Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    a little more action please {emma's networking}
    Hello, my name is Emma and these are the currently active characters that I write. I would prefer that you reply here with your networking ideas for me but if you want things to be ~secrets~, you can PM Clarissa Cosgrove though let me know that you want things hush hush otherwise if I'm excited, I might get chatty!
    LAST UPDATED: 12-26-2017
    I have up to fifty characters active at any given time and they are all listed here by social class and then alphabetical order. The images link to the respective characters app so just click on the picture of them if you want a look at that. The "Wants" tab lists my current wanted ads, threads I want and plots that I desire.
    [Image: oicvlM.png]

    Clayton Adam Ross

    19 | LCHB | ★★★★★ | Ravenclaw | Unattached
    Apprentice Freelance Cursebreaker

    Clayton is a very academically minded person that is pretty open-minded about most things. He has a bit of a difficulty connecting with his fellow human beings and so his friendship circle is quite small.

    Clayton is in need of all sorts of things and could definitely use some IC friendships that can either be new or have developed in the past. When it comes to lovers, Clayton has no set ideal and is pansexual. He approaches relationships in a very analyical manner, though and it would definitely take someone special to both capture and keep his attention.

    Eilis Aoibhe Hooligan

    20 | LCHB | ★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Aspiring Author

    Eilis is a reformed thief that is now an aspiring author. For the past couple of years, she has been in an intense, committed relationship but her man has been lost at sea since 1885. She is probably still known for being expelled for punching a snooty rich girl during her school years so she writes under an alias. Eilis is still as brash and improper as she always was but has definitely matured some and so could use some friends to help her stay on the straight and narrow.
    Eugene Isaac Reese

    19 | LCHB | ★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached

    Eugene is a former footman that left service in the search of some sort of grand adventure. He is going to find this adventure eventually and will end up the owler on Alfred J. Darrow's expedition. Eugene is a very loyal friend to have as well as a purehearted individual. Eugene always enjoyed his life in service but got the thirst for adventure after coming to the full realization that there was more to the world than the small space he was occupying.
    Garrett Adrian Cavey

    18 | LCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    St. Mungos Potions & Plant Poisoning Intern

    Garrett is a hardworking boy that enjoys helping people. He is an absolute sweetheart that is very open with his friendship. He could definitely use some sort of mentor which would be a healer that has already completed their internships. I am not fussy on gender when  it comes to this person. Garrett is gay and very uncomfortable with his own sexuality so he is very unlikely to initiate any romances though he would probably have small crushes that he would definitely try repressing.
    Ignatius William Quirrell

    16 | LCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Sixth Year

    Ignatius is an intelligent boy that takes his education very seriously. He has ambitions to become a professor someday though he has not yet decided in exactly which area that this should be in. He is a very loyal person as well as open-minded. Ignatius is very much for equality and can be a bit of an activist when it comes to fighting for his beliefs.

    He also has feelings for Acacia Ruskin and defends her to people who might speak badly of her since she has always been quite sweet and kind to him. Ignatius is in school on scholarship though so he also tries not to rock the boat too much.
    James Baird

    16 | LCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    Sixth Year; Keeper

    James is a girl-crazed teenaged boy that enjoys flirting with girls and hanging out with his best buds. James has a crush on a different girl at any given time and will do almost anything to impress them. One example would be that he joined the Quidditch team despite the fact that his arm is sometimes useless when it comes to throwing or catching things due to a childhood accident that failed to heal properly. James is also quite intelligent as evidenced by the fact that he has managed to maintain a scholarship so that he can stay in school.
    Jamesina Neilina Mcintrye

    18 | LCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Complicated
    St. Mungos Mediwitch

    When Jamesina first began school she was a bubbly, outgoing person but a traumatic event one summer saw her personality shift. She became quiet and kept mostly to herself but she managed to maintain some friendships. Due to her trauma, she once resolved to be an auror but over time, she let go of that dream and decided on becoming a mediwitch instead.

