Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Blossoming Youths
    The naivety if Miss de Luna was enough to bring a smile to his face, though it promptly left when he realized he would have to break the bad news to her. Magic, while - well - magical, couldn't do everything to solve one's life problems. Magic couldn't bring back the dead, nor could it bring wealth or food to those who had none. It could fix tattered clothes and duplicate food, and even bring water to those dehydrated, but even that magic could only do so much for a family. Handsome shook his head disappointingly.

    "There are laws that apply to magic—" Much like muggle science, he thought, "—that prevent you from doing certain things with it. It magic could cure all of life's ailments, there wouldn't be poverty in the magical community. I'm sorry," he explained.

    "And magic without wand and words is something I think few wizards and witches on the planet could accomplish. It would require extremely powerful magic, and extremely good control over that magic at that," he responded softly.

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    "Oh." This was horrible news to hear, to know that the solution to all her family's problems couldn't be waved away with just a wand. It would have made life too easy, and she should have known better on that. There had to be other ways to make life better, and that was something that she would figure out with time.

    "Do you have any study methods that might be useful?" The pain of knowing she wouldn't be able to solve the problems of the world right now was still weighing down on the young Ravenclaw's mind. Some sage advice would be great, but did he have any to offer? "How do you practice your spells outside of the classroom or afford to do extra potion brewing?"
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Handsome could understand the pain Miss de Luna was feeling — it was clearly evident in her voice. Magic seemed so - well, magical - and to hear that it couldn't solve all the hardships of life was likely difficult to cope with. He attempted to comfortingly brush his palm on her shoulder, though was quick to move it away after she recognized his attempt to soothe her.

    "I know it's hard," he began, offering her a tiny smile. "Magic might not be able to help your family, but you can. The magical world, while not free from discrimination and inequality completely, is more flexible than the non-magical community. You can make a difference for your family. You don't need to be wealthy to become an expert potioneer and brew potions that save lives — and make you a fortune. You don't need to be a pureblood to write theory books that transform the way spells are create — and make you a fortune. There are plenty of things you can do to better yourself and better your family, if only you put in hard work and effort."

    With that, he continued on with study techniques.

    "Magic is, as you probably know by now, disallowed in the corridors. However," he said, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "You can always 'borrow' a classroom to practice your skills, but it might be best to notify an adult of your location. Very few people also mind you practicing in the common room — I've done that before, especially before exams," he continued with a smile. "There's a potion cabinet for students to use when they need to practice so students don't have to buy their on ingredients and supplies. Use it wisely," he finished with a knowing nod.

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    She couldn't believe it, this was still heart wrenching news, but at least her tutor was being nice enough to point out ways that magic could be used to help her maybe climb up in the world a bit. Potion brewing and using it to help her family. There were opportunities that she could possibly see as helping out with this. Just because of what she looked like, there was this stigma that her type of people did strange and questionable things.

    "Can you help me become the best in my year with potions? If I can make a name for myself in school for being really good at it maybe I can do that when I am older?" But she was a female, and she didn't really see them running stores and such. There were the midwives she saw going all around Poplar and help give medical aid to not just pregnant woman but to those who didn't have much. She could possibly brew potions and do that under the cover as that, but would it work?

    "Do you think I could learn potions that are above my year, and more complicated? Would you help with that?"
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Her plea for assistance touched his heart, and it was impossible not to feel an ache at the realization that he couldn't help her.

    "I wish I could help you, Miss de Luna, but I must admit that Potions isn't my forte. I dropped out of that class after taking my first set of major examinations in my fifth year," he admitted with a frown. "I can direct to students who can be of more use — and definitely ones that will show you patience and kindness." And who was he talking about? His dear Maddie, of course!

    "Even though I can't help you very much, I can assure that it's not impossible at all to achieve higher than the standards set for first years. There are students practicing NEWT-level magic while in OWL-level classes, so I don't see why a first year couldn't practice OWL-level magic with a tutor. A strong support system and hard work is what you'll need," he explained with an encouraging nod.

