Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    It's OK This Time
    Private Thread 
    Zelda didn't like working with aurors; with a few exceptions (Oliver) she thought them to be rather pompous. She had also been in a bad mood for weeks now, committing much of her time to 'aggressively penning responses to that latter' and 'failing to send them.' But she was to help one of the aurors reverse the damage dark magic had done to a building down in Cardiff, which was up her alley, and at least it meant that she had a very engrossing task for the day.

    She had been almost okay with the concept until she walked into the auror office and looked back down at her memo. Zelda scowled immediately. Theodoric Jameshill.




    She had half a mind to turn around and stomp out. Instead she settled for walking in until she spotted his desk, and she narrowed her eyes at him. He looked like his brother, which both pissed her off and gave her a slightly sick feeling in her stomach.

    Had they talked about her? Had they laughed?

    "I'm going with you to Cardiff," Zelda said, tone preemptively snarky.  
    @Theodoric Jameshill @Ursula Black
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    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    Theo was taking his assignment for the day as a punishment. It simply had to be a punishment for some failing because reversing dark magic on a building not only sounded dull as hell, but he wasn't even going it alone, he had to have some Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophe's employee come with him as if he was completely incompetent! He wasn't usually inclined towards such bitterness but he had been putting a lot of pressure on himself of late to excel at being an Auror. He had assumed after qualifying that the feeling of having to constantly prove himself competent would just go away, but it hadn't.

    The whole business with Lou a few weeks ago had only made him feel more insecure in his abilities to the point where he'd actually caught himself wondering whether he'd done the right thing in becoming an auror.

    If he'd been told which employee was going to be coming with him, he'd missed that detail. He'd assumed it'd be someone older than him, someone he'd feel a crushing need to prove himself to. He'd vaguely glimpsed Miss Fisk from the corner of his eye as he busied himself in a drawer of his desk but not even given her a second glance. He didn't have much of a choice in giving her a second glance when she suddenly barked at him about Cardiff.

    Theo was visibly taken aback but he recovered himself quickly, for the most part anyway. "Oh." It was Zelda Fisk, wasn't it? He supposed of all the Fisks he could be spending time with, she was the least likely to be awkward seeing as she wasn't the one Lou had tried to marry, she wasn't Nemo whom Theo had been friendly with once, and she was surely young enough to not have any strong opinions on the aforementioned broken engagement. At least Theo hoped so anyway, not that her tone was much in the way of reassuring. Why were all the women he came into contact with at work so brusque? Did he earn that particularly treatment somehow or was the Ministry just a hotbed for grouchy young women?

    Theo got up from his desk and dug around his pocket for his wand which seemed like the appropriate sort of preparation to make. "Are you ready then?"
    SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1887 | @Zelda Fisk
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    "Yes," Zelda said flatly. She had made up her mind to hate him, but he had not done anything particularly hateable yet. She was sure he'd find a way. Lou had been extremely likable for a very long time, after all.

    "Are we apparating there?" Zelda said, with a skeptical glance at his wand. It wasn't that she didn't trust him to get to Cardiff intact, except - well, Cardiff was far, and she didn't trust him to get to Cardiff intact. It would be a very Jameshill thing to get her splinched. And she didn't like side-along apparating very much, anyways. 
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Zelda Fisk's post:
       Lupus Jameshill
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    Theo's stomach actually lurched when she mention apparation. He felt confident enough apparating himself, but he hadn't dared attempt side-long apparation all month and he certainly wasn't going to try it at work and risk splinching Miss Fisk. He might not be in the same situation as he was with Lou when the splinching occurred, but now side-long apparation had become a thing and unless he got his confidence back, he wouldn't willingly attempt it for the foreseeable future.

    If they were both apparating but separately, that would be fine, but he didn't know if by 'we' she meant both of them at the same time but separately, or side-long apparation and he really didn't want to have to have to backtrack if she seemed to expect him to apparate the both of them.

    "I uh thought we'd floo." Portkey sounded better seeing as he wasn't sure where the nearest floo point was to the building but that involved prior setting up that he hadn't arranged so that was off the table. "Shall we...?" he extended arm in a gesture to suggest they start heading for a fireplace.
    SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1887 | @Zelda Fisk
    "Alright then," Zelda said, "Nearest uncompromised floo point should be - number thirteen, same street." It was a tiny cafe, apparently, and wizard-owned and operated. 

    She ducked into the fireplace and dropped her fistful of floo powder, announcing the address. Zelda stepped out in the tiny cafe in Cardiff and wiped the soot off her hands. 

    There was something not-right about this. The room was dark at a time when cafes should really be open, and there were odd, spiraling cracks in the windows. The hair on the back of Zelda's neck stood up at the wrongness of it. There was a thin layer of dust on the floor, and chairs and tables were scattered as if people had left in a hurry.

    The fireplace lit up green behind her. More curious than pissy for the first time so far, Zelda gestured at the room and said, "Something's off here, Jameshill."
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    As she disappeared in a flurry of flames, the thought of just not following occurred to Theo. There was really no chance of him indulging the impulse, however, but the thought of not having to deal with some building damage like a novice and a vaguely hostile female was hardly inviting. In the end though he was the auror and she wasn't, if there was any danger she would probably require his protection and passive aggressive or not, he couldn't in good conscience throw her to the wolves. If there were any metaphorical 'wolves' to be had and not just a building that had seen better days.

