Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Gloomy Days Await
    See Inside... Thread 
    October 06, 1887 — 8:30 AM
    Obviously open to another Ravenclaw!

    Her mother ... her mother was dead. While it seemed like the world had been spiraling out of control with the upheaval in the Ministry and the drama in the wizarding world in general, this was the last thing she would've expected to hit her family. Her father had been dead for years, and she'd been relying on her mother as her sole parental figure. She'd received word of her death this morning, and for the moment all she could do was grieve.

    While definitely not shedding a tear, the young Ravenclaw had situated herself in the Ravenclaw common room looking rather dreary. She doubted anyone else knew of the misfortune; her death had not yet been mentioned in The Daily Prophet. It did seem that she was doing a god awful job of hiding her troubles, for within a moment someone approached her with a concerned look.

    "Hmm?" she questioned, taking one glance up at them before resting her chin on her arms once again. While never one to appreciate speaking through her troubles with another, perhaps company would distract her for the time being.
    It would come as a surprise to no one that Ivory hadn't slept well since the summer. She either spent the nights tossing and turning or was too restless to lay properly down at all. Since pacing all night would be inconsiderate to the other girls in her dorm, she often stayed up reading into the wee hours of the morning, when her body was far too tired to support her brain and she dozed off for a brief, unsatisfying sleep. On this particular day, she hadn't been able to sleep at all and gave up all possibility of it as the first, tentative lights of dawn broke the darkness of her shared room. 

    After washing up and making herself decent for what was sure to be a long day, Ivory grabbed a textbook at random and made her way down to the common room. It was early, but not so early that Ravenclaw's communal space was entirely deserted. There was another girl there and she looked rather stricken, so much so that Ivy felt compelled to approach her. Whether her impulse was down to her tenure as prefect the previous year or the increased sense of empathy she'd been feeling because of her losses, Ivory couldn't say. 

    "Are you alright, Miss?" Ivory asked, quiet and kind. "Forgive me for saying so if it offends, but you look troubled." 
    [Image: mJP0w2.png]
    newt electives: ancient studies, ancient runes, charms, herbology, history of magic, muggle studies, potions
    tag souri avninder in replies
    Augusta was not all too up close and friendly with the older Ravenclaws, but she was aware that the dark-skinned girl was a pureblood from talk here and there. She offered the older girl a reassuring smile, wondering whether or not she could trust this girl to keep her mouth shut if she were to open up about her troubles. In the end, she decided the best thing to do was remain vague.

    "Family troubles. You know, the usual," she admitted with a light, forced chuckle. Family deaths weren't all that uncommon, were they? Plenty of people lost siblings to illness, but fewer people lost their mothers on a daily basis! Now she was going to be stuck with some relative, and she could only hope it was someone her mother and father liked rather than whatever remaining relatives she had left!
    'Family troubles', as vague as the explanation was, struck a chord with Ivory. She didn't have much of a family to have troubles with any more, but that was a trouble in itself. 'Orphan' was never a title she'd imagined applying to herself, but that was what she'd become. It was jarring and unsettled her deeply. In the wake of it, she was more sympathetic to other people's woes than she'd ever been.

    "Family can be the source of a great deal of anxiety," Ivory murmured. "I don't wish to press the issue if you don't want to talk about it." Merlin knew it irritated the hell out of her when people tried. "But it's good to get things off your chest before they settle in too much. The longer you go without saying things, the harder it is to do it later."
    [Image: mJP0w2.png]
    newt electives: ancient studies, ancient runes, charms, herbology, history of magic, muggle studies, potions
    tag souri avninder in replies
    The other girl seemed trustworthy — and most importantly, she seemed sincere. Augusta gave her a half-hearted smile, gently unwinding her body from her tense position so she was sitting more comfortably and in a more friendly position.

    "I received news that my mother passed," she said quietly. "It was sudden. They said dragonpox got her. It saddens me greatly; I was very close with my mother," she continued in her quiet tone. She would not cry, she told herself. Her mother would've scolded her if she saw tears rolling down her cheeks in a public plae.
    Of all the things Ivory had been expecting to hear, that wasn't one of them and it stopped her in her tracks for a moment. Her heart felt like it'd been gripped by a vise and her breath caught in her throat as unbidden memories rushed through her.

    "Oh dear ..." Her voice was faint, but she felt a strong impulse to offer what comfort she could. "I am so terribly sorry to hear that." Ivory was sorry because she knew. The pain of her own loss was as sharp and overwhelming as it had been on the day she'd been told her mother and father would not be coming home. The feeling was indescribable in its awfulness and Ivory wouldn't wish it on anyone, ever.

