Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Mary Pince


    Full Name: Mary Pince, nee Elderson

    Nicknames: N/A

    Birthdate: May 17, 1836

    Current Age: Fifty One

    Occupation: N/A

    Reputation: 4

    Residence: Irvingly

    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumnus

    Wand: Rowan, 8 3/4", Supple, Unicorn Tail Hair

    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Middle Class

    Family: Husband: Percival Pince, born 1816 (71), married in 1853

    Son: Paul Pince, born 1855 (32), Magical Archaeologist & Explorer

    Sister: Elizabeth Perkins, nee Elderson, born 1833 (59), married to William Perkins in 1852, sons; Peter Perkins (34) & Patrick Perkins (33), daughter; Abigail Williamson, nee Perkins (31)

    Sister: Violet Brandon, nee Elderson, born 1834 (58), married Christopher Brandon in 1856, windowed in 1857, daughter; Elinor Brandon (31)

    Sister: Margaret Collins, nee Elderson, born 1838 (54), married Joseph Collins in 1856 and had six children: three girls and three boys

    Appearance: Mary is a pleasant middle aged woman, with dark hair that has begun to gray. Over the years she has gained many pounds that she regrets, however, age does that to a person - expect perhaps her thin as a reed husband. She stands at just over five feet and two inches but is formidable when angered. Mary will happily dress in muggle clothes of wizarding robes depending on the occasion and has a tendency to like lace just a little too much. She has a pale complexion and ruddy cheeks that were once just the right amount of blush. She refuses to wear makeup and is distinctly right handed.

    History: Mary was the third of four daughters born to Peter & Faith Elderson. The young pair owned a humble yet successful farm south of Exeter that Peter’s father had left to him upon his death shortly after Peter’s twenty first birthday. The Elderson family was a pureblood family who was best known for keeping to themselves as they had for generations. They weren’t looking for trouble. By the time Peter was born they had kept to themselves enough that Peter was the only heir to carry on the line. His mother had died at an early age and after the death of his father Peter found himself on his own. Faith Turner was the muggleborn daughter of a nearby village’s pastor. When Peter and Faith met they were smitten and a short courtship began before a quick marriage in the summer of 1832. It was a match made of love rather than a desire to strength bloodlines, money, or status. The pair were married a year before they were greeted by their first daughter, Elizabeth, at the early spring of 1833. Elizabeth was followed shortly thereafter by their second daughter, Violet in June of 1834. The small family was quite content for two years until Mary’s birth in May of 1836. Peter hid his disappointment at a third daughter, while Faith urged him practice his faith more firmly in hopes that their fourth child would be a son. Faith was delivered of her fourth child in late July the following year. Mary does not remember much of this time beyond the stories her elder sisters told her although they were hardly old enough to remember themselves. The fourth child was a son who lived to be only a few months old before he died of dragonpox. During this time Faith once again found herself with child and gave birth in August of 1838 to their final child, Margaret.

    The childhood that followed for Mary was a happy one. Although she never had a brother the four girls were close. Despite the worries their parents had about raising and marrying off four daughters, they were a close family. Her father was always kind to them and her mother taught them faith and the value of a good story. The family’s farm was successful enough to employ a maid, a hired hand, and a cook, however, Mary and her sisters were expected to help around the farm after their lessons with their mother. Each daughter demonstrated magic at a young age, an unspoken concern of their father's given their lineage. With this knowledge they began to save for the girls to attend Hogwarts, tightening their budget and reaching out to local muggles to sell their items and increase business. When Elizabeth was old enough she was sent to Hogwarts and was shortly thereafter followed by Violet both of whom were sorted into Hufflepuff. In the three years before Mary also attended Mary grew close with her father. He loved to read and told her stories into the late evenings, igniting her curiosity.

    Mary attended Hogwarts in 1847 where she was sorted into Hufflepuff. During her time at school she was an average student, enjoying clubs and socializing rather more than her courses. She did enjoy History of Magic for its stories and she excelled at Potions. During her time as a student she was prone to getting sucked into drama and found a love of gossip. Although, Violet, the practical sister cautioned her sister that she was too easily convinced of things that may or may not be true. The three sisters were joined by Margaret in 1844 who was sorted into Gryffindor.

    The first of the sisters were married in 1852, during Mary’s sixth year at Hogwarts, much to their parents relief. Elizabeth found a good match in William Perkins, a local pureblood wizard who lived close to their family’s farm and the pair settled into a comfortable home in town. With one daughter married, their attentions turned to Violet who had graduated from Hogwarts the year before, she showed no prospect of marriage but there was still time. Mary finished her years at Hogwarts in a reasonably good manner in 1853. That summer, on a trip to visit a friend in London, Mary met Percival. The pair met at a lecture he had given which Mary’s friend had dragged her to. He was her senior by over a decade, however, he was intelligent and funny and kind and Mary was smitten. Her family having no objections and eager to marry Mary off with two girls still at home and to find matches, the pair were married by fall of that year.

