Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Hogwarts Christian Fellowship
    Open Thread 
    Sunday, September 24th
    Professor Darrow had looked entirely perplexed when she had explained why she wanted to borrow his classroom that afternoon, but had kindly allowed her to do it nonetheless so long as she was quite certain her ‘beliefs were not disparaging towards her classmates’. And they were not, technically, for all of those whom might be so impacted had been cast out by Headmaster Black in a move that she was ninety-seven per cent sure she was on board with.

    Her first four years at Hogwarts had seen her Sundays spent diligently in a corner of the common room with her bible, or sometimes off actually enjoying herself but feeling tremendously guilty for disappointing God. She knew she was not the only student in the castle raised within their particular flavour of the church, but had never been confident enough to approach any of the others, to try to instigate something more formal, more communal.

    With the shiny silver ‘P’ emblazoned upon her robes, however, the Slytherin had made up her mind to at least peak out of her shell this year, and so had pinned up a flyer in her common room, as well as one outside the Great Hall and one outside the Library inviting anyone and everyone to come learn more about [name TBD]. At the very least, it would give her something satisfactory to write home about!

    Blythe’s bible rested shut on the small table beside the armchair she had taken for herself after arranging the other two armchairs and several of the wooden chairs in the room into an ersatz circle. The fifth year had breathed a sigh of relief when one, two, three students had arrived, and early no less, but with five minutes still before their two o’clock start, the Slytherin waited, hoping to get a few more bodies in the classroom.
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    [Image: DfvxYPq.jpg]
    set by emjay <3
    Nathan had been curious when he heard about the meeting. He was of course a Christian, having been a Muggle all his life. Granted his family was Methodist. A far more excepting church than Catholosism. He had his bible in hand, which was written in Latin in which he was fluent. He took a seat in the middle of the room and waited on the others. He had also brought a notebook and quill.
    Tobin had never put much thought into his immortal soul and indeed, had never even really contemplated whether it even existed. His family wasn't religious and he didn't personally even know if he believed in God. He was curious, though which was why he had come to the meeting. That and he thought it might be a good thing to show some solidarity towards his co-prefect even if he didn't take much stock with the whole bible and religion thing.

    Who knew, maybe he would actually learn something. It was better than doing nothing which had been the alternative to his day.
    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling
    Well, this was certainly better than nothing. She was pleased indeed to see Mr. Cartwright had chosen to attend—having another prefect present, the witch thought, gave her more legitimacy. Not that her beliefs were not legitimate! However, students raised devoid of religion might be more inclined to subscribe with peers in position of power doing so.

    “Good afternoon,” she began with a smile, “and thank you for joining me today! I will begin by asking who among you has experienced firsthand the extent of God’s love?”
    [Image: DfvxYPq.jpg]
    set by emjay <3
    Meta wasn't raised as a Christian. Or as a member of any religion, really. Her family hadn't attended service on Sundays and their 'celebrating' various religious holidays was because it was a festive period for the entire community, rather than because they actually cared about the birth or resurrection of Jesus.

    That being said, her Uncle Priam's quest for spiritual fulfilling had brought him inside the doors of the Irvingly chapel. He had been enthused by this idea that God and Jesus were all magical all along. That their kind of people were the chosen ones from the one who had created the world.

    Meta had always been the ward who had more readily accepted his ideas. That being said, she didn't feel like reading the bulky bible he'd owled her and her sisters! As such, when she heard that there would be a gathering of Magical Christians, she saw it as an opportunity to learn about it without having to read the book.

    "Sorryyy!" Meta said as she burst into Professor Darrow's classroom. "I'm not too late, am I?" She offered in a friendly tone as she took up one of the free seats.
    [Image: 5jExnM9.png]
    set by rune <3

    [Image: 1717216eWDA694X_zps11f69083.jpg]
    Nathan looked up and raised a hand. "What exactly do you mean by experiencing firsthand? If by miracles, no. But in general I am a Methodist. I have been baptised and read through every version of the bible I could lay my hands on countless times." As one of his classmates burst in he smiled and turned his raised hand into a polite wave.
    “Not at all,” she reassured the younger girl kindly, doing her best to keep the surprise at the abrupt intrusion from her face. After all, this was to be a place of welcome—it would not do to alienate her peers as soon as they stepped (or burst) through the doorway!

    “As to the Bible, well, I daresay we can add another to your repertoire today!” Blythe extended, this time to the young boy. “Before we go any further, though, I wish to reassure you that each and every person in this room, by virtue of the magical blood that flows in our veins, is as close to God’s likeness as it is indeed possible to be. For that alone we are blessed, though as with many things in life, it is what we do with that blessing that determines our strength of character.”
    [Image: DfvxYPq.jpg]
    set by emjay <3
    Tobin listened as his co-prefect spoke and was definitely intrigued. He liked the idea of being closer to some glorious deity than anyone else. He wasn't against muggles or any of that silliness but he did believe that wizards were mildly superior since they had magic.
    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling