Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Musecest Confessions
    I thought we'd done something like this before, but the closest thread I could find was this one and I didn't really want it as a game format xD Soph and I were talking about how our characters interact with each other and their opinions on each other and so this thread was born.

    As a general rule I try not to have my characters interact, because a) I prefer to keep their plots adaptable and spontaneous, which is usually easier when more people are involved in their lives, and b) it gets things muddled in my head sometimes =P That being said, sometimes it can't be avoided so here are my "Musecest" relationships:

    Tib & Eli: connected through Cash, and although they didn't interact a lot Tib was kind of instrumental in certain plot things for Cashli/Eli's life. He's part of the reason he died, sooooo... Anyway, I don't think Eli knew Tib existed (outside of maybe like 'oh yeah your creepy weird cousin') and Tib didn't think Eli was worth thinking about as a poor, mudblood invert.

    Thom & Ben: only the loosest connection, really, and only because we'd already established Thom was friendly with all the Crouches when they were played previously. I think he's mostly friends with Aldous, and if he knew Ben & Art were friends he'd cut ties easily.

    Lou & Brannon: Obviously pretty connected since they were supposed to be related at one point >> Honestly, I really wish for Lou's sake that someone else played Brannon and I wish for Brannon's sake that someone else played Lou BUT I COULD NEVER GIVE EITHER OF THEM UP THEY ARE MINE. Anyway, their relationship: Lou liked Brannon prior to dying and hasn't thought about him since. Brannon liked Lou until he found out about the lycanthropy thing, and then he was very D:< about the fact that no one told Xena about it. After the events on September 1st he's very strongly opposed to Lou having any part of their lives at all and wishes he would have just stayed dead. That being said, he's pretty conflicted about @Charles Jameshill. Like he knows Charles knew the secret and was therefore complicit in keeping it from Xena, but he liked/respected him so much prior to that and he really is still inclined to, despite everything. He's probably avoided him entirely all this time to not have to deal with his conflicted feelings but, like, he almost had an impulse to write him on September 1st and be like 'dad to dad wtf is going on with your son and why is he writing to my daughter' but decided against it. >> BASICALLY HE WISHES THEY WERE STILL BROS BUT HE'S SALTY ABOUT HOW HIS DAUGHTER WAS TREATED.

    Brannon & Rena: see this headcanon. They're never going to interact IC but this is in my heart and I regret nothing.

    Thom & Ophelia: almost more of a soft connection but they do go to the same parties. All Thom knows about Ophelia is that she was at PSYR with Hannah and he assumes they're friends and invites her to things on the strength of that supposed friendship. Ophelia thinks Thom is too rich and respectable to have ended up with Hannah and there is no justice in the world D<

    I think that's it for concrete connections! Like I said, I'm very pro keeping all my characters in separate boxes and sometimes it even gets me crossed having different characters interact with the same person in very different ways (like going from Eli smooching Cash to Tib tormenting him, that's a weird transition xD)

    "Soft" connections (characters who have opinions on others but haven't interacted/won't interact):

    - Brannon thinks J. Alfred Darrow is an idiot, because why would you voluntarily leave England for that long? Of course it went terribly, what did he expect would happen?
    - Ophelia pities Topaz but sort of thinks she's a lost cause, like there's nothing anyone can do for her and she's just doomed to a life as a lonely spinster.
    - Tiberius sort of thinks Topaz should be put down, or at least perma-locked-up. Why risk other people's lives for a stupid girl who isn't even capable of fulfilling her role as a woman anymore?
    - Lou is THE ANGSTIEST about Topaz getting turned, but y'all already knew that.
    - Brannon is very uncomfortable talking about Topaz/the Urquarts and lycanthropy because that issue is closer to his heart than most and he doesn't want anyone to catch on that he has a reason to care. But he's definitely very much of the opinion that she needs to be using Ministry cells every month.
    - If Tib had any reason to be more invested in the lives of either Aldous or Roman Crouch he would definitely recommend they disown Ben, because who needs that shit in your life?
    - Thom and Tib are technically related through Art Pettigrew, but since Thom tries to do his best to pretend Art doesn't exist he doesn't interact with/have much opinion on the Lestranges in general. Tib doesn't even have opinions on his cousins really so he doesn't care about Thom, aside from generally thinking people who are passionate about Quidditch are maybe touched in the head.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Helena MacMillan
    Ellory & Kath: I started using Kath as Ellory's chaperone after I figured out that she'd actually make more sense than some random NPC maid. And she's played by me so she's as good as the NPC staff member mention. Kath really likes Ellory because she sees something of herself in her - Kath was also a Gryffindor and she was a vivacious young woman though less emotional than Ellory. Ellory loves Kath and wishes she was her mom instead of Olivia, though tbh she wishes that for every older lady that has been kinder to her.