    She was raised in the Hebrides but moved into a London flat with three other girls so that she could be closer to work. One of Jamesina's most notable and longest running friendships is with Andrew Bingham. Their friendship turned romantic in school but due to Jamesina's discomfort with his familiarity as well as other things, things cooled. She never stopped having feelings for him though - a fact which has recently come to Andrews attention after approximately two years of distance.
    Josiah Rohlwing

    27 | LCMuggle | ★★★★★ | N/A | Unattached
    Police Constable

    Josiah is an Irvingly muggle that loves his family and tends to keep to himself. He is trying to change that aspect of himself though which is part of the reason he went from being the school caretaker to a police constable. He is a very outdoorsy sort of person and could use some camping buddies!

    I am also very much looking to hurl Josiah. Potential hurls should be lower class and between the ages of 18-26. They could also be somewhat older if the chemistry works! In the past, Josiah has shown interest in women that appear to be hard-working, demure and kind. She should also be respectable as Josiah would want his family to approve of any lady he is serious about.
    Montgomery Morales

    24 | LCHB | ★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Being Extra™; Smooth Criminal

    Monty is an 'outskirts' member of the Revolutionaries. He isn't really one of them but shows up to their meetings regardless. He is a criminal and an asshole and utterly unapologetic about the fact. He lacks scrupels and has no sense of loyalty whatsoever. He has a past ~thing with Kieran which is why Kieran puts up with him. Monty is also a rather vain man and as such, takes good care with his appearance. Monty is definitely not one to be trusted but is definitely the person to go to for all your shady needs.
    Morgana Adeline Gaunt

    15 | LCPB | ★★★ | Slytherin | Betrothed
    Hogsmeade Hospital Tea Room Staff

    Morgana is a parselmouth that had to leave school due to lack of finances after the 1886-1887 school year. She is very enamored and loyal to her betrothed, possibly to the point that she won't even have male friends. Morgana definitely could use some female friends, though and would probably get along with most fellow lower class girls.
    Sparrow Conrad Bloodworth

    20 | LCPB | ★★★★★ | Ravenclaw | Unattached
    Hogsmeade Howlers First String Beater

    A Quidditch player during his time in school, Sparrow is now a first string beater for the Howlers. He is very loyal to his team though would still defect to another team if the price was right. He needs all sorts of things to liven up his life and he could definitely use a circle of friends to get up to mischief with.
    Valentino Tobias Khatri

    27 | LCHB | ★★★ | Privately Educated | Unattached
    Rare & Exotic Imports Gofer

    Valentino is a charming man that is part of the Khatri family. He was adopted into it at the age of sixteen but very much considers them to be his real family. His best friend is Rush and most of the rest of his family make up his friends so he isn't really in need of new ones. He is sent out on assignment a lot so could easily be found in London. He likely has quite a few past lovers of both genders. He tends to make big promises that he never actually follows through on so could have a mix of lovers waiting for him to 'return' to them or cursing his name.

    Alcyone Geneva Slughorn

    11 | MCPB | ★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    First Year

    Alcyone is the best friend of Madeline Bell and so would get along with people of similiar dispositions. She is an adventurous spirit that loves to explore. Alcyone has quite the imagination and is a natural born story teller. Alcyone tried out for the Quidditch team but did not make it. She is not really broken up about it though as her love for Quidditch is quite pale in comparision to Maddy's. She needs all sorts of things as I would very much like her to be a known face among her peers.
    Catherine Lenora Weasley

    21 | MC"PB" | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Married
    Wife of Caradog Weasley

    Catherine is a half-veela but this is a closely gaurded secret. This bit will be retconned out on the new board though since it actually holds very little weight against Catherine's personality. She is a generous, sweet, family-oriented woman that adores her husband and children. The half-breed ban, however, has been a cause of stress and she is continuously worried about what the future will bring for her children.

