Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    12.05 It's election day! OOC, at least.
    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    Issue #148 - One Year Later... Where are the Little Pettigrews?
    [Image: mT0vjO.png]
    The fourth week of the journey will bring you to your final holiday destination: beautiful Venice, in Italy!The Sweepstakes Holiday Concludes in Venice
    After a trip across the beautiful Mediterranean Sea onboard a luxury yacht, our travel correspondents will debark in Venice, the City of Water. In addition to being a center of art and culture, Venice is uniquely constructed over a series of water canals, and each and every building appears to float!

    The 'City of Water' earns its name through their very novel water-canal 'roads'!

    Travel by gondola--a type of Italian boat--and revel in the fashions of Southern Europe as you travel through the lovely open-air markets. The Italian air is also widely touted for its health benefits, particularly for those of weaker constitutions, which guarantees that by the time you return to England you will be positively glowing with health!

    After a wonderful week in Venice, our winners will board the yacht once more for a lovely trip around Europe and back to England, arriving in London just in time to start preparations for the Christmas holiday!
    How to fix last-minute wardrobe malfunctions before a big event!

    Is it acceptable to wear the same dress twice to meet a gentleman you're hoping to impress?
    Questions & Answers with Portia Lilly
    Back by popular demand, Miss Portia Lilly is the resident Witch Weekly expert on fashion, beauty, and style.

    Q: My lady's maid accidentally dribbled hot candle wax on the gown I was supposed to wear to the ball tonight! She attempted to scrape it off, but the spots are still quite noticeable (and in a rather unfortunately prominent location). What should I do?

    A: Well, writing a letter to a magazine was certainly not the most expeditious way to address the problem! For future reference, though, wax will only come out entirely with the addition of heat--boiling water is the best remedy, since putting direct heat on it may burn the fabric. If other women find themselves in similar predicaments, here are some inventive ways to prevent a last-minute stain from ruining your evening:
    ~ Add an accent that covers the area, such as a well-placed brooch or a flower. If you already have accents, move existing ones rather than adding new ones; you don't want to look crowded!
    ~ Attempt a color-changing charm on the entire outfit, since this will generally apply the color uniformly. Only attempt this if you have good experiences with charms in the past. Never try out a new spell right before an important evening!
    ~ Add another piece to cover the area, such as a shawl, muff, or jacket.
    ~ Fire your lady's maid and get one who is more attentive.

    Q: I have a large event coming up and I need to look absolutely radiant. I hope to be something of a focal point--particularly for one gentleman, anyway! I've been shopping for weeks but I can't find anything I like as much as my favorite gown. The trouble is, the gentleman in question has already seen me wear it. Would it be better to buy a new dress that is less beautiful, or look better and risk him noticing that I've already worn it?

    A: This is a tricky question indeed. If you are still in contact with the tailor who made your favorite dress, perhaps reach out to him or her and ask if you can custom order something in the same style. A gentleman may find it charming to see you in a familiar dress, but only if he had a particular fondness for seeing you in it the first time. If you have no indication that he did, it's best to try something new. If you really can't find a new dress you like, you can try changing the color of your old dress to give it new life, or couple it with a showy fur or jacket which will take away from the redundancy.
    Is it likely that the Pettigrews, both from very prolific families, are experiencing fertility issues, or is there something else afoot?

    Have the Pettigrews' finances changed substantially since their marriage? Has Mr. Pettigrew really been able to move beyond his infamous gambling habit?

    Does Mrs. Pettigrew value her career above her duties as a wife and mother?
    One Year Later... Where Are The Little Pettigrews?
    Mr. Arthur Pettigrew married Mrs. Desdemona, formerly a Collins-Potter, in February of 1886, in a very unique Quidditch-themed wedding which was covered in both the Daily Prophet and in Witch Weekly, as well as being very well attended. Now, a year and a half later, Mrs. Pettigrew retains her position as a Chaser for the Hogsmeade Howlers (under her husband as Captain and fellow chaser) and seems inclined to finish out the rest of the season at the very least, which raises the question... when do the pair plan to produce some little Pettigrews?

    Mrs. Desdemona Pettigrew has been a chaser since 1881. Some have speculated that Mr. Pettigrew values his wife as a chaser more than he values her (ahem) wifely capacities.

    Arthur Pettigrew's cousin, the well-known entrepreneur and sponsor of Puddlemere United, married nearly a full year afterwards and already Mrs. Hannah Pettigrew has retired to confinement.

    It seems unlikely that Mrs. Desdemona Pettigrew has any physical difficulties, given her rather large immediate family, being one of seven siblings! Arthur Pettigrew is an only child, but given that his father died very shortly after his birth this hardly seems to indicate any particular problem from his side of the family where fertility is concerned. His mother, Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew nee Lestrange, has never remarried, but he does have an extensive family on both his father's side (including the aforementioned Mr. Thomas Pettigrew and several others) and his mother's.

    Arthur Pettigrew is a chaser and Captain of the Hogsmeade Howlers, but has he moved far enough from his old gambling habits to be able to properly support a household?

    Speculation has been rampant about this athletic young couple. Of course, Mr. Pettigrew's finances have never been particularly stable, and one rumor is that he would be unable to support a wife and child, particularly were Mrs. Pettigrew to stop playing Quidditch and thus half their income.

    Another rumor, purportedly started by someone close to the couple and therefore perhaps one with merit, is that Mrs. Pettigrew was briefly expecting before her profession caused her to suffer a miscarriage, which the couple kept very quiet so as not to draw too much condemnation towards Mrs. Pettigrew's continued profession. This was certainly wise of them, because no self-respecting member of society could respect a woman who put a career in Quidditch above the lives of her own future children!

    What is the truth of the matter? Only time will tell, though it seems that whatever the problem with the Pettigrews is, it will last at least one more Quidditch season!
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       Odira Potter
    Harmony deals with all of your burning queries! .Ask Harmony: Back to School Edition!
    Dear Harmony,
    My parents have sent me back to Hogswarts this year for my 7th year, but I don’t know why, nor do I see any benefit to my being here.  My parents arrange my marriage last year to a lovely young man who I most like and think will make the most agreeable husband.  Since I will not be a debutante, well not really, as I will marry the moment I turn 18, I do not see much point in my staying at school much longer! And I should very much like to leave school and perhaps go to PSYR or some other finishing school so that I might enjoy a few balls and parties as a single woman  rather than only as a wife what will I do!
    Yours willing wife

    Dear willing wife
    These are noble virtues indeed in a young lady, and you seem well on the way to being a find society belle.  If you havnt spoken to your parents about your concerns you should do so, either in person on your first Hogsmeade weekend, or if you feel that you will become too impassioned you should write it in a letter.  Nothing would undermine your argument more than a petulant tantrum, if you wish to be treated as a lady then you will have to act like one.   We wish you the best of luck in your endeavour!

    Dear Miss Hermione,
    I struggle at school, every year seems worse than the last, I can’t focus, nothing goes in.  I cant seem to finish a.  I hate every second of being here, because I am so rubbish at classes and at magic in general.  Sometimes I think it might be easier to be a squib because then no one would expect me to bother with trying to learn.   I hate studying and the classes are all so boring and drab that I cant bear to listen to the teacher even try and speak.  
    Yours Stupid Student

    It’s Harmony dear, Harmony – not Hermione.  If only from your letter it seems that you are not a bad student, simply a lazy and indolent.  These are not desirable traits in any young lady!  You are a witch, and wishing for squib status because it is easier is a most abhorrent attitude to take towards anything in life.  You need to take a good hard look at yourself young miss and adjust your attitude appropriately.
    [Image: mP0Efd.png]

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