Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Claire de Luna
    Full Name: Claire Claudine de Luna  
    Nicknames: Frizz
    Birthdate: May 5th, 1876  
    Current Age: 11  
    Occupation: Hogwarts Student
    Reputation: 5
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 11 inch Rowan with Owl feather core
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Social Class: Lower    
    Family: Onboard, none
    Claire is of darker skin and her hair on the top of her head is a brownish black mix that tends to be frizzy. At the age of eleven, Claire is considered on the petite side with the height of an even four feet tall and weighing around seventy pounds. Left-handed by nature the social stigmatism against her grows against her, on rare occasions, she will try to use her right hand in order to do something but has difficulties. Her feet are often dusted with the dirt from the street and the pads of her heels are much like leather due to the constant running around barefooted. The clothing on her is often second or thirdhand used and worn to dull colors with frays. In contrast, her fingers are trimmed beautifully as her mother takes pride in the way her young daughter is still at an age where work is not pressured on here. Much of the time Claire’s hair is a mess for a normal brush is not strong enough to go through her hair and it takes hours to braid her hair to give a cleaner look.

    Born and raised in Poplar, things were never glamorous and far from elegant living inside an apartment building that was built so long ago that the bricks and mortar holding the building together groaned in the slightest of breezes and a draft never seemed to vanish. It was a poor part of town but what was lacking in financial security was filled with an abundance of warm love and passion. The Community Center was a place of wonder and joy with a variety of activities each day. From the free medical care given, a Bible club, lessons and sense of community, the de Luna family raised their family.

    With cobblestone streets to run and play on, it was no surprise that the de Luna family depended on the care of midwives with each birth of their children and had no phone of their own to use but depended on running to the streets to the local call box when emergencies arose. Mr. de Luna works in one of the ports often long hours and frequents the Billiards house at night for a quick game or two before returning home. Mrs. de Luna works in one of the small local shops making alterations to clothing, sewing dresses and working till her fingers are stiff and worn to the aching bone. Despite the long hours both parents work, they have a deep love and passion for the children and work to provide for their children in a sacrificial way.  

    At the age of six, back in 1882, Claire joined the Bible Club. This was a monumental moment for the young child as it not only gave the child something to do outside of school, but it pulled her into the community and was a pivotal point in fostering a love for the local community center. A year later one of Claire’s older siblings auditioned for the choir that met within the community center and would attend practices just listening to the singing (due to childcare reasons).

    In the summer of 1885, a new pianist came to the town and the man intrigued the young girl. It was at this point in time that Claire began to slip away on her own and lay in the pews of the Gothic Cathedral just to listen to the Pianist. Not often did he speak, but when the Pianist did his voice melted like candy in Claire’s ears. Too embarrassed to speak to him, a love for the piano grew within the child. There was something about the Pianist that called her, a connection she couldn’t explain to anyone and in a way, it felt like she knew the Pianist in a way deeper than her own flesh and blood.

    By no means was it a coincidence that the Hogwarts letter came to the youngest de Luna inside the Cathedral, it was a peaceful place that the young child felt safe in so when the Representative came into the building to talk about the letter, she was less likely to run out of fear of the stranger. The talk about Hogwarts was one of mystery and enchantment that only grew more magical once the Pianist (who had been playing the piano when the owls came in with the mail. Claire wasn't exactly sure what it meant to be a witch but the idea of going to a castle and having owls fly to her seemed like the most amazing thing in the world. Magic seemed interesting and new and if that meant she could make letters flying in the air and land in her hand it would be worth knowing.

    The de Luna family, however, was not as thrilled about this idea of their youngest child being called away to a school so far away. Later that night when the children were all in bed, the parents had an argument about the idea of their child being a witch and how that was only going to make things harder for the family on a social status level. Witchcraft was not a normal thing but both agreed they loved their child regardless and a compromise was made where they both agreed Claire would be able to attend at least a year at this strange school and they could decide later on if it did the family any harm. The older siblings also had mixed feelings about this, bits of jealousy that they were not special, anger that new things were going to be bought for the youngest instead of them, the passing comment of explaining why Claire was so "weird" at times and worry over who would keep an eye out on the quietest of the lot.

    The rest of the summer of 1887 was one of many uncertainties. Would there be enough in their financial stability to afford new items for the youngest, how would witchcraft change their family, how would they explain the absence of their youngest to extended family and friends, and could they all keep it secret that their baby was different than the rest of the world now? Yet in the midst of all the uncertainties, Mrs de Luna insisted that this new trial was going to be one to bring the family even closer together and they would have to rely on each other more now than ever.

    Claire is the youngest of five children and by far the smallest baby born to Mrs de Luna. With hair that frizzes easily and a body frame of a dancer, her physical attributes speak far louder than any word that leaves her lips. With so many older siblings before her, the child grew up swimming in the clothing of her older siblings but never spoke a word of distaste or unsatisfactory to anyone but instead embraced the worn knees of trousers, the dull color in the elbows or the frailing in a neckline of dress as warm hugs from her family forever present wrapping their love around her.

