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    Opposites Do NOT Attract
    Private Thread 
    Warning for *very* subtle racism in her inner monologue!

    Word Count: 242 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 03, 1887

    Holly was a fan of keeping within her own social circle — upper class, pure-blooded, light-skinned girls. Age had proven not to be the most important factor, for one of the girls she'd aligned herself with since arriving at Hogwarts with a fourth year Slytherin girl. Though she was fairly certain her preferences for friends were known by her peers, her professors didn't seem to care who she wanted (and who she didn't want to) spend time with.

    She'd been assigned to work on an assigned with Miss Claire de Luna (a silly name in her mind), a lower class, dark-skinned mudblood. It was almost as if their professors were playing politics in class, trying to get a well-bred girl like herself to socialize with a girl of much lesser status. Nevertheless, Holly knew how to be cordial even if her thoughts were not as kind as her words.

    The subject at hand was Astronomy — a subject that the young Slytherin didn't really care much for. She still wanted to get good marks in the subject, for her father did expect her to do well (and anyways, she'd set her own goals for the school year!). Turning to the Ravenclaw, Holly pushed the book her way.

    "Have you memorized much of the star charts? I'm afraid I've spent too much of my time on Defence Against the Dark Arts." Her favorite subject thus far, especially since Miss Seneca Lestrange had begun tutoring her.
    There was once this teacup that sat in the cupboard at home, it had such beautiful handpainted flowers on it and the details were so perfect it almost looked as if there were real flowers pasted onto the cup itself. The cup itself was one that was very delicate and while the normal functions for such a thing would be to use it while drinking tea, instead it sat there in the cupboard like a treasured jewel. Sitting next to her classmate, it was a human embodiment of the teacup. The girl had such fair skin that the Slytherin almost looked like she could be shattered into a million pieces with the slightest of a brush of air. The pink of the lips, the natural blush on the cheeks and the piercing color of her eyes looking at everything done left far from any welcoming aura. Glancing over at Ms. Scimgeour even the hairs on her head looked like they have placed one by one in such a fashion a spool of thread wound perfectly would look like a tumbled nott.

    As a book was pushed closer to Claire, the sight of the other's fingernails left Claire curling her own fingers into her palms in embarrassment. There didn't seem to be even the slightest of imperfection on the other girl, it was as if she was just pulled out of a box from a shop with the drying scent of paint still on her. "I fear not Ms. Scrimgeour." Not able to look the other in the eye, Claire could almost see the teacup in the cupboard back at home right now, at least how it looked before she left for school. What was once so beautiful and delicate looking was now still sitting back in the same place with a chip on the top and cracked lines where it was pasted back together again. The Slytherin looked like the teacup before, but Claire certainly felt like the same cup after.

    "I am trying really hard, there are just so many stars that light up the sky at night. To remember each one's name is much like meeting a new friend but all at once. I fear they are much like faces with no name yet, but the faces look familiar like old friends I have just met." Making sure she didn't lean towards the other girl, Claire looked at the pages the book was opened to. "The one over there, it likes to sit almost on the tip of the tower on the north side of the castle and it is rather bright. It should be the northern star."
    Word Count: 175 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 03, 1887

    Holly did not care to pay much attention to the appearance of the other girl, though her ears did listen to her words as her eyes scanned the pages of her notes. She'd jotted down the locations of some of the more notable stars, but it appeared that she'd thought less of others that were now turning out to be important! The North Star was one she had written down.

    "I've got that one," she responded, motioning towards the neatly-drawn chart on her parchment. She'd drawn all of the stars from the lesson, but few actually had been given names. The simple shapes of the constellations, however, had proven helpful when remembering their names, but the individual stars were much more difficult to remember!

    "The ones in Sirius — which one is that?" she asked, hoping that the Ravenclaw could live up to her house's reputation as at least somewhat intelligent. "I'm hoping you have some of these written down." Her tone was passive aggressive, but not all too unfriendly. Besides, she was looking for help!
    The ability that the Slytherin had to make such a simple class assignment feel like pure torture was one that seemed so far-fetched of an idea to ever cross the young Ravenclaw's mind but here it was happening. The precise dictation of stars on the other student's parchment was one that looked so fine and professional that Claire had to take a second look at it to make sure the page itself was not torn from a book. The ability to make the assignment look so nice and precise was as if it was stitched in like fine needlework but instead, this was done by the hand and quill. Looking at her own attempts of the assignment, there was a distinct blurring on the edges where her hand pressed against the parchment too soon, a common problem for those who were lefthanded.