    Ellory & Brynn: They hate each other, seeing that Brynn is Tig's bestie. I always imagined that Brynn was more of a follower on the "let's hate on Ellory Pendergast' train though and sort of went with Tig's lead.

    Ellory & Seneca: Sen used to think and still kind of does that Cash holds a torch for Ellory and vice versa.

    Seneca & Meta: Seneca thinks that Meta is a little beast. Meta thinks that Sen is a stuck up, boring snob.

    Priam & Katherina: Katherina thinks that Priam is a nice, albeit somewhat weak man and she's glad that her Nephie got a 'good' husband. Priam respects Kath as his aunt and mother-in-law but other than that that it's kinda meh.

    Ellory & Elmer: Elmer thinks that Ellory is kinda Basic and stupid and her usual exuberance and energy is annoying. Ellory always thought that he was weird. I headcanon that at some point, when they were kids, Elmer made Ellory cry with one of his creepy macabre stories.

    Seneca & Artemisia: Seneca likes Artemisia and thinks she'd make Claude a fine wife. She also thinks that she's a Basic Girl, though.

    Ruby & Caspar: Ruby thinks that everyone in her Papa's old family is a stuck up snob. Caspar is not too thrilled that someone *gasp* biracial is carrying the Urquart name.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ellory Pendergast's post:
       Helena MacMillan
    Oooh! I have thought about this in the past:

    Helena & Minnie: Helena has a lot of love for Minnie, and Ellory, and sees them both as the closest to daughters she’ll ever have. She wants them both to be happier than she was and feels protective of both of them. This is just as much about Ellory :P #Pendergastladies4eva

    Helena & Lucy: They were dormmates at school and I’ve always headcanoned them being lifelong friends who don’t really have a lot in common. Apart from the odd dead child. I’ve always assumed the first time either of them took laudanum was with each other but since then Helena has gone off it and Lucy is enticing her son’s mistress into her arms because school friends drift apart I suppose.

    Philip & Nora: Fun fact – if I had annoyed Bee enough with my slowness that she gave up on Adelip (AND I AM SO GLAD SHE DID NOT <3 <3) I would probably have married them off. For no real reason other than on paper they fit and probably know each other BUT IT ISN’T ADELIP SO I’D HAVE BEEN SAD FOREVER!!

    Constance & Annabelle/Minnie: Connie worked as a governess for that Pendergast household and then for the Bones’ before the kids all went to school (where she followed them) but I imagine her being very fond of Minnie despite not having much to do with her. She just thought she was too kind to be a debutante and probably encouraged her friendship with LC Ivy. She probably fancied Belle a bit because Connie is nothing if not a tragic gay.

    Belle & Elladora: Okay, so I have a LONG standing headcanon whereby they always find each other out at UC parties and basically hole up with booze and cleverly make fun of all the other women there. Belle feels a bit bad about it because she’s not an actual asshat but she goes with it; they’ve been sort of chalk and cheese bros since school as they were dormmates and UCPB so they were sort of obliged to be friends but ended up really liking each other. Ella mocks Belle for getting married and having kids and doing boring “acceptable” things but she was the one to encourage her to be a healer and not waste her brain. Belle probably knows Ella’s basically an asexual lesbian and politely ignores it.

    Queenie & Enoch: Undoubtedly he has paid for her services in the past as they’re both peripheral Ashwinder folk and he is an unapologetic user of prostitutes.

    - Minnie, Penny H-M, Vera and Angel probably know each other because all UC young ladies.
    - Enoch, Konstantin and Morwenna probably know each other from the Ministry.
    - Helena, Lucy, Iphigenia and Serena have probably interacted because they’re all, or were, society women.
    - Serena, Connie & Phil were all at school together.
    [-] The following 2 users Like Helena MacMillan's post:
       Ellory Pendergast, Elsie Beauregard
    Helena SIG by Bex
    gorgeous set by Bex
    Acacia and Lisa: Mother and daughter. My first two characters. That is a very… interesting thing to thread out. I'm not even sure what I'm doing with these two when Ocean isn't having Martin/Crystal there as well. Acacia hates her mother and tends to avoid her, so that helps.