    Catherine is a member of the Daughters of Demeter and hangs around there so that she can socialize with other women. She also interned as a healer and worked in the Hogsmeade Hospital Potions and Plant Poisoning department until a couple of months into her pregnancy.
    Citrine Sonata Weasley

    15 | MCHB | ★★★★★ | Ravenclaw | Unattached
    Fourth Year; Chaser

    Citrine is one of the many Weasley daughters of Juniper and Rowan Weasley. Citrine is lively, free-spirited and pretty open with her friendship. She is one of the former dormates of Topaz Urqhart that is openly still friendly and supportive of the teen werewolf. Citrine might be tiny but she is also quite into athletics which is why she joined the Quidditch team. I would very much like Citrine to develop her first crush so am looking to thread her with people to see if any spark her interest.
    Eoin Aiden Friel

    17 | MCPB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    Seventh Year

    Eoin is a soft-spoken, purehearted cinnamon roll of a teenager that is currently just trying his best to come to terms with his own sexuality. Ever since he came to the realization that he was gay, he has been feeling a mix of things. It certainly doesn't help that his best friend doesn't quite understand though luckily did not cut Eoin out of his life. Eoin is kind and gentle - definitely the sort of have all sorts of friends!
    Esteban Wallace Zavala

    26 | MCHB | ★★★★ | Gryffindor | Courting
    Puddlemere United First String Keeper & Captain; Activist

    Esteban is a charming and sociable young man that very much enjoys life. He is also very much for equality and is an activist on top of being a famous Quidditch player. His friends are different levels of reputation so rep doesn't really matter to him though he is personally discreet for the sake of his career. He has had numerous past lovers of both genders that he tends to stay friendly with since he has always made it clear from the start that he is only looking for fun.

    On the new site, he will be lower class and single. I will be hurling him at lower class ladies, aged 18-26, any blood. I would also be down for him ending up with a middle class woman that marries down since that could be some fun drama.
    Hwan Moon

    11 | MCPB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    First Year

    Hwan is a friendly, bubbly boy that likes exploring the world and making new friends. He is the first generation of his family to be born in the United Kingdom and so does not have anyone in his family that was able to tell him about Hogwarts.

    Hwan recently won the Potions tournament for his age bracket, even beating out older years, so he is currently very happy about that and looking to improve upon this apparent talent of his! Thus, I would ver much like him to find a Potions tutor/mentor type of person. This would be an older student.
    Jacques Gabriel Michaud

    26 | MCHB | ★★★★ | Beauxbatons | Unattached
    Michaud's Musical Merchandise Owner

    Jacques is an artist that moved to the UK in 1882 after he had a close call with a sex scandal that resulted in him and his family to move to the UK from France. This is not very likely to be something that is known as it was expertly covered up by the other partys family. He is a generally ornery person but isn't one to shy away from a good time. People might also know him from his position as a Ministry Translator from 1883 to about 1885. He is also a quarter vampire though he has never made this knowledge public though there are likely suspicions, especially since the family has always been a little odd and isolated.

    Jacques is gay but technically hurlable and since his brothers death that was followed by the death of his sister-in-law, he has been being pressured into getting married. He's consider lower/middle class, any blood women that aren't prejudiced and wouldn't expect him to care deeply about them.
    January Annette Lynch

    18 | MCPB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached

    January is the second youngest Lynch sister and as such, she has always felt very out of place within her own skin. She is trying to mark a place for herself in the world but the problem with that is that she has no real clue how to do that. January is an artistic girl that can often be found painting in parks and other such public places where it is respectable for a young woman to be painting. January also has a love for plants and gardening.

    January is also very much a fan of Quidditch, especially Quidditch players. She is not a hussy at all, though and very unlikely to end up doing anything improper with a man. As for hurling, potential men should be at least a couple of years older, middle or upper class and able to support a wife. Blood status wouldn't matter.
    Lily Rose Huddleston

    22 | MCHB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Ministry Welcome Witch

    Lily is a woman that never worked a day in her life up until August of 1887. Her father always spoiled her and Lily only took the job as welcome witch as a way to meet more men as well as a desire to do something new. So far, she is not doing it very well but she is trying her best. She is also notoriously clumsy and almost always having some sort of mishap.