    "Orion?" Claire spoke with uncertainty. To try and figure out the name of every individual star in the sky was impossible, did every star really have a name? "This part looks like a belt." Using the quill to point at the proper location, there was a slight sense of a vibration in the quill as attention was brought to the neatly marked stars. The picture itself looked so delicate, would the slight brush of the feather quill against it harm it?

    "Do you know this one over here?" Using the quill to point towards another grouping of stars, making sure to let the quill hover over the ink enough that it wouldn't harm any ink that might be drying still. It was difficult to keep a safe distance between her tools of the trade and the other girl's but Claire couldn't help but feel like something was going to break with the slightest of aggravation.
    Word Count: 133 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 03, 1887

    "No," she pressed, pursing her lips. "Orion is a constellation, not a star near Sirius. I think I was talking about ... Adhara!" she said, pointing at the page in her textbook. "Astronomy is dreadful. It's only useful to people who want to go into that field and I do not want to spend my days staring at stupid stars," she complained, neatly labeling the newfound star on her chart.

    "No, Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts is far more exciting. Should I expect that you do well in those classes, too? You are a Ravenclaw." she asked, tossing a doubtful glance at the muggleborn. Though Ravenclaws were not known for their practical skills — no, they were known for their study skills and book work. While useful, those skills wouldn't make one powerful.
    Biting her tongue a bit, Claire tried not to talk back to the other girl, she was not just from a more respectable background but there was a poisonous venom that seemed to lurk just under the tip of her tongue when she spoke as if she was ready to strike at any given moment. Was it by any coincidence that Slytherin's house animal was a snake? Shifting in her own seat a bit, the Ravenclaw's hand coiled away from the other girl as if she had touched a burning stove.

    "It is only our first year, I am sure there is more to the subject that will have more meaning once we have a solid foundation made." Looking over her own part of the assignment, the conversation continued without looking at the other student. "This is a magic school and the things we learn in here should be more than what a non-magical person would know, and I know that there are many things that average people know about what is held in the stars."

    A silence started to grow on Claire's part. She shouldn't have spoken up like that, she should have stayed quiet and just make her way through the assignment like a good little girl. She knew her own place in the social classes outside of this castle but the idea of having magic seemed to be something to bring everyone together despite what society said outside of this different world.

    "Rigel" The silence was broken. "Left foot of Orion near Sirius." It was a bit hard to figure out what the other girl meant by her own ability to do well in any particular class based on what house she had been sorted into. A light rumor of the different viewpoints of the houses was something she heard, how supposedly Ravenclaws were the type of kids to be plastered to books as if they were the only source of sustenance.

    "What does my house have to do with my classes?"
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Word Count: 228 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 07, 1887

    Holly didn't enjoy the way the other girl seemed to snap at her, but at the same time she wasn't prepared to get mouthy. There was no telling what prefect or teachers were lurking around the corner, and the thought of getting more house points taken away wasn't something she enjoyed, especially after being forced to light all those fireplaces at detention with Meta Lestrange.

    "I was born among magic folk," she said, tossing a pointed look at the muggleborn. "I'm fairly certain there's nothing all to special about the stars themselves. It's the manner that witches and wizards look at them that's different from muggles," she concluded, her tone unfriendly.

    Holly didn't expect Miss de Luna to know that, though. Not only was she a mudblood, but she was far too poor to have access to good books that could tell her everything. If Holly had been born into Miss de Luna's life circumstances, she wouldn't have seen the point in continuing on — there would've been no hope! Even intellect couldn't have helped here there.

    "Ravenclaws are supposed to be the smart people," she explained, glancing back towards the girl. "Don't tell me you're the exception to that rule." That would have been unfortunate; Holly hoped that she would've at least been able to get a smart partner if she had to work with a poor mudblood.
    A sigh was all that Claire dared to let out. There seemed to be no reasoning with the Slytherin, which was a shame considering there was another six years worth of classes she'd have with her (granted if her family let her stay at the school and continue this education) and there was this assignment they needed to finish. Not knowing what the other girl was thinking, it seemed like there was a great deal of tension beginning to brew between them. Tension like this was exactly what caused that treasured teacup back at home, but which one of the two girls would be the first to break?

    "I can read and write." While not knowing just how intelligent she personally was compared to other people, she did take pride in the fact even though she was a girl from the lower class, she did have the ability to do this. Things weren't made much better considering she was a minority and not everyone was keen on her just because the tint of the color of her skin, but being looked down on was so common it was expected in a way.