    Acacia and Sweetie: Due to the fact that Sweetie is best friends (and has a secret crush on) Acacia's closest sister, they have interacted at some point. Sweetie has been bitter at Acacia due to conflicting personalities. Acacia does know that Sweetie cares for Crystal (though not knowing the true extent of those feelings). It is not all butterflies and rainbows, but a calmer relationship than Sweetie and most of her family.

    Claire and Luce: Due to a best friendship between Luce and Claire's twin, and the fact that Claire and her twin are super close (take notes Conrí), that officially makes the two best friends. It is a very interesting thing and I am quite curious as to how that will turn out.

    Edgar and Guinevere: I gotta say, this is a flustering one for me. This part of the family is close to each other, therefore they'll surely end up in a thread together eventually. They are Aunt and Nephew. Though not as close as his sister is to that part of the family.
    this should be amusing...

    Beauregards - yes I play three of them, yes I like it that way, and they all get along pretty well haha. Sometimes its annoying, but most of the time it makes things easier tbh. Playing siblings was the norm on my board right before Charming, so I didn't even think twice when I started here XD

    Angie & Elsie - they were year mates and spent about the same amount of time in the library, but Elsie was terrified of school!Angie, so avoided her.

    Febby & Elsie - were roommates at school, which is hard for me to wrap my brain around because I played Elsie at school for so long, but they got along well enough; though Elsie was far too shy for Febby to try and pull out of her shell and Elsie was too timid to try and be more friendly.

    Gemma and Febby - connected through Nate & August. Febby thinks Gemma is very odd and that she spends way too much time with boys. Febs is also mildly jealous of the attention Gemma gets from them, especially Nate.

    Claude & Flo & Regan - are all related somehow, cousins? Second cousins? Cousins once removed? I honestly can't remember, it hurts my head to try and figure it out. Claude doesn't mind most of his relations, but Regan was always the kind of guy Claude wished he could be at social events. Meanwhile Regan often wonders if Claude is selectively mute.

    Rue & Regan - connected through Aoife, they're chummy in my head. Rue and Aoife were close in school and they're all only a year apart from one another. Sometimes they both worry about Aoife over the same thing and subtly work together to get her together.

    Mason & Quin - were god damn roommates in school, because I picked neither of their birth years and they're both so Puffy it hurts me. Quin used Mason as a taste-tester for sweets in school and Mason still has an aversion for trying new sweets. Everett was a year behind them, also a Puff, so I imagine Mason spent a lot of his prefecting time telling Ev to shut up/knock it off/don't touch that, etc. I also assume Ev & Quin got along alright.

    Hamish & Eugene & Wesley - were all year mates >.> 2/3 were not my choice on birthday though! Hammy and Eugene are bros in my head, because both of them need bros, badly.
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       Ellory Pendergast
    words cannot describe this set by Stef ♥
    [Image: oTMsdz.gif]
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    Uh I almost didn't pick up Micajah Vablatsky because I wanted him to harass Elliot Carmichael about Divination things. Because I play both it will probably never happen IC, but in my heart Elliot avoids Micajah like the plague.

    Ross is Zelda's BIL, but there's such an age gap between them that they rarely interact. Sometimes Zelda camps out at his house to hide from Brannon and play with his kids, though, and see her sister also. Back when she was interning/still a student she would sometimes floo in with him. 

    Sophronia Van H introduced August to Lyra because way back in 2012 I played like 50% of the political progressives on-board >.>

    Uh also speaking of August he's friendly w/ Jude Wright so Kieran thinks he's a weirdo rich guy... August has no opinions on Kieran though.

    Kieran also has a rapport with Ross because of reporter things, they have a monthly appointment where Key gets crime statistics and tries unsuccessfully to mine Wizengamot details, it's a thing.

    Cash is pretty sure that Thiago wants to bone Ellory but hasn't voiced this.

    I'll p remember more later?
    [-] The following 2 users Like Cassius Lestrange's post:
       Artemisia Carrow, Ophelia Dippet
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    oooh this should be fuuuun.