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    He couldn't help her. Slinking down into her chair a bit, this plan of rising above everyone else with amazing potions skills seemed so far out of reach now. He was not only easy on the eye but apparently, he was as much of a disappointment as a tutor for her as any form obtainable future with him, not that her mind was fantasizing riding off in a carriage with him right now but it might have a few moments ago. He was offering to find someone else that could help her, so that was a good thing but what if this other tutor was ugly and mean, what if they were a Slytherin? Or worse, what if they were more dreamy than her current tutor?

    "Could you be a part of the support system still?" It was a shot in the dark, but she wasn't ready to give up on this particular tutor just yet. She might only be eleven, but she had noticed that in Hogwarts not everyone was nice and those that were nice were the ones she would rather have around more than the other ones that are not nice. "You can still help with first-year things though, right?"
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Her disappointment was hard to miss, leaving Handsome feeling entirely guilty. The girl seemed to nice, but she also seemed so unsure. It was obvious she needed some semblance of stability in this new environment, and it seemed she'd been having a rough time adjusting to her new life as a witch.

    "Of course," he agreed. "If you ever need help with Charms or Transfiguration or Defence Against the Dark Arts, I can surely help you. Those are the three core classes I'm taking for my NEWTs, plus Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies," he explained.

    "Miss Madeleine Backus—" It felt weird saying her full name "—is the girl I wanted to introduce you to. She's the seventh year Hufflepuff prefect, and she's one of my best friends."

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    A girl.

    Things could never ever turn out well when a guy wanted to introduce you to another girl. She might only be eleven but she did know that this was a cold play on his part. Yes, he more than likely had no clue that just looking at him was making her feel all warm and fuzzy inside but just being handed off to a girl to be tutored in potions was the end of the world now. Wasn't there a potion she could just make right now to change his mind and suffer through the subject together with her?

    "That is very kind of you," to crush my living existence and insist on this.Her mind finished off the thought she didn't dare say out loud completely. Maybe she wouldn't try to go with potions to rise up in life, maybe she could pick one of the other subjects that he was really good at, then he'd have no reason to not tutor her more. "What is Ghoul studies?"

    Miss Madeleine Backus, destroyer of her dreams.
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    The disappointment in her tone continued, and Handsome couldn't help but wonder what he'd said wrong. Maddie was definitely a very intelligent girl and could definitely help the younger Ravenclaw, while he was all but completely useless on the subject. Miss de Luna would certainly like her — didn't everyone?

    Anyways, she seemed to have more questions.

    "Ghoul studies is the study of well ... spirits! Ghosts and ghouls and poltergeists, mainly. I assume you've met the Grey Lady, the Ravenclaw house ghost," he explained. "I honestly took it because I thought it was related to Care of Magical Creatures and wasn't sure what my career goals were."

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    "Oh." Ghosts and ghouls, the spirits, basically he wanted to know more about the things that went bump in the night. The idea of getting to know ghosts better was something that wasn't exactly on the top of her list, in fact, they were still a bit freaky to her still and she was rather glad the house ghost for Ravenclaw was a bit on the shy side and didn't get into her face. Ghosts were just, so not normal.

    Fiddling with a quill, Claire looked down at her school books trying to think of something to focus on other than her daydream shattering apart. He liked things that were weird and he wanted to pawn her off on some other girl for a subject he suggested as something she could get really good at. "How do you know what classes to take?"

    This reality was no fun, this tutoring session was so much better when she was drifting away dreaming about a life with Handsome.
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    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    How did he know which classes to take? He didn't, and that was the problem! He imagined that he would've followed his father's requests when it came to picking a career path if his father was still alive today, but Handsome was an orphan and he alone could make that decision. He had to do something, but very few of his classes prepared him for anything of his interest.

    "Er... I imagine it's best to get an idea of what career you wish to take on before picking classes. Nevertheless, you have until sixth year to choose what classes your NEWT classes." If the poor girl managed to stay in school for that long! "I would stray from classes like Divination. They don't provide many practical skills."

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!