    Turning her body slightly, Claire positioned herself in such a way she could focus on just her work without having to look at Ms. Scrimgeore. Staring at the dots on the paper, the realization of knowing she needed help as well as one that made this whole situation difficult.
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Word Count: 116 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 03, 1887

    Read and write? Was that all she could do? It was a terrible shame; it seemed she'd been placed in Ravenclaw for her potential rather than current knowledge. Holly felt ripped off and disappointed, for she'd been paired with someone not only completely below her status, but also someone who know little more than she had at the age of six! She hid her scowl.

    "Well then," she said, pushing another one of the textbooks towards the Ravenclaw. "Please be a dear and use your amazing reading skills to figure out at what time during the year Andromeda is most visible. It's question three and I'm still finishing my star chart sketch," she said rather harshly.
    Be a dear? Be a dear?

    Any hopes at all that going to this school would bring her into a world that meant she was more accepted by society was quickly proving to be a false hope. The mental teacup in the cupboard was quickly shattering into hundreds of pieces at this point as a book was shoved back in her view despite trying to turn further away from this Slytherin. Not daring to touch the book at all with her hands, Claire instead took her wand and placed it on top of the table.

    "That answer is easy." Trying to hold any bit of composer in her body, the idea of not finishing this assignment without making a complete fool of herself started to sink in. She couldn't just sit here and continue to be belittled but at the same time, she knew that it was rather improper to start an argument with someone of a higher social status, at least it was out in the world that she knew far better than this. "You should know the answer." Using her wand, Claire slipped the wood under the open cover of the book and used it to close it.

    "If you place your star chart in the holder an spin it, you can see the answer but that is the way us common folk had to learn things without fancy looking glasses or expensive books." Being resourceful and using simple objects to see things was what she had to use before ever attending the school, and some of the school supplies she didn't own for herself and had to use the worn out copies the school had but she manages this far already. "My papa works on the docks and the sailors tell stories of following the stars at night. I even got to talk to one and asked if they got scared at night when the moon was dark but they said when the moon is the darkest the stars are the brightest."
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Word Count: 120 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 03, 1887

    Holly's cheek went red — not in embarrassment, but in anger — as the other girl chose to argue with her. She only liked people questioning her when they sought to expand her knowledge, not when they challenged her simply to make her feel foolish! She narrowed her eyes at the other girl and gave a deep scowl.

    "I don't need to know how the sailors do it. I'll never be a sailor because I'm not poor and stupid!" she responded angrily. "We're supposed to be working as a team which means I answer some and you answer some. Now do your work or I'll tell our professor that I did all our work by myself," she sneered with her head high.
    "It has everything to do with this." Shrinking in her seat a bit, the foolishness that she had for saying anything at all was starting to prove itself. There was no reasoning with this other girl, not in the slightest and it was hard to know how to exactly talk to her without feeling like she was graveling at the feet of the King of England. "You can see it the best on darkest nights, meaning the moon needs to be dark, from now till the spring."

    Not wanting to get in trouble, and most certainly not wanting to end up in any form of detention, she was going to have to force herself to keep playing nice with this monstrous person. "I would like it if you would apologize for implying that I am stupid, it would make working with you easier."
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]
    Word Count: 112 | Tag: @Claire de Luna | Date: October 03, 1887

    Holly was having none of this and decided on the spot that cooperation was not in her future. At least it seemed that the girl was being less combative than she was; however, she was demanding an apology that the first year was not willing to give, at least not to the poor, puny mudblood who seemed to think she deserved an apology.

    "I only apologize when I'm actually wrong," she said haughtily, quickly sketching out the rest of her star chart. "If I were you, I'd be glad to answer all the questions while I could! Who know if you'll be able to afford coming back next year," she said snidely.
    Pulling a hand to her mouth, the curves of her lip wrapped around the edger of her pointer finger as her eyes swelled. This horrible human being next to her wasn't going to have the smallest of courtesies and at least make an effort to be less rude. With a turn of her head, Claire couldn't give the Slytherin the slightest satisfaction of knowing that she was upset from this all. No wonder she heard about how other houses hated Slytherin so much if this particular person was what most of them were like, the world would be better off without them.

    "My finances are none of your business." But it was true, how did she know she'd be able to come back again next year. This was one year known for sure that she'd have the opportunity to be at Hogwarts, but next year was still all a mystery on if she could come back. How would her neighbors take to the fact she was off at a boarding school or the strange things that she was brought back after this year to her home.
    [Image: xsHj9gP.png]