    Lily is very much on the hunt for a husband. Hurls should be at least over the age of 25 and able to support a wife. Lily enjoys light flirtation so she probably wouldn't do well with a man that was too serious though that could be amusing to attempt in an opposites sort of scenario. She could also potentially end up in a mistress situation depending on things though it would take extra special circumstances for her to have premarital sex.
    Loretta Faith Browne

    20 | MCPB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    Awkward Turtle

    Loretta is a former Hufflepuff that is kind of finding it hard to make her way through adult life. She is awkward, shy and not the sort of person that does well at social events. Loretta's best friend is Ismene Swift, a girl who does do social events quite well. As such, Loretta tends to find herself attending things whenever Ismene invites her along. Loretta is creative, artistic and has an eye for fashion design. Loretta has also had a longtime crush on Harvey Beauregard and has no idea what to do about it.

    When it comes to hurling, men should be able to support a wife, any blood status provided that they have fully human heritage and middle or upper class. Loretta would personally only be comfortable marrying a middle class man, though. The man will probably also have to be the one to take interest and be persistent.  
    Philip Eric Aymslowe

    27 | MCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Owner of Sweet Delights; Investor

    Philip is a generous, kind man with a love for food and baking. He opened a shop in Irvingly and whilst his storefront has baked goods and sweets suitable for muggle ingestion, he has magical wares as well that are hidden from public eye. He is innovative and often coming up with new ideas as well as showcasing products that he's created using inspiration from foreign countries.

    He also enjoys helping out fledgling companies with promise by investing some start up money in them. These would be lower and lower-middle class people for the most part.

    When it comes to hurling, Philip likes a woman that enjoys food. She should be over the age of seventeen, middle class and of any blood status. Lower class might also be a possibility depending on chemistry!
    Thomas Jonathan Grant

    20 | MCHB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Ministry Third Year Auror-in-Training

    Tom is an ambitious and cunning young man that believes that the ends justifies the means. He is much closer to his sister than he is with their parents. Having had to fight his parents to permit him to become an auror instead of taking over the family business, he ended up tricking them into an agreement.

    Tom is very focused on his career with little thought to anything else. He could definitely use some people in his life to liven it up.
    Timothy Declan Ainsworth

    27 | MCHB | ★★★★ | Ravenclaw | Unattached
    Librarian@Crowdy Memorial Library; Inventor

    Timothy is a mildly eccentric intellectual that works as a librarian and tinkers with inventing things with the rest of his time. He doesn't have a vast amount of people skills but he is not inherently unkind. He is the sort of person that is both hard to read and hard to provoke. When he doesn't understand something, he won't admit to it but will educate himself on his own time as best as he can on whatever it is.

    Timothy is gay but is on the search for a wife so that he can have some companionship and carry on his family name since he is their only son. Personality wise, he is looking for someone he can see himself at least being friends with since he'll never be able to love them romantically. Hurls should be lower or middle class, any blood and between the ages of 18 to 24. When it comes to his past experience with men, aside from crushes on his end, he has no experience as he has done his best to keep his sexuality hidden.

    Tristan Narcisse Michaud

    17 | MCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Puddlemere United First String Chaser

    Tristan is a teenager that had to leave school due to his hidden part vampire heritage (he's 1/8th vampire) which is something he only shared with his employer. The rest of the world has simply been told that he decided to leave school early to jump start his Quidditch career. Considering his indifference to school, this wouldn't be surprising to anyone that knew him. He joined Puddlemere United as a reserve chaser in June of 1887 and by September of 1887, he had been promoted to first string.

    He also has been in an illicent secret romance with Rasmus Mohr for the past couple of years. It has since cooled and Tristan has been open to other dalliances for quite some time. Tristan could use all sorts of things as he has become a little stagnant and I don't like that. :P

    Adrien Michel Favreau

    22 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Hogsmeade Hospital Artifact Incidents Healer

    Adrien is the younger brother of Marius and Toussaint Favreau. A master at card games, Adrien is a romantic poet sort of person that is often falling in love only to fall out of it for random, sometimes irrational, reasons. There is only one girl that has ever held his attention but he has never really had the gumption to actually tell her his feelings. There will be an ad for this on the new board. For now, Adrien could do with all sorts of relationships.
    Alexander William Echelon

    25 | UCPB | ★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Ministry House Elf Relocation Office Employee

    Alexander is the brother of Hannah Pettigrew and the son of the infamous Sebastian Echelon. He lives with his great grandmother Jena in Hogsmeade. He is dimwitted but charming and definitely has a flair about him that most people enjoy. He is impulsive, fun-loving and generally one to go with the flow.