    The marriage was a happy one despite differences in their beliefs. Percival was agnostic while Mary was religious, he was into history and she was into wild stories. But the pair were happy and to Mary that was what mattered. In april of 1855 the couple welcomed their son Paul, destined to be their only child due to complications during his birth. He was a happy child and the apple of his parents’ eyes.

    The family settled into a happy home and while Mary received news from her family she much rather focus on her own life no matter how odd it might seem to outsiders. In 1856, Violet married a brilliant yet poor wizard who was a friend from Hogwarts. With her advancing age the family acquiesced to this and greeted it with joy for Christopher asked for no dowry from his bride. This happy occasion for the Elderson family was eclipsed by the scandal created by their youngest daughter. A year out of Hogwarts and Margaret, wild as ever, traveled to Scotland to elope with a muggle. Occasionally she sends letters to her sisters in hopes they might one day forgive her, but they go unanswered. Elizabeth kept in close touch with Mary and was the one to inform her in January of 1857 that Violet had been widowed in an experimental spell her husband had been developing and was working as a librarian at a wizarding library in Exeter to support her daughter. Mary traveled home for a month to help take care of her closest sister.

    After the excitement of the first few years of their marriage, Mary and Percival settled into a happy pattern in their life. They could rest easy knowing their son had shown early signs of marriage. They sent him to Hogwarts in 1866 and Mary found her life much quieter with her son gone. She turned more and more to the church and conspiracy theories. Often she penned letters to her family. She was proud of her son when he graduated in 1873 and supported him when he decided to attend muggle university from which he graduated in 1876. While proud of her son Mary missed him in the years to come as work often kept him away from home. She hoped he would marry sooner than his father had when he met her, if only because she believed it would keep him closer to home.

    With the exposure of wizards to the muggle world, Mary and Percival moved to the newly founded Hogsmeade in 1877, grateful their son was away from home on expeditions, albeit among dangerous muggles, but at least he was no longer in their university system where he might have been exposed. In 1882, Paul was given a big break and was enlisted in a magical project. She supported him and was proud, if a little put out of sorts that he would leave his aging parents so easily. To distract herself she proposed moving to Irvingly to help set up the community there in 1883. Although did little to distract her from her son’s absence, as the days and months dragged on and Mary heard nothing from her son she grew to despise that job. People cautioned her, warned her that her son was dead that she should face reality, even Percival accepted the truth that their only child had been taken from them. Mary refused to give in. He simply could not be gone. As a mother, surely she would know if he had been taken from the world. While her husband became a shadow of what he had once been she became increasingly more devout. It was nearly five years later when her son finally returned home to her. Fearing he might slip away at any moment Mary became increasingly protective of her son and tensions grew between Percival and herself at the doubt he had held when it came to their child. Now they are trying to adjust back to the happy life they had once lived with a son who is clearly different from the one who left them.

    Personality: Overall Mary is a cheerful woman with a wonderful sense of optimism. Optimism that her husband sometimes chastises her for being blissfully ignorant of reality. She is also stubborn, however, this can be tempered by her loyalty, but only increases her propensity toward holding a grudge. She is curious and wants to learn as much as possible about people, tending to get sucked into stories, gossip, conspiracy theories, and drama. She is also a very devout Christian and believes too much in the conspiracy theories about the Evil One. She holds a great fondness for stories of adventure and the past, perhaps the reason she was initially attracted to her husband. While she has patience she does also have a temper and if she reaches the point where she loses it, there is no woman scarier in the British Isles than her, at least so Percival tells her. Most of the time she is indignant because she is being protective and stubborn because she is indignant. Despite this Mary is very maternal and kind, and will go out of her way to help people, but especially her son.  

    Sample Roleplay Post: Their sitting room had once been a very comfortable place, full of laughter, love, and stories. Now it was a cold place; quiet and sullen. Mary had thought after her son’s return that life might be breathed into the room again. The shadows of the past would disappear and be forgotten in the midst of their joy. But she had been wrong. Five years had changed a lot that even her son could not erase. She could not forget the looks her husband had given her, thinking her foolish for her hope that Paul might remain alive, nor the increasingly disappointed looks as if she were the one to blame for having only bore him one son to carry on the name. As if she could have anticipated her son being shipwrecked and abandoned in a foreign land at the very time of his birth. The very notion! Five years she had held onto a belief that her husband could not, five years she had waited for Paul to return to her, and now he had. And nothing could erase those years. Her husband was not the man he had once been nor she the woman. Turning away from the room, Mary left her husband to his silence and made her way to the guest bedroom upstairs, away from the contempt of her husband and the disappointment she felt only too keenly toward him, toward the letters from her sisters that likely shared the happy exploits of their children and endless unwanted advice on the matter of her own child.

    Out of Character

    Name: Fallin

    Age: 25

    Contact: PM

    Other Characters: Sisse Thompsett & Percival Adlard, Jr

    How did you hear about us?: See Sisse
    Application Approved!

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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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