    Holly & Annabelle — Annabelle has little opinion on her younger cousin because she was never involved much with her extended family, but Holly despises Annabelle currently with every ounce of her being. She thinks she was so inconsiderate to go and get herself disowned without thinking of her family. Surprisingly, however, she doesn't really blame Annabelle for being a muggle lover; she has enough sense to know that it would it would be unreasonable to make a girl who was raised by muggles learn to hate them. She honestly thinks her uncle and aunt should've left Annabelle with the muggles because she obviously loved them so much *eye roll*

    Stephen & Mathias — They're friendly with each other!

    Violetta & Mathias — I assume Violetta attended Mathias' and Rose's wedding because she's a Lestrange and a cousin to Rose, but I don't think her opinion of him is negative or positive? She's not really one to buy into Witch Weekly's gossip unless the stories are confirmed by sources like the DP.

    Tripper & Handsome — They're both on the Gryffindor quidditch team and are generally friendly with one another! I do think they butt heads over their views of half-breeds, but I don't really think that conversation has come up much??

    Andrew & Dionisia — Were both Hufflepuffs during the same year and are both lower class! Seeing that they were both generally warm people, I imagine they got on pretty well!

    Handsome & Annabelle — Annabelle's BFF, Clara Cattermole, is raised by her maternal grandparents who are also Whitledges, and Annabelle is currently living with them. I think Annabelle thought Handsome's family was a little odd but never really thought negative of him? Handsome was probably curious about Annabelle after hearing about her story, too.

    Annabelle & Eulalia — I've always said that Bella got on best with other Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, and Eulalia was a Hufflepuff in her year! They both were divination geeks (with Eulalia being an actual seer), so Annabelle probably got her horoscope from her bi-weekly or something.

    Georgia & Handsome — Grandson and grandmother, obviously. Handsome sorta called on Grandma Whitledge for help with Sweetie during the summer, and Georgia is proud of Handsome for being made head boy and all that. However, Handsome thinks his grandma went a little too far by coming to work at Hogwarts and is frequently embarrassed by her. He does appreciate that she's a responsible adult figure in his life, though!

    I try to keep my muses super segregated because it weirds me out when they acknowledge each other. Despite this I have a bunch of character  who - were they played by separate people - would probably have way more involvement with each other than they do and as it is have some sort of opinion. I think a lot of my characters default to disliking each other if I ever have to consider it because the alternative is CRAP MY CHARACTERS CAN'T BE FRIENDLY WITH EACH OTHER I'LL HAVE TO MENTION THEM IN EACH OTHERS POSTS AND I CAN'T THREAD WITH MYSELF.

    Icarus & Mariana
    I accidentally realized that he and Mariana would've been at school at the same time and then I realized they were both potion enthusiasts and that made me think oh they must know of each other because they'd be in the same classes and then Icarus decided he once carried a torch for Mariana and it was deeply uncomfortable. Every so often I would think of that and grimace for a few minutes.

    Icarus & Ursula
    During the fire, the Blacks stayed at Icarus' safe and not burning Bartonburg home. I had to allow Icarus and Ursula muse to acknowledge one another for the first time for posting narrative. Ursula disdained Icarus and Icarus didn't particularly care for her but felt obliged to pretend otherwise.

    Mariana & Andria
    They were actually my first closely related characters ever and even as only sisters-in-law, I thought that was WAY too close. Again, it was just a good thing they weren't sexually interested in one another because I just can't with that much musecest. Mariana couldn't stand Andria's stupidity and I don't think she could understand how Lucius kept her around so long. I headcanon that Mariana played cruel jokes on Andria to distract from her utter disgust of her. Meanwhile Andria just found her very upsetting.

    Mariana & Tig
    I don't think they've ever acknowledged each other IC but I think they must cross paths every so often. Tig probably thinks of her as Tib's aunt/Tatty's weird pseudomotheraunt but hasn't really interacted with her and has no inclination to change that. Mariana thinks of her as "that blonde thing Tatty's brother married", I doubt she dwells on her any more than that. Ironically, Mariana is one of the two characters I've feared Tig might be in danger of personality overlapping with. Sometimes when posting Tig she says or does things that I fear are very Mariana-esque and I DO NOT WANT CHARACTER REPETITION.