    He never had to work prior to his fathers crimes being exposed and their assets seized but settled into the House Elf Relocation Office. He doesn't do his job very well but luckily, he ended up in a department where that doesn't matter since most people don't really care about house elves.
    Archelaus Alexander Abney

    14 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Fourth Year; Seeker

    Archelaus is an arrogant young man that is destined to grow up to be quite the villian. He cares very little for anyone that isn't a pureblood though he can actually be quite nice if he wants to be. Generally, he makes friendships based on the other persons usefulness and whether their beliefs align with his own or not.

    I very much intend to apply for him to be a prefect when the season rolls around so I would love to have threads that would help his cause.
    Attica Orla Paxton

    27 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Widowed
    Widow of Elias Paxton

    Attica is a gentle, demure woman that was pulled out of Hogwarts before she could finish due to her family moving to America in 1878. Attica and her family moved back to Britian in 1884. A young widow, Attica never got along with her husband who was a rather deplorable man as well as a werewolf - a secret she has kept from even her closest of siblings.

    Attica is not actively on the hunt for a new husband and is rather determined to marry for love. She also has her eye on a certain gentleman. Any other potential hurls should be upper class, any blood status and okay with the fact that she has a son from her first marriage.
    Aurelia Lorelai Vernon

    17 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Pendergast Rose

    Aurelia is an energetic and personable young woman that is more at home in a potions lab than she is most other places. Her parents stuck her into the school of Young Roses as a means of keeping her away from her muggleborn best friend. They have always been on the extreme end of the purist spectrum while Aurelia has not been.

    Aurelia could definitely use more friends that are into potions like she is. Other than potions, she is actually quite ladylike and very sociable so not all her friends need to be potion fiends.

    Possible romances could be of either gender. She was in love with her best friend but never explored it. I'm not quite sure what her 'type' is when it comes to males and females. Aurelia's parents are purist so they would require a upper class pureblood, 21+, excellent rep. I personally would not mind her falling for and courting with a upper class of any blood.
    Clarissa Genevieve Cosgrove

    18 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Pendergast Rose

    Clarissa is a prim and proper girl that did quite well when she was in school. Now, she is doing quite well in the Pendergast School for Young Roses. Her friend circle would mostly be other girls of the ladylike variety. She is pretty open with her friendship though and wouldn't cut out a friend due to scandal if they were close enough. She can be quite charming and lightly flirtatious.

    Clarissa has a taste for the 'bad boy' sort and she is prone to girlish crushes. Hurls should be over the age of 21, upper class and while her parents insist she marries a pureblood, she is quite open about blood status in a potential husband.
    Darling Mary Elizabeth Whitledge

    14 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    Fourth Year

    Darling is an absolute sweetheart and one of the sisters of Handsome Whitledge. She is currently in mourning for the death of her mother and is already quite done with it. She is a natural born peacemaker but sometimes the drama in large family can take a bit of a toll. Darling is very against the half-breed ban and even passed around a petition.

    I would very much like for Darling to experience her first crush. I am not sure which sort of boy might catch her interest so would like to thread her with a variety of boys. Maybe even girls, who knows!
    Eros Abraham Mohr

    7 | UC½Veela | ★★★★ | TBD | Unattached
    Child of Threnody and Edward Mohr

    Eros is a known half-veela and is the son of the infamous Threnody Mohr and Quidditch star, Edward Mohr. He is playful and full of mischief with a love of Quidditch. He very much idolizes his father. He is too young to understand why people are so against him just because he's part veela and tends to chalk that up to jealousy on their part.Eros is aware that he is a very pretty boy and just takes that as a given.
    Gaston Hunter Darby

    35 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Gentleman of Leisure

    Gaston is a typical upper class gentleman that enjoys hunting and other such upper class male things. His friends are likely to be upper or middle class, mostly pureblood and probably most Black's members. He is a soft purist though so he definitely would not be cultivating muggle or muggleborn connections.

