Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Winifred Whiteley
    [Image: oBbcuM.gif]
    Full Name: Winifred Anne Whiteley
    Nicknames: Winn
    Birthdate: July 3 1862
    Current Age: 25
    Occupation: Midwife & Abortionist 
    Reputation: 2 - she lives with two men and is not married or related to either of them. She is known to be friendly with prostitutes. Oh, and there are those pesky rumors about her and her ability to "deal with" unwanted womb tenants.
    Residence: London
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: Pear, unicorn hair, 10", springy
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower Class
    Her biological family exists in the vaguest sense something can exist and still be a real thing. She hasn't seen or spoken to them in years and is unlikely to recognize any of them even if they were standing right in front of her.

    Gertrude Shaw is the closest thing she had to a mother and she kicked Winifred out in 1883.
    Winn is the proud owner of a rather distinctive mane of curly hair. When she leaves it out (whenever she isn't working, essentially), it's easy to spot her in a crowd. Other notable features are her dense concentration of freckles and a wide, slightly crooked smile she sports perpetually. She is a little over five feet and shapely. Her wardrobe is neither expansive or stylish, but she does her best to keep everything as clean as possible. Most of her dresses are black or brown as blood stains tend to show more obviously on other colors. She is left handed.
    1862 - 1873
    Once upon a time, the Whiteleys were a respectable, middle class family whose only worry was where they would take their next vacation. Mrs. Whiteley, a witch who wasn't particularly attached to the magical world or its denizens, married Mr. Whiteley, an unremarkable Muggle, in the 1850s. They had four children before Winifred (all with appropriate 'W' names) and it was shortly after she was born in 1862 that their lives went downhill. 

    Mr. Whiteley was a well regarded doctor until he made a terrible (and completely avoidable) mistake with a patient who was well known in some influential circles. He resigned in disgrace due to pressure from within his field and had a nervous breakdown due to guilt and debts that he could no longer afford to pay. Mrs. Whiteley also had a breakdown and, in the wake of that, the children were divided among members of her family. 

    As Winifred was an infant during all this, she couldn't have cared less about what was going on. She was placed in the care of a barren aunt who, upon having to deal with a child, decided that she was grateful she couldn't have any. After two years, the aunt passed Winifred onto a cousin who passed her onto another cousin who passed her onto a friend - and so things went for her until she was eleven when she found a permanent home with Gertrude Shaw, a spinster who made a meager living as a midwife. 

    1873 - 1874
    Winifred received her Hogwarts letter and attend school on the scholarship for first years. She was sorted into Hufflepuff. Moving constantly during her formative years didn't do her any favors in terms of getting a basic education. Though she worked hard, she struggled with most of her classes, Potions and Herbology being the exceptions. By the end of the year, she was better off than when she started, but she didn't have the grades to get another scholarship and her guardian was both unwilling and unable to shill out more money for school. 

    1874 - 1883
    Noticing that Winifred wasn't a complete idiot, Gertrude took her on as a student/assistant. Winifred became familiar with the miracle of childbirth at the tender age of twelve and managed to keep it together until the afterbirth came. The placenta is pretty terrifying when you're not prepared for it. 

    After that, Winifred developed a stronger stomach and grew accustomed to her training. She got plenty of practical experience and learned the theory from secondhand anatomy textbooks. In addition to teaching her about how to take care of expectant mothers and their children, Gertrude made sure Winifred had a working knowledge of potions and herbal remedies helpful in the trade. As she grew older and more capable, she was introduced to more complex situations where birth was difficult for both mother and child. She had just turned sixteen when she dealt with her first stillbirth. The worst part for her was not the baby (though that was awful), but the mother whose wailing for her lost child was so harrowing Winifred didn't start to forget the sound of it until months later. 

    The work continued to be difficult emotionally and physically, but Winifred coped with all the ups and downs as they came. 

    By 1882, Gertrude considered Winifred a fully qualified midwife and began sending her out to births on her own. It was during this year that Winifred discovered The Augurey Beak Cafe. She stumbled upon the pub while dead on her feet after a long birth. She went in for a drink, but stayed for the company. She'd never really had people her age who she could even consider acquaintances and found it was nice to talk to someone who wasn't sixty years old or in labor, for once. 

    In 1883, Winifred was unceremoniously kicked out of her home of ten years when Gertrude decided that it was time for her to spread her figurative wings. Winifred wandered the streets of London with two carpet bags (one full of clothing and the other full of books) before ending up at The ABC. After moaning about her woes over drinks, she ends up finding a home with two men she meets via the cafe. 

    The situation isn't quite proper, but Winifred has little reason to care about the opinions of strangers. 

    1883 - 1887
    As it turns out, the opinions of strangers sort of mattered when it came to picking up work as a midwife. Only the extremely impoverished could not afford to be picky; everyone else was free to slam the door in her face. This was how Winifred ended up being the number one choice for women who needed someone with skill who would work for dirt cheap and/or in questionable situations. Galleons that came from prostitutes were indistinguishable from those acquired by more reputable means, after all. 

    Over time, Winifred realized that the women she had to work for now were no different than the clientele she'd catered to before. People badmouthed them at every opportunity, tried to make them seem less than human, but they were really just doing the best they could with what they had. They deserved to be taken care of as well and Winifred took pride in sparing them from the hands of the butchers masquerading as doctors who populated London's streets. 

    In 1885, Winifred was approached by a woman who had a request she'd never fielded before. This woman was married and had ended up pregnant after a series of illicit meetings with a man who was not her husband. The child would obviously not be his and she wanted to avoid bringing it into the world, if she could. Being a midwife, Winifred knew very well what abortion was, but she'd never done it herself or known of anyone who had. She'd been told it was the practice of wicked people, but she didn't feel particularly wicked for considering it, nor did she think this woman was the scum of the earth for seeking it out. 

    Winifred made no promises, but she did her research and found that there were relatively safe and reliable herbal means of abortion for women who weren't too far along. She thought on it for a while before deciding to try and do what she could for this woman. The potion took about a week to troubleshoot and brew. Once it was done, it was handed off discreetly with instructions on how to take it and what to do if something went wrong. 

    A few weeks later she received an envelope with a message and two galleons enclosed. The message simply read: 'Thank you'.

    There were many other women after that, all taken care of with the utmost secrecy and all happier for having seen her. 

    Other than that, her work largely remained the same. Life went on and she had to carry on with it. 
    Winifred has a cheery, optimistic disposition and is far from the evil wench some might expect her to be given her alleged side job. If people weren't so concerned with propriety, she'd probably have a lot more friends, but alas. 

    Winn has a 'que sera, sera' attitude about most things and prefers to live in the present moment. She doesn't hold grudges over the past or wring her hands over what might happen in the future. 

    Considering the company she keeps, Winn's liberal leanings are not a surprise to anyone. While she doesn't always have the terminology or theory to eloquently explain herself, she is unwavering in her belief that Victorian society is a steaming pile of shit.
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