Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Planting the Seed of Knowledge
    Private Thread 
    Word Count: 152 | Tag: @Daffodil Potts | Date: September 06, 1887

    Herbology seemed like one of those subjects that would only be really useful with other subjects. She imagined to be a master potioneer she'd need a working knowledge of plants, and she couldn't start making amazing potions until she knew all about the plants that only older students knew about!

    She had settled down in a seat next to a Ravenclaw girl named Miss Potts. Her family's florist business combined with her surname that sounded like a flower pot meant she had to be great at Herbology, right? She'd brought with her the textbook she'd bought for her first year Herbology class, but she also brought some textbooks that were labeled for OWL students.

    "So does your family work with both mundane or magical plants — or both?" she asked. She imagined starting out talking about the other girl's life would make her far more friendly and therefore more willing to assist her.
    While Daffy had never envisioned herself finding herself helping out younger students, Calla and her friends aside, she wasn't opposed to the prospect either. Honestly, she was happy to help anyone with Herbology! Anybody who knew her would know that right up front.

    With the young Miss Scrimgeour sitting next to her, Daffy had to think back to the first year curriculum; it had been a while ago at this point! "Both!" She answered easily, a clear picture of the shop in mind. "The florist aspect is mostly just that- decorative flowers, but we do offer a small selection of magical plants too, mostly for house hold needs. We do have a rather... spirited fanged geranium as well." Daff wasn't so sure that thing would ever leave their greenhouse, but one never knew!

    "How are you finding school so far?" She inquired, thinking she should probably actually reach out to her own first year sister and see how Calla was doing aside from what she'd gathered from casual observation.
    gorgeous Daff!set by MJ!
    [Image: oN9fam.png]
    Word Count: 111 | Tag: @Daffodil Potts | Date: September 06, 1887

    Miss Potts seemed friendly enough. She didn't seem bothered by the prospect of assisting her — which was decidedly a good thing, since Holly wasn't one to give up when determination overtook her. She shifted around the books in front of her as Miss Potts answered her question, to which the first year looked up and nodded in response.

    "School's been well," she answered, opening the top book to the page they'd been looking at last Herbology class. "Another student and I have been practicing wandwork. She's been teaching me higher-level defensive and offensive magic," she explained, wondering how skilled Miss Potts — a seventh year — was in Defence Against the Dark Arts.
    Daff was a little surprised to learn that the young Slytherin was getting help in other classes as well. Did she really need that much help or was she just trying to get ahead? Well it wasn't of much concern to Daff, Miss Scrimgeour had requested extra assistance in herbology, which Daff was all too available to dole out.

    "My, you're certainly busy." She said instead, blue eyes curious but not enough to ask why. "What is it about herbology you feel you need assistance with?" Plants were Daff's area of expertise after all!
    gorgeous Daff!set by MJ!
    [Image: oN9fam.png]
    Word Count: 130 | Tag: @Daffodil Potts | Date: September 06, 1887

    Holly couldn't say that she was necessarily struggling, but she did desire methods to make herself even better in the classes she considered herself only average in. She could read and she could follow a schedule, but remembering certain things — things like the properties of plants — was something she could get better at.

    "I was more wondering if you had any methods to recognize plants better, along with their properties. Some of my other classes have sayings to help me remember the wand movements of spells, and I thought Herbology might have some tricks like that!" she requested, opening her textbook. "So many of these plants are difficult to remember with all their properties, and you must have a way to remember them," she pressed, her tone all-too-eager for answers.
    Oh, organization. That was not Daffy's forte. Herbology was just her thing, she didn't much have to think about it. That said, she was not an all-knowing herbology guru, ever good herbologist had one thing and she knew her father's very well.

    "Oh, you need a field journal." Daffy couldn't really think of any quips or phrases that helped her much. "I keep one, it's alphabetized. Every time we learn something new, or I come across something while reading, I add it in." That may no have exactly been what Miss Scrimgeour was looking for, but the were so many plant species and varieties and properties to them that there was no way to memorize everything! Her father was a brilliant marine herbologist and he still relied on his journal every day to do his job.
    gorgeous Daff!set by MJ!
    [Image: oN9fam.png]
    Holly pouted. That was definitely not the answer she was looking for, and anyone who could possibly deduce that this was about school should've been able to figure that out.

    "Professor Skeeter won't let me use a field journal on exams, though," she pointed out, her shoulders slouched in disappointment. "How do you do well on your schoolwork? You know, without the help that's not allowed in class?"
    Daff had never thought to need anything for exams... maybe it was just intuitive for her, but she supposed a first year could use a little boost somehow. "I've always found Professor Skeeter's lessons to lead up to any tests, he'll do lots of practical work on the applicable information just beforehand, then I take everything down in my journal and that's what I review before any tests, though honesty, he doesn't give that many." No it was really OWLs and NEWTs one had to actually worry about. Not that Daffy worried about anything like that.

    "It's such a broad and fascinating subject." Daff mused aloud. "It's impossible to memorize anything. You could use a field journal for homework and to take notes in class, that would help, then it's all in the same place for review when a test does come up." Really, until Miss Scrimgeorr was going to have to pluck her own potions ingredients from the greenhouses, Daff was sure she was overthinking this.
    gorgeous Daff!set by MJ!
    [Image: oN9fam.png]