    Gaston is also a patron of the arts and needs artists to financially support! Class and blood would not matter for this but pureblood artists would definitely get more from him than others.

    Gaston is very much an eligible bachelor and so I am hurling him like mad. Hurls should be upper class purebloods or halfbloods with no close muggle relations, in the age rage of 18-28. Purist ideals would be a bonus.
    Hope Amity Virtue Crawford

    17 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Seventh Year

    Hope is a sweet girl that very much likes gardening and herbology. She is the creative sort though isn't exactly a skilled artist. Even so, she enjoys dabbling a bit in different artistic pursuits. Her favorite happens to be photography which she is currently learning about.

    I am not quite sure what Hopes 'type' is, if she has one but crushes are a possibility that could be fun to explore. I am also open to pre-hurling Hope and having her debut early if she met the right match. These men would have to be at least four or so years older, upper class, any blood status. I am also open to a betrothal taking place though it would be a new arrangement.
    Howell Caradoc Merrick II

    30 | UCHB | ★★★★ | Ravenclaw | Unattached
    Gentleman of Pleasure

    Howell is a rather rebellious and scandalous man that is all about fun with minor thought for the consequences. He was a member of Excaliburs until he aged out of it when he turned thirty and so most of his friends are probably still in the club.

    Howell is not looking for a wife but he is hurlable and quite wealthy. Hurls should be over the age of eighteen, any class (upper/middle class heavily preferred) and of any blood status. Scandals in the family don't matter to him.
    John Humphrey-Mavis

    19 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    Appleby Arrows Second String Keeper

    Known by Jack by pretty much everyone that knows him, Jack is a charming, sociable young man. He has quite the large friend circle but most of them are of lower social classes than he is so I am very much looking for some upper class boys for him to pal around with. Jack is also a member of Excaliburs so could reasonably know some of these new friends from there.

    Jack is also the brother of Viscount Corcrest, Frederick Humphrey-Mavis and is introduced as The Honorable John Humphrey-Mavis.
    Kentigern Conroy MacFusty

    37 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Widowed
    Ministry Dragon Research & Restraint Bureau Head

    Tiger is a boisterous man that was a Dragonkeeper before settling into the Ministry's new Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau. When his father retired, he took over as the Head of it. Tiger is a family-oriented man that is quite open-minded and accepting of most people.

    Tiger is a widow with many children and as such is in need of a new wife. Any blood status is fine by Tiger though they should be able to handle the fact that he has five kids. He'd also prefer that they be relatively scandal free since the MacFusty's have had enough scandal within their family to last a lifetime. Tiger would only consider upper or middle class women.
    Love Elvira Darby

    22 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached

    Love is a debutante that went missing for a couple of months after her home caught on fire before being discovered with a group of muggles. She had hit her head while trying to escape the fire and her head injury caused her to have amnesia. She still does not have her full memories back and only remembers traces of her former life. It can be quite distressing for her at times but she has somewhat adjusted to her new life.

    Love's type tends to veer towards 'manly' men. Currently, she is cautious of all men but the one that brought her back from where she was missing (Connolly Brennan). Hurls would be upper class, any blood status, not purist and at least a few years older than her.
    Maybelle Muddle Marriot

    13 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Third Year; Seer

    Maybelle is a young Seer that is currently unaware of her own ability. She's used it but people usually just thought she was being weird and never really brought up the weirdness to her since she's always a bit off the wall anyway. She could use someone to help her realize what she is!

    Maybelle is a tad eccentric and out of touch with the world. Her friends are likely to be of similiar dispositions but I am open to all sorts of personality types befriending her since she is a pretty friendly girl.
    Mundungus Uilleam MacFusty

    17 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Gryffindor | Unattached
    Seventh Year; Beater; Quidditch Captain

    Munny is an athletic boy that very much enjoys playing Quidditch. He also loves dragons and plans to go into the family business when he graduates. He is a pretty open and friendly person. Lately, he has discovered the fun of flirtation. Munny could use all sorts of things in his life.

