Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Teach Me Magic
    Open Thread 
    October 4th, 1887

    Bihotz was still getting used to being a witch. Her mother had definitely called her... other things. It was a strange thing, living your whole life thinking one thing might be true, all to have that disappear with the arrival of a letter for her children. It explained things. It explained the magic that they had shown, that she had shown. And now she was here, at a magical Library. In her years as a Librarian, she had not seen such things in the books she had worked with.

    Now here she was, and she had her oldest son to be here to support her. Though, he had wandered off to look for reading material to brush up on for his work. She couldn't blame him, he was a busy man at times. Now, she was stuck on a few details in a chapter about magical creatures. A creature called a veela. She had read fuss about such creatures, and her step-daughters were half-veela. She wanted to learn more.

    She looked around the room. Perhaps she could get some help. It wasn't like people would be annoyed by helping a fellow reader, right? It was, after all, a Library. She saw a person that didn't seem to busy. Hopefully she was correct. She got up and picked up her book. She walked over. "Excuse me? Could you help me, please?" She asked.
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    Her mother was in a dreadful mood, and so Prunella had beseeched one of her sisters to take her on an outing just so that she would be able to get out of the house. One of them had at last taken pity, though was in little better a mood than her mother, so Prunella had quickly suggested a visit to the library, and wandering the bookshelves in silence was as much peace as she could have asked for, she thought.

    She was clutching a new novel in her arms, but she had wandered a little ways from the shelves she usually hovered around, losing track of time as she browsed titles absent-mindedly. That was, until an unfamiliar woman approached her with a request.

    "I, um, I don't work here," Prunella mumbled, taken aback. Though she would have hoped that would be obvious in itself, she didn't have quite enough faith in the universe for that. (Not that it would be a bad thing, to work at the library. Not a fitting path for a girl of her standing, and not one she was trained for, besides, but in another life - if she were only middle-class, if she were clever - she might have tried to make her way as a governess or a librarian, and she couldn't think it would be bad, to be surrounded by books.)

    Not that the woman had even necessarily mistaken her for library staff! She oughtn't jump to conclusions - she would only embarrass herself. Striving to make up for what she hadn't meant as rudeness, she added hastily, "but maybe I can still help." She could make no claims to being knowledgeable, but she had been a Hufflepuff, and she would do her best to be useful. "What is it you need?"
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    Bihotz didn't know how much longer she could be out and about, given the state that she was in, but she was a restless person. She didn't like to huddle in her home for too long. It didn't help when most of her family was out and about, leaving her alone. So going to the library, though not the best decision, was one that she had convinced her son to go along with.

    She did feel embarrassed to ask a stranger to help with these matters, but she wasn't sure if she really wander too far to find a librarian, given her current state and lack of assistance. That was the main reason that she had randomly asked the closest woman she could find, no matter who it was. So when said woman mentioned that she was not a librarian, Bihotz felt bad for asking in the first place. Perhaps she should have waited for her son to have returned.

    "I did not mean to offend, if I had. I don't believe you to be a librarian. I'm sorry for any confusion that I have caused." She said kindly. She didn't know what else to say in response to that statement. She felt that it was a good enough response. She sat down in an available chair next to the woman, not wanting to use up too much energy.

    The offer to help was something that she was rather grateful for. "Thank you. It's just... I was not raised to learn my magic, and so my son has been helping me. But some of these statements, as though I already have previous knowledge that should probably have been learnt before this, it makes it confusing to me. Would you be able to clarify this for me?" She asked, pointing to the section in the book that she was stuck at.
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    The woman's apology, kindly though it was, only made Prunella feel a little stupid for having said anything in the first place. Fortunately, she'd thought, the woman moved on swiftly, and sat down by her.

    Prunella smiled encouragingly, and quietly crossed her fingers, hoping that she would be of some help. She waited with wide, alert eyes as the woman began to explain her request, but the fact that she had not raised to learn her magic was startling enough that it was hard to pay much attention. Brimming with confusion and curiosity - but surely it would be rude to ask outright! - Prunella instead leant over the open book, her fingers tentatively pulling it a little more towards her. "I'll do my best," she promised.

    It was a tome on magical creatures, apparently, and Prunella would confess to being no expert there, but she scanned the particular page anyway, staring uneasily at just the sort of magical being the book was talking about. Oh, no. Not Veela. What could she possibly need clarifying about them? "Which - which bit did you mean?" She asked uncertainly, half-mouthing some of the sentences to herself in the hopes she was mistaken and the woman just wanted to know about - garden gnomes, or something.  
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    Bihotz, though well meaning, was a bit oblivious. Sometimes she realized this in the long run, but not always, and it was always too late when she did actually figure it out. Her children seemed to realize her mistakes long before she had. At times that was helpful, but at other times it felt slightly embarrassing to rely on her children more than they seemed to rely on her. Perhaps she was wrong, and they did rely on her more than she thought, but her confidence made her feel different when she realized what she had done wrong any time she did.

    Glad that the woman did not seem upset, given the smile of encouragement that she received from the woman, she felt more relaxed about requesting for help. Bihotz did wish that her mother had let her learn these things when she was young, but then perhaps she wouldn't have met her first husband. Or, with all of the negative light that her children seemed to get, she wondered if society would have taught her to not fall in love with the vampire that she had married. She would never have changed her first marriage for the world, her second marriage perhaps, though she did love her children who came from such marriage, but still. It was all too complicated.

    Veela seemed to be a hot topic, though not in a good way. That didn't sit well with the older woman. She had too step-daughters that were half-veela, and she cared for them dearly. They were family, and so were her half-vampire children. Vampires were possibly the next topic she would be interested in reading more into. At least her husband had turned out to not be a demon per say, which made Bihotz wonder if that would have eased her mother's mind. Though her mother might have just said that there was no difference.

    "I was wondering what they meant by the fact that they 'transform'? Is it like, what my son calls Transfiguration? Do they say a spell?" She asked, wonderment and curiosity still in her voice. It was all so new to her, and she was eager to learn.
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    Prunella's jaw had edged open, almost fish-like in her incomprehension as to why a woman who had only recently taken to learning magic at all would feel the need to research Veela at all.

    Perhaps she just wanted to know about the dangers of them, to understand what people were discussing when it came to half-breeds and magical beings who weren't human? She supposed muggles must not have anything similar to go by. Not that she was an authority, either - all she knew was mostly rumour, about Veela stealing away people's husbands and being particularly vain and vindictive in nature... She would rather not talk about them at all, but she assumed, if these topics were on everyone's lips, then it probably couldn't hurt.

    Maybe the book would teach her something new too.

    Prunella tore her gaze from its pages not a moment later at the woman's muddled ideas though. "Oh, no," she denied with a furious shake of her head. "It's not like that at all, I don't think! I don't even know if they mean to, only, when they get angry, they turn into monstrous things." Her eyes were wide. She'd never seen it happen, herself. "They grow beaked and bird-like - I am quite sure it would be a horror to see in person," she imagined, wondering whether even that would break the enchantment they had men under. "Perhaps there's a picture in here," she postulated, her fingers moving to flip the book's pages.
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