Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #151 - An American For Minister?
    Mr. Eugene Scamander - A Fraud?
    As a relatively new candidate in the running to become the next Minister of Magic, Mr. Scamander has already made his mark in the race by what appears to be an otherwise calm and poised demeanor. Even in an interview just a few publications prior, his answers to our questions seemed thoughtful and inspiring—but what if all of that was an act just to guarantee your vote? In this week’s article, we’re diving in to the evidence we’ve found to prove our point and allow you needed insight to this potentially harmful man.

    A portrait of Mr. Eugene Scamander, potentially wondering how he may fool us next.
    Before Mr. Balthazar Urquart won the election in 1884, Mr. Scamander ran right alongside him in a tight race. He, of course, faced a loss, but not before engaging in a few activities on his own time that seemed to pander to specific groups of people, perhaps to garner their attention and mark on the ballot. First and foremost, upon announcing his first bid for Minister, he declared that his campaign was based around the citizens; specifically regarding their merit and accomplishments versus their blood or financial status. This seems rather hypocritical given his lineage and assortment of important ministerial peers, and it’s a mystery where he’s received the firsthand experience with that population to make these assumptions.

    Continuing this streak, Mr. and Mrs. Scamander worked to establish a public library in Irvingly to benefit both adults and children alike. He went as far to state that they found it “necessary to provide a service” to all the residents, both present and future, without actually taking into account the functionality of the town prior. To us, this appears as though Mr. Scamander is ignorant to those less fortunate than he and prefers to interfere instead of actually asking what is needed. Is this who we want? Someone who will be restricting us even further?
    Mr. Scamander may not be the change we are looking for—he may even be a danger!
    To make matters worse, his last run for the seat saw him attempt to rescue a young child from drowning while he was conveniently enjoying lunch in the park. If we have learned anything as of late, the frequency of young women being stranded in lakes has gone up since this incident, so it would not be a stretch to conclude that perhaps the prophet’s coverage of the “rescue” sparked this sudden spike in behavior. It was also odd to see Mr. Scamander quoted saying “I also wanted to save the Avery family—of which the girl belonged—from any unwanted attention” yet went the length to report the story during his campaign to display his heroic efforts.

    Even as it was announced that his political rival was to be announced the new Minister of Magic, Mr. Scamander showed signs of discontent when confronted by a reporter after the declaration. His statement seemed rather sarcastic and lackluster—for why would he be wishing Mr. Urquart “best luck in all his future endeavors” despite the fact that he would be working with him for some time? And even now as the race picks up yet again, Mr. Scamander has agreed to stick to similar policies as his potential predecessor despite immense controversy and societal degradation that could ensue. While we know Mr. Urquart did all he could to preserve magical society, it may be in our best interest to look elsewhere for change.

    Whether or not you believe Mr. Scamander to be a fraud, make sure you pay close attention to what he says in the near future and throughout his campaign. We must not fall to temptation and slick speech. We must read between the lines and let our desires be known. Our society is at risk here and it is up to us to keep it in tact.

    @Eugene Scamander
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       Elsie Beauregard
    What Should Your Halloween Dress Be?

    How do you handle balls?
    A) I like to catch up with my friends between dances
    B) I like to be the center of attention, always
    C) I love dancing!
    D) I talk to interesting people and visit the refreshment table constantly

    What is your typical wardrobe like?
    A) I make most of it myself, and it's very flattering but not always expensive
    B) I only wear the best!
    C) I wear robes or comfortable dresses whenever I can get away with it
    D) I get a lot of advice from my friends, so I know I'm always fashionable

    If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
    A) Something flashy, like a peacock
    B) Something elegant, like a leopard
    C) Something useful, like an owl
    D) Something intelligent, like an elephant

    If you were a being or spirit, what would you be?
    A) Siren - beautiful and irresistible
    B) Veela - who wouldn't secretly like to be a veela?
    C) Ghost - mostly human, but immortal
    D) Pukwudgie - independent but loyal
    What's your favorite part of Halloween?
    A) Seeing everyone's creative costumes and putting a lot of work into my own
    B) Having the best costume
    C) The traditions and the rich history
    D) It's not my favorite holiday, to be honest

    Mostly As: Pick a costume that is challenging and uses your creativity. Try designing your own dress and going as a some sort of animal. You might also try involving some simple charms or spellwork to give your costume an extra edge!

    Mostly Bs: You want an elaborate costume without putting in all the work yourself. Try for historical characters or famous characters from stories and fables, then work with a tailor to create a unique and unforgettable masterpiece!

