Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Wednesday, September 13th
    Two young, well-bred ladies had been the first to receive a detention from the Russian professor that year. Frankly, Nikolai would not have believed it had he not seen their ridiculous display firsthand! Nikolai Sleptov was the sort of professor to quash such behaviour very early on, and it was his hope that the young witches would be so distressed by the end of their detention that they would think twice before behaving rashly in future.

    He did not relish the early hour, but thought it an easy way to crush their spirits.
    @Meta Lestrange @Holly Scrimgeour
    Word Count: 152 | Date: September 13, 1887

    Holly was sorry that she had gotten detention, but she was not at all sorry for putting on her violent display in Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Despite whether or not her professor had asked her to be on the offense, she had definitely shown him that she was capable of it. She figured that he'd eventually come around to liking her — besides, first impressions didn't really last forever, especially when talking about a student as bright as herself!

    Holly found herself sitting alongside the Gryffindor girl, Miss Lestrange. She thought the other girl was a bit brash, though she guessed she wasn't one who could judge at the moment. They'd both made the same so-called 'mistake', though Miss Lestrange had decided to set a girl on fire.

    She waited silently for her professor to speak, knowing better than to demand to know what they do to right their supposed wrong.
    Like many of the governesses to have reprimanded Meta Lestrange in the past, Nikolai Sleptov had overreacted. So what if she had attempted an offensive spell on her classmate? One, it hadn't worked, so no big deal. Two, this was DADA, weren't they supposed to learn how to fight? Being laughed at was a good reason to fight someone, in Meta's opinion. That Slytherin girl had disrespected her!

    "Good morning," Meta greeted in a tone all attitude when she arrived at the meeting place Professor Sleptov had set for them. Whatever he had in store for them, she wasn't scared!
    [Image: 5jExnM9.png]
    set by rune <3

    [Image: 1717216eWDA694X_zps11f69083.jpg]
    “Good morning to you both,” Nikolai greeted after casting a warning glance towards the brash young Gryffindor. “I hope ardently that this is your first detention. As such, I find it necessary to inform you that any and all manners of punishment, more or less, are deemed permissible by Headmaster Black and the Board of Governors. I, however, have always been a firm believer that the punishment ought to fit the crime for which it is intended in order to be meaningful.”

    Also given that they were young girls from wealthy families, Nik did not consider hanging them by their thumbs in the dungeons to be a particularly prudent decision.

    “You have both shown yourselves to have a dire lack of restraint but an interest in combative magic. It is my intention to give you a more appropriate outlet for that interest.”
    Word Count: 106 | Date: September 13, 1887

    She felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness at her professor's words. A more suitable outlet for their interest in combative magic? He wasn't going to challenge them to a duel, was he? Oh Merlin, he'd murder them without even meaning to! Perhaps he would have them turn their attention of each other, but would that really be much of a punishment? Seneca had called her the 'little beast', and this was a beast Holly would definitely like to take a shot at!

    She remained quiet for a moment, her gaze flickering between her professor and her fellow detainee. What would be in store for them?
    If professor Sleptov's words were meant to scare Meta, they'd failed. She was intrigued more than anything.

    She caught Miss Scrimgeour's glance and then turned to their teacher: "Are you going to make us fight something?"
    [Image: 5jExnM9.png]
    set by rune <3

    [Image: 1717216eWDA694X_zps11f69083.jpg]
    “No, Miss Lestrange, for we try to discourage violence in our pupils, particularly our well-bread young ladies,” he answered. Though Nikolai’s tone was conversational, his gaze was stern. “Your aggression—and your fire-starting skills, Miss Lestrange—will be channeled elsewhere. There are [accurate number] of fireplaces in this castle, outside of private staff quarters. The two of you are to light them all by the time your peers wake; the house elves have been instructed, today, to stand down in that regard. Should you fail to accomplish this in the…two hours or so you have, you will have to repeat tomorrow, and the next day, and so on.”
    Word Count: 90 | Date: September 13, 1887

    Holly's face twisted into an expression of obvious displeasure,

    "But - But sir," she said quietly, looking absolutely alarmed. "That's peasant's work! What - What if I burn myself?" Who was going to explain that to her father? "I'm not sure I know how to set things on fire — it was her who did that," she explained, tossing the Gryffindor a dirty look. That was probably far from the truth, seeing as "Incendio" wasn't the most difficult spell to cast, but she didn't want to be punished for Miss Lestrange's stupid move!
    That was the punishment? Meta had been told that punishments involved being caned or hanged by your thumbs. Or, if the professors were particularly generous, being forced to do boring servants' works. Lighting up all the fireplaces in the castles was servants' work, but it was light years better than being forced to clean up pots!

