter be allowed to play Quidditch at school? There is no concrete proof that spending only a few years on a house team will negatively affect a woman's future fertility, but the question that all parents should be asking is whether they are willing to risk a willful daughter deciding to go into the sport professionally, and possibly ruining herself forever!

    @Marceline Gillum @Desdemona Pettigrew @Nectar Shinnick
    Lonely Hearts
    Adventure Awaits

    A young woman of a well known family looking for a smart man to sweep her off her feet. Intelligence and understanding a must as well as a strong and confident personality. Must be ready to put up a fight if needed when it comes to overbearing male relatives. Bonus for a love of travel. A sweet smile, brilliant mind, and darling dimples await.

    To The Tall, Dark-Clad Man With The Flying Skeleton

    We met at a ball recently but I didn't get your name. You were dressed like a villain from a story-book, with a flying skeleton on your shoulder who stole my hat. I can't explain through letter but I feel we are bound to meet again. Perhaps you will see me in London.

    Sentimental Spinster

    Seeking kindhearted gentleman over the age of thirty for lifelong companionship. The lady in question is no longer in the bloom of youth but still hopes for a mutually affectionate marriage. He must be patient and willing to take time with a potential courtship.

    If interested, please respond via Witch Weekly's Lonely Heart's column.

    Black Widow

    Seeking: a gentleman. Pureblood. Between 45-69 years of age. Attractive. Imposing mien. Sharp intellect. Virile.

    For: Shrewd widow of pure blood and handsome features.
    Fools need not apply.

    Budding Romance

    Young lady proprietress, of no family, independent means, amicable disposition, and reasonable intelligence seeks a gentleman of similar disposition for companionship with a view to courtship should our personalities align. I have been told that I am comely in my way, and not overly taxing to be around. An interest in plants and herbology a benefit but not required.

    Fond Feelings
    In response to Frederick Wentworth

    Indulge Me, Frederick. I'll Never Ever Sacrifice Our Dream Of Fond Feeling.

    Please Answer Urgently, Love.

    Happiness is just an owl away! Send a letter in with your personal advertisement or response to have it printed in the next issue. Address your letters to: Lonely Hearts, Witch Weekly.
    What inspired Mrs. Greyback to take up the cause of halfbreed students and non-human rights? Indeed, what inspired an otherwise incredibly reclusive housewife with no political experience to attempt to run for Minister of Magic?

    Witch Weekly's expressions of sympathy for the doubtless awful marriage of Mrs. Greyback to a mentally inept recluse is in no way meant as condoning her actions since!
    Greyback's Home For Halfbreeds
    Ministerial Candidate and social pariah Antonia Greyback has made no secret of her support of the rights of so-called "halfbreeds" in recent months. Her founding of the "Magical Franchisement League" was the crowning jewel on a campaign of voracious but rather ineffective letter-writing since the Hogwarts Board of Education announced their decision to prevent halfbreed students from returning to school.

    The purpose of the "Magical Franchisement League" is rather dubious; the term franchisement itself can refer to suffrage, freedom from unlawful imprisonment, a permission granted by the government to operate a retail contract, an agreement between a larger company and a smaller store to conduct business in a certain way, or even, in the case of Quidditch, with the ability to operate a Quidditch club in within the professional League. None of these seem to be the goal of Mrs. Greyback's endeavor, whose mission statement rather vaguely alludes to "parity of esteem." The so-called "Franchisement League" collects annual dues, but no one we at Witch Weekly could find knew exactly where these funds were going or what purposes they were being diverted to!

    Why is Mrs. Greyback so passionately but apparently inexplicably devoted to the cause of half-breed students and non-human members of the society in general? The answer, uncovered by our reporters, will certainly shock our gentle readers, so please exercise discretion before continuing this article!

    The face of equality, or of a lonely and desperate woman?

    The Greybacks are notoriously reclusive, living in more or less complete solitude in the highlands. On occasions when members of the public interact with them, nearly every one of the family has been described as socially awkward and more than a tad bit odd, and one source even claimed that Mrs. Greyback's husband is not altogether 'there' on certain days. With such a strange and depressingly solitary life, it is perhaps unsurprising (although no less tragic) that Mrs. Greyback has sought solace in the way she has.

    Mrs. Antonia Greyback has five children, the oldest of whom has recently started Hogwarts and has already been noted by nearly everyone who has met him as being rather strange. A loud, brash child with little care for propriety or social rules, Angus Greyback also stands at an incredible height of 5 feet, 5 inches -- a full foot taller than the average for his age! Antonia Greyback's eldest may, in fact, be the legitimate child of her 'strange' husband, but we have reason to believe that he is actually, in fact, a quarter-giant!

    The younger children of Mrs. Greyback are still rather shielded from the public eye, since, as previously mentioned, the family is incredibly (indeed, suspiciously!) reclusive. She has not, however, had any children or even pregnancies in the past four years--and infertility is a known side effect of having relations with giants or half-giants!

    Does her family's astonishing solitude, or Mrs. Greyback's inexplicable investment in the plight of halfbreed students, seem strange now, dear readers?

    What Mrs. Greyback (a potential adulteress) might do if elected Minister can only be imagined, but it is safe to say there might be some changes made to the recent rules regarding halfbreeds, likely before her children are able to be publicly ousted as such.

    @Antonia Greyback
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Witch Weekly's post:
       Aldous Crouch

    Discover Your October Horoscope!
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    Take a break from that thing that you have been obsessing over.
    Working on an entirely different project will give you the clarity that you need to come back to it.
    A loved one in your life is in dire need of your undivided attention.
    The key to this is to simply listen and be there. It will make all the difference in the world to them.
    Try not to stress about the things in your life that you cannot change. If you allow yourself to go with the flow, you'll be more at peace with things.

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