    Munny is definitely in need of things to bring him back to life. He could also use some threads with girls to hone his newly nurtured flirting skills!
    Owain Defiance Edwards

    17 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    Seventh Year; Beater; Club Quidditch Red Captain

    Owain is a history buff that keeps that aspect of his personality a secret aside from a small circle of friends. For the most part, he is very into Quidditch and other sports. His friends are likely to be as into sports as he is.

    Owain is also often seen in the company of his best friend who is selectively mute. Owain often speaks for him in social situations.
    Richard Arlington Gladstone

    30 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Hufflepuff | Unattached
    St. Mungos Magical Bugs Healer-in-Charge

    Richard is a charming, sociable man that is also a hard worker. He was promoted into a healer in charge position at a younger age than is typical. He is sweet, kind and generally very much of a Hufflepuff.

    Richard's interest is currently on Annabelle Scrimgeour but I am still open to other hurls. Hurls should be between age ages of 17-25 that have debuted into society. Upper class preferred though Richard isn't completely adverse to the possibility of marrying a middle class woman if they happen to have an amazing connection. Any blood status is fine by him.
    Roberto Connell Devine

    32 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin| Engaged
    Kenmare Kestrals Quidditch Sponsor

    Roberto is a jovial, Quidditch loving man that loves to have fun whilst staying within the realm of propriety. He played Quidditch as a Chaser in school and since it would have been untoward for him to play Quidditch as a heir and first son, he decided to go into sponsoring a team. He was fairly popular in school so likely has a lot of friends from school days, he was also a prefect. His friends would be many upper class, any blood but that isn't entirely strict though he does keep his acquaintance with scandalous or known non-humans to a minimum. He is also a member of Black's. Roberto is also open for threads that go towards recruiting people onto his team.

    Roberto is happily engaged to Miss Ophelia Dippet and is quite in love with her. We are both, however, open to women who want to take her place and to generally cause drama. We even have an ad for that.
    Rupert Walter Bingham

    16 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Ravenclaw | Unattached
    Sixth Year; Beater; Flying Club President

    Rupert is an attention and fame-hungry boy that is also a bit of a bigot. His friends are mainly upper class, male and pureblood. They are likely to also be of the asshole and bully variety like he is. He does try to be on good terms with his Quidditch teammates though. He has also been president of the flying club since 1886. Rupert is capable of being charming when he wants to be and is on the intelligent side of things.

    Since Rupert is unknowingly bisexual, I'd love for Rupert to develop a crush on an older boy. He would be in denial whilse also uncharacteristically being a hot mess. He would have no clue what was happening or why. Whether or not anything beyond that happens depends on how threads go.
    Sage Ambrose Macnair

    15 | UCPB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Fourth Year

    Sage is a quiet boy that mostly keeps to himself and is sometimes even thought of as being sweet. The truth is that Sage is a sociopath that can't quite connect with emotions like someone normally would. His friends would mostly be upper and middle class purebloods. Gender actually wouldn't matter too much to him so long as they're intelligent. Due to his inability to properly connect with people that are not his family, Sage's close friends are likely to be very few in number. His closest friends would likely be into morbid things in someway and openly talk about such things with him.
    Tobin Shaun Cartwright

    15 | UCHB | ★★★★★ | Slytherin | Unattached
    Fifth Year; Beater; Prefect

    Tobin is an athletic boy that is on the Quidditch team and is a prefect. He can be a bit of a snarky asshole but he is not outright unfriendly. His treatment of someone usually is influenced by how they intitially treat him. He isn't very picky when it comes to his friends though a majority would be upper and middle class. Any blood status and he doesn't care if you're a part creature or not. Once someone is thought of as a friend by him, he tends to be very caring and protective of them/

    Obviously Tobin is super young for hurling but I am down for some teenage crushes and romances. I'd love it if he had something going with a sugary-sweet person due to the contrast in personalities it would bring to the table.

    [Image: oicvlM.png]

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