    Herschel & Armando
    Regrettably they have to know each other and fairly well to considering they've been on the Wizengamot together for like the better part of a century. Armando muse doesn't like Herschel at all, he thinks he's a syphilis-addled corrupt narcissist who needs to act his age. Armando IC just sees his accomplishments on paper. Herschel in all realities hopes he's never as decrepit as Armando and thinks he's an ancient old fool. He does appreciate not being the eldest in the courtroom though but he definitely doesn't want to be considered 'old' because Armando is what Herschel sees as 'old' and he is not about that.

    Herschel & my womenfolk:
    because of course he's appraised them all like a line up of fillet mignon.
    Ursula - he'd be DTF as long as he didn't know she's a bed hopper. Ursula would rather not but she might try it once if he was the last male in existence.
    Ada - Herschel is definitely DTF. Ada would probably unwittingly encourage his advances by being friendly until she realized they were advances and then she'd be running for the hills.
    Tig - has Herschel's DTF seal of approval. Tig would sooner die. Which is what she'd do anyway if that happened.
    Dyllis & Phyllida- not DTF unless he's desperate.
    Effy - definitely has the DTF seal of approval.  It's probably a good thing I play her so they can't interactt. I'm not sure what Effy's feelings would be if she wasn't currently consumed by her fine art fetish, I guess that means she's not immediately turned off.
    Celery - somewhat DTF. Celery is not.
    Mariana - I don't know why Herschel would be DTF but apparently? He is? Mariana is like *shrug*
    Nova - Dawlish DTF seal of approval here again. Nova's not interested.
    Pet - Again, Herschel would. Again, it wouldn't be welcome.
    Phyllida - Prooobably not.
    Suzy - Regretting this now. Herschel is very DTF. Suzy is very disgusted.
    Tessa - He would but he's not rushing to be first in line. Tessa probably would if it benefited her somehow.

    Brutus & Spryly
    Live near each other and have probably passed each other by in the street a lot. If I didn't play them, I could totally see them getting into ridiculous and relatively tame fisticuffs.

    Charles & Ursula
    Her muse has been giving him that side-eye since I started apping him and I'd really like that to stop. Charles muse finds it unnerving.

    I got distracted and now I'm drawing a blank so I guess I'm done.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    I actually try to avoid this for the most part - but, lucky me, I ended up with two fifth year Hufflepuffs this run. ._. Meaning I have two teen girl characters who are dorming together. Yay.

    Mozelle and Joanna are not unfriendly with each other - they do, however, tend to run in different circles. Mozelle has been by her father told to "make more sophisticated friends," and while Joanna is upper class, she is a muggleborn - while, obviously, Elonso is not prejudiced, he does see that the more elite of wizarding England are elitist and prejudiced themselves, and he thinks that his extremely open-minded daughter should at least try being a bit more selective. Joanna, on the other hand, craves friendship, and is not very selective about where she finds it.

    Thankfully, I have then differing OWL course choices - Mozelle is my Arithmancy child and Joanna is in Ancient Runes - but they're both in music help me please
    [Image: Uze3hmr.png]
    [Image: w8aoop.gif][Image: j98sw5.gif][Image: buiZoFj.jpg]
    Bee is a graphical goddess
    (09-16-2017, 03:13 PM)Ophelia Dippet Wrote: Thom & Ophelia: almost more of a soft connection but they do go to the same parties. All Thom knows about Ophelia is that she was at PSYR with Hannah and he assumes they're friends and invites her to things on the strength of that supposed friendship. Ophelia thinks Thom is too rich and respectable to have ended up with Hannah and there is no justice in the world D<

    So in Thom's recent Dippet Halloween Bash thread I learned that he's a little bit jealous of Roberto Devine for being engaged to Ophelia. Not because he thinks she's that attractive/because he likes her that much, but rather because her hostessing skills are top notch and in that respect, she might make a better Mrs. Pettigrew than Hannah has been doing so far. It's not like he actually wants to be married to her, but he is concerned that Roberto + Ophelia will start to eclipse him in the 'Quidditch sponsor who hosts the events of the season' role and he's very D< about that.

    Coupled with Ophelia's thoughts on him (see above), they'd probably meet and flirt harmlessly but frequently if I didn't play them both. :P

    See also: musecest headcanons I really didn't need but won't be able to ignore now.

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