    It helped that Meta liked starting fires.

    The whole 'detention' also had the feeling of a challenge, what with the time limit and the stipulation.

    Miss Holly Scrimgeour clearly didn't share Meta's sentiments. She rolled her eyes as she complained. "Professor Sleptov can't exactly make you paralyze people," she commented sarcastically, before turning to their teacher. "I accept your challenge. Except we can't get in the Ravenclaw or Huflepuff common rooms - unless you want us to fail."*

    *Nik said private stuff quarters only so I assume that didn't include common rooms.
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       Annabelle Scrimgeour
    [Image: 5jExnM9.png]
    set by rune <3

    [Image: 1717216eWDA694X_zps11f69083.jpg]
    He ignored Miss Scrimgeour’s protests.

    “Ah, thank you for reminding me, Miss Lestrange,” he answered the Gryffindor as he rummaged through his pockets to produce two slips of parchment and handed one to each first year. Upon them was written in his scrawling writing, ‘a lady is gentle’ accompanied by the entries to the Hufflepuff and Slytherin common rooms.

    “Those will buy you access into each unfamiliar common room, but only until sunrise. You will need to see me for a new one tomorrow, should you prove unsuccessful.”

    It was, the professor knew, very nearly an impossible task. That was by design, in the hopes that both girls would think better before acting out of turn in future.
    Word Count: 88 | Date: September 13, 1887

    Holly's mouth dropped open at the inclusion of the common rooms. She turned to the mouthy Gryffindor girl and gave her the deepest scowl she could muster — one that clearly said 'thanks a lot'.

    "I'll do the Hufflepuff. It's not too far from the Slytherin common room," she grumbled, accepting one of the passes from the professor. She was not in the mood to argue any further; she would get this done as quickly as possible and try to avoid Meta Lestrange for the rest of her existence.
    By now, Meta had figured that Miss Scrimgeour had a bit of a victim complex and that looking as though someone had insulted her mother was a default facial expression of hers.

    Meta's expression to Holly Scrimgeour could translate as 'chill' as she opened her own map/piece of parchment. If her partner in crime wanted Hufflepuff, she'd take Ravenclaw. Way to give her the tower while she got the easy ones. At the very least, "her" part of the castle seemed to have the lesser fireplaces, even though they were scattered across a greater field.
    [Image: 5jExnM9.png]
    set by rune <3

    [Image: 1717216eWDA694X_zps11f69083.jpg]
    The first years seemed decidedly resigned to their fates, though daunted by the task. Good. Let them stew over its vastness. It would teach them, the professor believed, to think before they acted in future. One was never too young to learn such a crucial lesson.

    “Remember, if the task is not completed today, you will meet me again tomorrow for a second attempt, and the next day, and the next,” the Russian cautioned. Let them find out on their own time that he was not fond of rising before the sun.
    Word Count: 78

    Holly decided that more than one day would likely be required to complete this task, so she would spend the first night doing her task ... while also scoping out the most efficient way to handle the task the next night. She had no faith that Miss Meta Lestrange would be handle her task without getting distracted, so she would have to figure out a way to handle her as well.

    This was going to be a long night.
    Meta wasn't too worried about the prospect of repeating the task. It would happen so many times before Professor Sleptov deemed that she and Miss Scrimgeour had learned their lesson. She didn't think that the professor would be so dedicated to his detention as to make them put up with it until the end of time.

    Besides. She was a Lestrange. If Professor Sleptov overdid it with his detention, Uncle Priam would surely have something to say! They hadn't come to Hogwarts to light fireplaces.

    So, overall, Meta wasn't too worried. She merely nodded at her professor with the air of someone who understood the task at hand but they weren't taking it too seriously.

    For the next hours, she and Miss Scrimgeour were running around, lighting fireplaces.
    [Image: 5jExnM9.png]
    set by rune <3

    [Image: 1717216eWDA694X_zps11f69083.jpg]