    He sucked it up and followed her into the fireplace.

    "I'll say, how do they expect to get customers in if they close early?" Despite his jovial remark, he too felt the strange tension in the air and noticed the evidence of what looked like a mass departure made in haste, or the scene of a break in. The windows were cracked and it had a distinct lack of café smell about it - more dust than tea baked goods. Perhaps he'd underestimated the seriousness of the case.

    Theo took a few steps out of the fireplace and came to stand a pace in front of her, wand drawn. He looked down at the floorboards and then crouched there to swipe a finger through the dust. He straightened up as he examined the stuff. "This doesn't look good," he declared ominously. He frowned in thought as he smeared the dust between his fingers. "This whole thing I mean, this is just dust - I suppose it doesn't look good for whoever cleans this place though."
    SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1887 | @Zelda Fisk
    Theodoric Jameshill was rather cheerful. Normally this would entertain Zelda, but given the state of her mood for the past several weeks, she simply quirked an eyebrow at him and his almost-funny commentary.

    "Maybe they're just closed," Zelda whispered. But that creeping sensation at the back of her neck told her that, no, there was something worse going on here. It could just be normal... But it probably wasn't.

    "Revelio," Zelda muttered, flicking her wand. The cafe floorboards creaked, and for a moment she thought that it was nothing - but then an object dropped from the ceiling and onto the floor in front of them. 
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    "Watch it, Fisk!" He yelped, elbowing her back with him as he recoiled away from the falling something she had just magicked from the ceiling. Theo trained his wand on the object and eyed it mistrustfully. It had fluttered innocently down to the dusty floorboards but something about it deeply unsettled him. On the surface it looked like an ordinary scrap of dark cloth, but it just seemed wrong in some way.

    He silently attempted a counter curse on it but to no apparent effect except to thrust the fabric back into the air for a moment. "Are you sure you got the right address?" The tension had seeped into his voice despite his best efforts to keep it light. If he hadn't known this wasn't supposed to the building from the brief then he would have thought it was. Was the whole street affected similarly or was this a disturbing coincidence?
    SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1887 | @Zelda Fisk
    "Completely," Zelda said. She frowned at the piece of fabric. She still felt unsettled, and that piece of fabric wasn't doing anything to help - there had to be something wrong with it. Why else would it be hidden in the ceiling?

    "The file said the building had been abandoned," Zelda said, "What if it was, but they came here, instead?" Wizarding Cardiff was far enough from the Ministry that they might've missed it... especially if the people at the cafe had been coerced (or otherwise) to stay silent.

    She muttered a spell to show the effects of magic on an area; a classic MA&C move. The room was highlighted in a faint purple, with the cloth radiating the darkest purple color. Zelda waved one hand emphatically at Jameshill. "This is not good."
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    "Not good at all," he agreed, eyes glued to the scrap of fabric which was starting to move of its own accord. Not a great deal, but stealthily, like an animal stalking prey. He took aim and tried to set it on fire but it seemed to be unfazed by the flames and as an added bonus, entirely fire retardant.

    "You don't think it's like a baby Lethifold, do you? Do those things even breed?" He had no real idea if Fisk would know but wondering it aloud made it seem less likely to be the case. He'd taken Care of Magical Creatures and done well in it, he'd also (obviously) taken Defense Against the Dark Arts and done well enough to train as an auror but damned if he could remember whether lethifolds had an infancy or if they just appeared fully formed, or even if they reproduced by jettisoning off from the mother lethifold like an earthworm. Did they even have different genders in the species? He supposed no one really got close enough to one to check for genitals.

    At least he could conjure a corporal patronus if it came to it.
    SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1887 | @Zelda Fisk
    "Merlin I hope not," Zelda said, "But I think if it was we'd already be dead." Zelda hadn't done a COMC NEWT but she had taken the course long enough to know that you didn't mess with Lethifolds. Besides, weren't they tropical?

    The shimmering magic she'd emitted from her wand fades. "Here's what I think," Zelda said, "I think that whoever fucked up the building next door never turned off the spellwork. And I think it's spreading from -" she jabs her wand at the cloth "- that."
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    Theo was following her along just fine until she dropped an f-bomb. He was no stranger to cursing but he wasn't accustomed to hearing ladies curse. The novelty was jarring. "Miss Fisk!" he blurted out before he could stop himself. Poor innocent, naive Theo.

    After his initial shock, he remembered the issue at hand, gave her a sheepish sort of glance, and redirected his attention. He cleared his throat. "That seems reasonable, or it could just be a scrap of fabric." Of course he didn't believe the suspicious cloth was harmless and it would say a great deal about his ineptitude if he did. "Finite incantatum!" he declared with a flourish of his wand. He hadn't expected it to have any effect. His expectations were not exceeded.
    SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1887 | @Zelda Fisk
    Zelda flushed; she usually avoided swearing out loud. Still sheepish, she watched as Mr. Jameshill's efforts produced nothing. "Hm," she said, a thinking sort of noise. She eyed the fabric. With a strong sense of foreboding, she approached it and pointed her wand.

    Zelda cleared her throat and muttered an untransfiguration spell, not expecting anything to happen. Unlike Jameshill, her expectations were exceeded, and the fabric began to rapidly expand and gain limbs, and fleshlike tone, and a horrifying stench, and -

    "Oh. My god." 
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]