Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    All the Loud Noises!
    “Really?” A grin had placed itself firmly on her lips and Sisse had to remind herself to contain it. But the excitement remained in her eyes as she added, “I would appreciate that very much!” Matthew would likely have something to say about it as well as her parents but for once Sisse did not care. Besides if a girl had been the dueling club President only last year surely there could be nothing wrong in simply trying it out.

    She could just see herself in the years to come as a witch who could hold her own. She'd be fearless in front of her foes, her name would be enough to put apprehension in the minds of her opponents. Of course even she knew it was only a day dream at the very least she knew she would make herself a good match to some wizard out there with her own magical skills and capabilities beyond just that of her husband’s.

    @Handsome Whitledge
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    Handsome's initial reaction was to think that he'd introduce her to Maddie. Not only was she a fierce dueler, but she was also skilled in other magical areas, being the president of the Charms club. She was also a Hufflepuff prefect, making her the perfect role model for a young woman if one were to forget her lower class status.

    "Miss Backus is one of my good friends—" Like a really, really good friend, "—and is a member of the dueling club. She also presides over the Charms club if that also interested you. I could introduce you to her!" Any excuse to go see Maddie, really.

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    Charms was actually one of Sisse’s better subjects. She handled potions alright, herbology was certainly not her favorite, and transfiguration was a struggle. But charms she liked and was actually fairly good at it. She had been planning on joining the charms club but between Sloane convincing her to join her at flying club and her extra classes Sisse had hesitated. And if she were honest with herself she honestly had not been convinced she would be alright in charms. For the same reason she had hesitated joining the potions club when the Professor had asked at the beginning of the semester. In that case it had proven to be a rather good decision, in charms, well she regretted it.

    I’d love that!” Sisse agreed enthusiastically, nodding to Handsome’s suggestion. “I’ve been thinking about joining charms club too.” She admitted, hoping this wouldn’t mean that Handsome would leave her to meet the older girl on her own time. She didn’t mind meeting new people but she was still hesitant to approach the older years. They just seemed so grown up!

    @Handsome Whitledge
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    Handsome did well in Charms, but it wasn't his favorite subject. He preferred defensive and offensive magic that involved action and adrenaline. It was far more entertaining and captivating than making teacups dance — something completely useless in the real world, in his opinion. If he would've had more desire to put himself in danger on a daily basis, he might've begged his potions professor at the time to allow him to take the NEWT-level class so he could become an auror, but he desired a peaceful live with a family and children — not one full of adventure and catching dark wizards!

    "Perhaps I can introduce her to you after the tournament if she's not busy." Maddie had a full schedule with her NEWT classes — seven difficult classes, which was something Handsome couldn't ever see himself doing. He struggled with the five he was currently taking, perhaps because he also had head boy, quidditch, and dueling club duties on top of his existing classwork.

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    Sisse nodded in agreement. “Thank you Mr. Whitledge, I would really appreciate that!” A grin had slipped over her features, hoping she really would have a chance to meet Miss Backus. Hopefully Mama and Papa would understand her reasoning then. Surely it did not harm to know how to defend one’s self. It wasn’t like she was asking to become an auror or anything.

    Across the room Sisse noticed Matthew for the first time as he walked in from the other room with a group of friends around him. She wondered how she had missed him in there, but she supposed until it was time to meet Miss Backus she might as well have made the trip to the tournament for a reason. “I just saw my brother. If you’ll excuse me I should go watch his game.” She smiled up at the older boy. “Thank you again.

    @Handsome Whitledge
    @Annabelle Scrimgeour
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]