    Mostly Cs: Comfort will be important for you, so try for costumes that are easy to construct, easy to wear, and easy to move in. Ghosts, vampires, and other beings can make excellent costumes with just make-up or spellwork!

    Mostly Ds: Halloween may not be your holiday, and that's just fine! Unless you have a close friend or sister who wants to make you part of a group costume, just wear a particularly fetching dress for your Halloween festivities and use some of your natural charms to win attention instead!
    Mister Malcorvus runs the Malcorvus Institute of Advanced Magic. No one really knows what is taught at the school but some speculate that they are training their students in dark magic! An American for Minister?
    As individuals come out one by one and state their intentions to run for Minister of Magic, one would assume that they would be people that were born within the United Kingdom. That is very much not the case with candidate Ichabod Malcorvus, who is an American that only moved here in 1886 according to our sources.

    He is quoted as having said that part of the reason that he is running for Minister is because he believes that we need to go back to our "essence" that led to the foundation of Hogsmeade. Considering he wasn't even here when that founding occurred, is he really someone we should be listening to when it comes to considering what our "indisputable truth" is?

    Indeed, he isn't even eligible to vote for a Minister so why is he eligible to run in this election at all? There is no way that an American can truly know what our values are and he could very well push his wild, American values upon us all!

    Ichabod Malcorvus attended Ilvermony and was in the Wampus house.

    Aside from the few facts that were shared in a much earlier Witch Weekly issue, not much is known about Mister Malcorvus. What is known is that he moved here only a year or so ago - surely not enough time to truly learn the true essence of the values we all hold dear! - and founded a school. No one really knows what goes on within his schools walls but some speculate that dark magic is taught to impressionable souls looking to bolster their magical educations! NEWTs are required which begs the question of why this school of his even does considering a whole Hogwarts education should be more than enough for many people.

    With this "advanced education" school being his only known accomplishment while he has been in the United Kingdom and the fact that this American can't even vote in this election, one must wonder whether he is truly qualified to run our country.

    @Ichabod Malcorvus
    Which Should Be Worn: Wizarding Robes or Muggle Fashion?
    Muggle fashion has long been favored since the passing of the International Statue for Secrecy in 1692. However, has been noted that muggle fashion has become the chosen apparel for witches and wizards even when the risk of muggles catching a glimpse of them has been eliminated. Many, including Wizengamot member Mr. Priam Lestrange, have argued for the comeback of traditional wizarding apparel over the modern muggle fashion, and as such Witch Weekly has decided to dig in deeper to the debate!

    Wizarding robes are a staple of the traditional wizarding community. The question is: is this a traditional that should be honored?

    While wizarding robes have undoubtedly been less common to see on the casual scene, they have not completely been eliminated from wizarding society! The Ministry of Magic and both St. Mungo's and Hogsmeade Hospital still utilize wizarding robes as the standard uniform, but that mere fact has given the traditional garbs a bad reputation. Who wishes to dress in the same apparel they're forced to wear for work?

    On the other hand, wizarding robes are undeniably more comfortable and functional than muggle clothing! Muggle fashion has also been speculated to cause higher rates of fainting in young ladies due to the sheer tightness and heavy layers they come with! Even if a young lady was adamant that she didn't wish to give up her muggle dresses for good, a day or two of wizarding robes will surely allow her body a healthy period to breathe!
    Muggle fashion, while restrictive in some aspects, is the epitome of beauty and grace that every young lady — both magical and muggle — desires!

    Apart from being required by law in many situations, muggle dresses have been favored among magical young woman due to their beauty and designs! Fashion designer Marcus Lytton has capitalized on the desire for these beautiful ensembles by creating magically-enchanted muggle dresses perfect for every young witch! There's no limit to the designs that can be incorporated into muggle dresses compared to the ones found in traditional wizard robes! Young ladies are free to express themselves and dress for every occasion!

    On the flip side, muggle dresses have been known to overwhelm young ladies, especially during the warmer seasons! The countless layers designed to fit to a young woman's body can prove restrictive for movement and cause heat exhaustion while on the streets! Many of high society's ladies have learned to handle these restrictions with nothing but beauty and grace, but other less-adjusted ladies have been prone to daily fits of hysteria and fainting due to the weight of their outfits!

    Based on our assessment, there is no one true answer to our question! While muggle fashion does reign supreme in wizarding society, there's no doubt that some ladies would much prefer — and perhaps benefit from — wizarding robes when free from the presence of muggles! Some ladies can benefit from the figure-shaping of muggle apparel, while other ladies may prefer the silhouettes produced by sleek robes!
    [Image: vE5Tg0n.png]

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