    Loving the feeling of the earth under her toes, it is rare for the youngest de Luna to wear anything on her feet which is good for the pace of life runs far too fast to keep up with the soles of shoes or stitches in the bottom of the feet of woolen tights. Life is a giant song and concert just waiting to be heard and danced to, her family might even say that the tempo of her heart beats in a swaying waltz and the pattering of her feet in the tired floors of the apartment is that of a plunking piano.

    There is a deep love for the ringing of bells in the old Gothic cathedrals and Claire often hides in a pew laying on her back listening to the echoes of bells, the pipe organ trudging away, the rich harmonies of a choir singing or the entrancing song of a piano practicing away. Closing her eyes while listening to all the sounds often leaves the young girl feeling magical as if she were a butterfly flying in the summer haze and resting briefly on a branch of a tree to rest.  

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    The cobblestone road was warm under the leather-like sole's of Claire's bare feet and each striding step she took as she ran her foot would curve with the round rocks as if she was just water weaving away like a babbling brook on the streets of Poplar. A tangled mess of frizzy hair bounced and bobbled down the lane as a twirl and jump in the streets sprang from the agile body trying to touch a down-feather drifting in the air far beyond the child's reach. In the distance, the sound of a boat's call echoed through the streets proclaiming its departure from the docks heading a warning to smaller craft manned by just oars. On the docks her Papa was sure to be found and maybe one of her older siblings as well but for the time being there was only one thing in the world that mattered, it was soon to be the practice time for the pianist and the mystery of what tunes they would play today was one of wonder and excitement.

    Stopping briefly at the change of streets, the frizzled hair bounced side to side as Claire's head turned looking for any traffic that might hinder her. With safety ahead, the feet pattered against the road and smaller thuds to the steps that were soon bounded up in pairs. Leaning back while pulling open the old Gothic door open, the smell of old tickled her nose and dainty steps bouncing from one set of toes to the other as Claire snuck her way into a pew. Two hands held the top of the pew in front of her and a little nose peaked over the top as the first chords were struck with fingers. So many sounds came from the stoic figure playing but as the music grew in intensity. The once stoic figure relaxed and their arms embellished the strike of the keys as if they were the clapper of a mighty bell. Sinking back into the pew, the nose and fingers retreated away as the child soon was laying down on the old wood closing her eyes listening to the story being told.

    A trickling of keys sounded like the rolls of waves on water and the clap of the foot pedal was that of an oar slapping its way down into the water pulling her further into the rolling waves. She couldn't exactly see the water, the sight was so dark but a sparkle in the song here and there was as if there was a flickering lantern guiding the way. The music continued to fill her and soon she could almost imagine a castle, one that stood the greatest of wars but still had a beauty about it that could leave her breathless. Note after note sung from the piano and further and further into the imagination of a young child Claire drifted away.

    For some reason, one that she couldn't ever figure out, Claire opened her eyes and the vision of owls came into focus. Staying still, the circling of the birds in the air was a majestic thing to see in action. It was almost as if they were called into the room, the way the wings were spread out and gliding along to the music was as if the pianist was a piper of sorts summoning their children. White owls, brown owls, spotted owls, owls that had a mix of colors and of all sizes flew in and Claire's fingers and nose were soon peaking over the edge of the pew again watching them swoop one by one dropping what looked like envelopes onto the lid of the piano as the pianist continued to play. Of all the times Claire had slipped in and listened to the pretty music, a sight like this was never seen before through her eyes.

    The indescribable sight continued on as the different owls flew out one by one and the pile of envelopes on the instrument grew in numbers as the flying symphony of owls diminished to just the sporadic sputtering of a very small owl whose wings rustled like they needed to be oiled carrying an envelope far too big for its body. Expecting to see the owl follow suit with the other ones, it instead circled back and right towards the small spy until eye and eye held the reflection of the other within it. The envelope dropped onto the pew in front of Claire and at the same moment, the last note of the song was abruptly played.

    ”You should open that.” The pianist's voice melted in a crooning style. The distinct sound of the release of the piano pedal thud like a loud heartbeat as the fingers on the pew paled. Peaking over the edge just slightly the address could be seen on the letter, an address that was not just the location of the building, but the pew and a name that was in a penmanship almost as beautiful as the sights and sounds that had just transpired. ”It won't be the last you will see, life will be different now.” The pianist pulled out a stick, a bit thicker and darker than the conductor's she had watched in the same place, and with a sweeping motion the envelopes that had piled on top of the piano were floating in the air like giant flakes of snow in a globe and flew into a stacking pile in the air before landing in the pianist's talented hands. Looking at the envelope one last time with her name on it one thought just swirled within the young child's mind, how did the pianist do what he did?

    Name: Logan
    Age: 18+  
    Contact: PM  
    Other Characters: None
    How did you hear about us? Google
    Application Approved!

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