    "I know how you must feel. I ... I was close with my parents, too. It's ..." she trailed off, trying desperately to think of what to say. She understood now why so many people seemed to fumble endlessly with words around her. There was nothing that could be said, no magic words to make it all better just in time for tea. "It might happen differently for you, but I so felt heavy after I found out, like I was moving through molasses everywhere I went. It was hard to process what everyone was doing around me. And for a while it didn't feel real. Like, at first I forgot sometimes that they were gone because they've always been there and it just didn't make sense that they weren't. Then when I remembered ... it was one of the worst parts."

    When had her eyes gotten so wet?

    Ivory looked up at the ceiling and took in a long breath. "In any case, I don't mean to make you feel worse, but there's going to be a lot that no one explains to you or warns you about and I'd like to help with that, if I can."
    [Image: mJP0w2.png]
    newt electives: ancient studies, ancient runes, charms, herbology, history of magic, muggle studies, potions
    tag souri avninder in replies
    The girl seemed to jump into a monologue about her own loss, which Augusta could admit didn't make her feel much better. Her mother's death was just beginning to settle in, and she wanted to avoid any heavy thoughts while at school that would hint to her friends and others as to her family's fate. Her main concern at the moment was her future; she could allow the knowledge of her mother's passing to sink in later. She did not want to deal with that stress right now!

    "I'm sorry to hear about your family. We'll be alright," she said in her attempt to comfort the girl that had tried to make an effort to comfort her. "Hopefully in a few years we'll all be married with our pasts behind us." Yes, that was all she could look forward to. She just hoped her mother had left her to a suitable relative rather than one who would prove less than helpful securing her a husband!
    "Sorry," Ivory said, feeling sheepish about letting herself getting carried away by emotion. She wanted to assure the younger girl that she was usually more useful when it came to these things, but this wasn't about her.

    Ivory wasn't convinced that marriage would further ease the pain of any loss, but she was happy to agree if that was what Miss Selwyn needed. "Yes, time and progress do tend to make these things easier to deal with." Ivory spared a thought for her own betrothed, a man she'd never met and knew nothing about. The fact of his existence wasn't very comforting, but she supposed it was better than nothing. "How have you been managing thus far?"
    [Image: mJP0w2.png]
    newt electives: ancient studies, ancient runes, charms, herbology, history of magic, muggle studies, potions
    tag souri avninder in replies
    It seemed there were more people suffering than just her, which shouldn't have been such a surprise. The world obviously didn't revolve around her, but sometimes she felt it did — in the worst of ways. She had no idea what she planned to do now that her mother was dead, since news of her death was all she'd received. She still had no clue where she and her brother would go.

    "I'm sad and concerned," she responded honestly, though she quickly added: "Though who wouldn't be during a time like this? It's not every day someone becomes ... orphaned." Orphaned. That was still a difficult word to associate with herself. Her father had been dead for years, but she never imagined her mother would drop dead during the same decade. She'd been so young — it was completely unfair.
    "No, it isn't really something you can plan for. You can only deal with it as it happens." Maybe older people were more prepared to deal with their parents dying, but Ivory was still only a girl and a large part of her had expected them to live forever. "But other family can help provide support and make sure everything turns out alright." That is, if one actually had family left after experiencing loss. "I'm sure your family will understand your sadness." They'd be a bit monstrous if they didn't, Ivory thought.
    [Image: mJP0w2.png]
    newt electives: ancient studies, ancient runes, charms, herbology, history of magic, muggle studies, potions
    tag souri avninder in replies
    Augusta still wasn't sure who'd she be living with; such information would be saved for the reading of her mother's will. Luckily her father had cared about his children enough not to separate them from their mother following his death, as Augusta could've felt orphaned much earlier than fourteen! She could only hope her mother had left her under the care of someone she trusted.

    "I suppose you're right. My family — well, my extended family — doesn't exactly seem very understanding. A bunch of stiff old people is what they are," she joked, attempting to make herself laugh. It didn't work very well, for tears began to roll down her eyes.
    The tears were not a surprise to Ivory and, remembering her own desires when she was in a similar state of distress, she said nothing to draw attention to them. She simply pulled out the handkerchief she kept on her person and held it out for the other girl to take. "Even old people can soften up when it's necessary. With what you're going through, none of them will be cruel to you. And remember, whatever happens will be your mother's design. I'm sure she would've wanted you to be cared for, so you will be. You can be sure of that."
    [Image: mJP0w2.png]
    newt electives: ancient studies, ancient runes, charms, herbology, history of magic, muggle studies, potions
    tag souri avninder in replies
    Augusta was never really the optimistic sort, but she did trust her judgment. Whatever happened to her would be because of her mother's wishes; that's how death and wills worked, right?

    The dabbed at her tears with the handkerchief, offering the older girl a timid smile. She really didn't want to start bawling in the middle of the Ravenclaw common room; that's not what well-bred ladies did! She needed to think of the positives... the only thing was, there weren't any real positive things to come from her mother's death!

    "Thank you. I should know better than to cry. Nothing good will come from it," she responded, trying to collect her emotions.