Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The knockback jinx struck him in the chest and Kieran toppled backwards onto the dirty alley floor. A few seconds later, he sat up and laughed loudly, tilting his head back. He stood up and brushed off the back of his coat.

    They were practice-dueling in an alleyway of Wizarding London. Usually when Key actually dueled it was semi-legal and ill-advised, but this was just for practice. Especially because Dav was better than he was at spellwork, which Kieran had no trouble admitting.

    "That was good," Key said, grinning at Dav, "Remind me not to rob Gringotts anytime soon."
    @Dhaval Dandekar @Ellory Pendergast
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    soph made my things! <3
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    For someone who enjoyed the occasional duel, Dhavel didn't like to cause others pain. As such, his eyebrows furrowed slightly when his jinx hit its intended target, though he was soon smiling again when he was assured that Key was alright.

    He was never good at accepting compliments, so he merely smiled at his friend's.

    "I'm no match to the dragon," he commented instead. He'd been shocked to discover that some vaults were guarded by those creatures! Kind of troubled, too. Dragons weren't meant to be locked up underground. But then as an Indian, he had been taught to respect dragons as well as fear them.
    Dhaval speaks with an Indian accent.
    If Kieran had never worked at Gringott's, he never would have believed that the dragon existed. 

    "That thing always freaked me out," he admitted. It was true - an albino dragon locked in the dark was freaky. It was a wild animal kept prisoner. It was blind and furious and he had stayed as far away from it as possible.

    He held his wand up in the dueling position. "Ready?"
    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    lol I'm trash and I even subscribed to this x_x

    Dhaval gave a nod of agreement. Dragons didn't freak him out - even albino ones that did look freakish. What he found disturbing about the whole thing was that the dragon lived in captivity, underground, instead of soar the skies freely. A dragon's place wasn't guarding a vault.

    Anyway, they'd not come here to discuss dragon rights. Perhaps that would make a good conversation topic later when the entire gang was gathered. Discussing X Thing's rights and how others deprived them of it was sort of their thing, after all.

    "Ready," Dhaval replied and also stood in a dueling position. When it was time for them to cast, he went for a classic impediment jinx.
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       Kieran Abernathy
    Dhaval speaks with an Indian accent.
    Although Kieran accepted that Dav was better at offensive magic than he was, he wasn't keen to be thwarted two attempts in a row. It sort of defeated the purpose of dueling if Dav just kicked his ass all of the time.

    So, with feeling, he cast "Protego!" and hoped that the shield would pay off this time.
    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    His spell hit the shield before reaching Kieran's body. Dhaval smiled at his friend. "Good one!" He had no need or desire to beat his friend all the time. They were doing this for fun. It'd be very boring if Dhaval won all the time.

    "Oh!" Dhaval suddenly made. "I learned a new jinx! It's fun! It makes you talk like a frog instead of a person."
    Dhaval speaks with an Indian accent.
    "Oh man," Kieran said, "You have to test that on me. You have to. Come on." He lowered his wand and gestured to his chest, inviting the jinx; he was too curious to see how this one would play out.
    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    "You asked!" Dhaval commented with a laugh. He pointed his wand at his friend and cast the jinx. "So? Sing that Hobbly Bobbly Hogwarts song!" His friends would sometimes sing that when they were in a state of intoxication.
    Dhaval speaks with an Indian accent.
    The jinx hit Kieran squarely in the chest. He attempted to clear his throat before beginning but then remembered that, oh, it didn't matter whether or not he cleared his throat. That was the whole purpose of this little experiment. He gave a stage-bow to Dav, like the kind he had done in A Midsummer Night's Dream,, and began.

    "Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts -" the sound of his own voice as a horrible deep frog-like croak surprised him, although he had expected it, and Kieran could not help but to start laughing quite loudly at the experience. How weird!
    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    Dhaval began to laugh even before his friend began singing. At the song, he completely lost it. It was too precious! If only there was a way to record this moment and return to it whenever he was down!

    "I don't think I could break the spell!" Dhaval said as he laughed. "I'm going to laugh forever!"
    Dhaval speaks with an Indian accent.
    Kieran was still wheezing with laughter. "Whenever you think you're ready," he said with a vague handwave. The sound of his voice coming out again was enough to make him start laughing hysterically once more - this hex was really too much.

    Still in the horrible frog voice, he added, "You have to teach me this. I'll do it on Eileen." She would probably murder him but it was going to be absolutely one hundred percent worth it. 
    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    Dhaval had calmed down, somewhat, when Kieran mentioned Eileen. The mental image of Eileen squawking like a frog brought a new bout of laughter from Dhaval. He had to lean against one of the walls to steady himself. When all that mirth left his system, his tummy hurt.

    With a wave of his wand, Kieran's speech abilities returned. In slow motion, he showed Kieran the correct wand movement as he told him the incantation.

    In the end, Dhaval warned with a smile: "Don't tell Eileen it was me who taught you this!"
    Dhaval speaks with an Indian accent.