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Issue #206 - The Fisk & Tweedy Wedding: True Love or Hidden Secrets?

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On the magical side of fashion, traditional robes may be in for a surge in popularity towards the latter half of the year and on into 1890. What To Expect From 1889!
1888 is likely to be looked back on as the year of The Fog, the subsequent weeks of fear and panic are still fresh in public consciousness, but what about 1889? We have consulted top Seers* and analysts to bring you an idea of what's in store for the last year of the decade.

Events & Innovations
1889 looks to be a very memorable year already. The French are set to unveil their monstrous metal 'tower' in Paris for the World Fair this year, an event which is likely to see the whole world holding its breath in anticipation of either success or catastrophic failure for the French people.

The long awaited new model of the Sky-carriage flying carpet - the first of its kind to boast an invisibility feature that lasts for the whole journey - will be released this coming spring! The release of a higher capacity version should follow a few months later.

The author of Where There's A Wand, There's A Way, Wilton Golightly, is publishing a new book this year, this time a spellbook. Pixiedust Publishing refused to grant us an advance copy but did inform us that it is very likely to make its way onto the Hogwarts book list in September. This is certainly the most anticipated non-fiction book of the year.

While Ministers seem to come and go with the seasons in recent times, we don't anticipate 1889 being an election year. We do foresee other positions high up in the Ministry opening up over the course of the year, however. The political atmosphere is likely to grow a little more tense with certain lobbyist groups growing more vocal and contention around certain law changes will arise. A court trial towards the end of the year will captivate the nation - the specifics of which cannot be divulged at this time.

The 1880's have seen a fluctuation in bustles: the 1870's ended in large bustles and while size has fluctuated over the last nine years, they have yet to return to such garish proportion. We doubt this is likely to change any time soon, certainly not in the next year anyway! While bustles are shrinking, we've noticed muggle fashion has started increasing the size of sleeves, a trend which surely won't catch on among fashionable witches of superior taste. This year we expect a widening disparity between muggle and magical dress to become more apparent, a trend we expect to see continue well into the 90's. This time ten years ago Witch Weekly wasn't around to assist ladies in their pursuit of fashion, the consequent resurgence of independent wizarding fashion is something we expect to see strengthen over time.

While the current trend among muggles is much more subtle, we suspect the gigot sleeve will make a full return. The aptly nicknamed leg-of-mutton sleeves harken back to the dark days of witch hunts when they first came into fashion. Who would want to wear anything that sounds as though it came from an abattoir instead of a fashion house?

This coming season will see a refreshing batch of debutantes introduced into society and while they may be light of scandal, a seasoned member of society is likely to cause a furor after a history of morally abject behavior is, by chance, brought to light. This will cause a great deal of upset and shifting in social circles. The upper echelons will continue to push expectations with event scope and ostentatious decor, making the parties of 1888 look paltry by comparison. A notable socialite will pass away unexpectedly.

Of course these are just a few things to look out for this new year, but it seems clear already that 1889 is a year of hope and a great improvement on its predecessor.

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Every year is an opportunity for a better you! What should your New Years resolution be for 1889? Quiz: What Should Your New Years Resolution Be?
1. What negative trait would you rather not admit to?
A) Hatefulness.
B) Vanity.
C) Asocial.
D) Short-tempered.

2. What do you do in your free time?
A) Gossiping.
B) Browse Witch Weekly for the richest and most eligible bachelors.
C) Spend time alone, oftentimes with a book in hand.
D) Attending quidditch events.

3. Where did you spend New Years Eve?
A) With my family. No one else deserves my time!
B) At the most exclusive ball hosted that night.
C) In my bedroom. I dislike all the noise outside.
D) With my friends. They're much better than my stuffy family!

4. Are you happy with who you are as a person?
A) Sometimes. Other times I feel guilty for my words and actions.
B) Of course! How will anyone love me if I don't love me?
C) No. I feel self-conscious and awkward all the time.
D) Yes, and if anyone doesn't like me, that's their problem.

5. What do you envision happening to yourself in 1889?
A) Maybe I'll make new friends, maybe I'll lose others. Who knows?
B) I will find my Mr. Right and become a star socialite!
C) Nothing any more exciting than last year.
D) I'm unsure, but I'll do my best to avoid any trouble.

Mostly A's
1889 should be the year you work toward become a kinder, nicer person! You must not do it for you, either; truly kind people do it without expecting rewards or recognition. You'll find yourself attracting more friends—and maybe that special someone!—once you learn what it means to open your heart to everyone.

Mostly B's
1889 should be the year you focus on what's important. Sure, marrying is a woman's duty in society, but it sounds like you've forgotten the people who raised and supported you as you blossomed into a young woman. Besides, no man wishes to marry a woman who turns her back on her own family.

Mostly C's
1889 should be the year you take a leap into the social scene! Not everyone was born an extrovert, but everyone can learn to converse without making things awkward. Start with tiny steps—family, friends, friends of the family—and soon enough you'll be able to be in the Minister's wife's company without stumbling over your words.

Mostly D's
1889 should be the year you focus on bettering yourself. It's alright to have a healthy sense of independence, but I sense that you might be getting into more trouble than you let on. Think about the social repercussions of your actions; you're not the only one affected by your misdoings.

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The Fisk & Tweedy Wedding:
True Love or Hidden Secrets?

Another wedding has taken place among a noteworthy Hogsmeade resident. And though there was a bit more of an announcement before, it is still a rather surprising event to take place a bit sooner than the norm. Mr. Ari Fisk, a rather eligible bachelor that has managed to avoid the marriage mart, is a bachelor no more. The Healer-in-Charge of Potion and Plant Poisoning at Hogsmeade Hospital married a little known mediwitch, Dionisia Tweedy. And while it may be safe to assume they know each other from the hospital, the two have still rarely been seen together prior.

The main connection the two have other than the hospital, however, seemed to be less than pleased with the nuptials that took place on the twenty-seventh of December. Miss Zelda Fisk, sister to the groom and known friend to the bride, was noted as being a bit sour faced over the whole thing. Which brings to question, did the two really marry for love or is there some hidden secrets there?

One would think that being the sister of the groom and friend of the bride would elicit happiness but word from our sources state otherwise. The Magical Accidents and Catastrophe employee was reported as being quite upset by the news when the married couple announced they’d be getting married. It makes us wonder why exactly she was less than thrilled with the news. If the two were marrying for true love, one would surely think that she would be happy for them at the very least. Unless, of course, there is some sort of jealousy there. Perhaps the idea of her friend marrying her brother so suddenly invoked jealousy but over what is yet to be seen.

And though the ceremony was modest and certainly a bit different from the norm thanks to Mr. Fisk’s heritage, the young Miss Zelda Fisk wasn’t the only one that seemed to be not fully on board with what was happening. Another of their sisters, though one married already, was reported as being equally surprised by it all. For a couple wanting the rest of society to believe they’re truly in love, they could have at least got family on board first. We will see in due time whether the marriage was made out of love or necessity and if jealousy does really brew beneath the surface of it all.
Mr. Ari Fisk, HiC of Plants and Potion Poisoning at Hogsmeade HospitalThe new Mrs. Ari Fisk, mediwitch at Hogsmeade Hospital.

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Your 1889 Horoscope!
Capricorn Coming into the new year, you will find that you just might have already found what you have been looking for. Allow for these things to flourish and you will find that this year will prove quite happy and productive for you.
Aquarius The year promises to be quite exciting for you with lots of success. You and your dear ones will be finding yourselves enjoying a very bountiful year whether it be in the form of gaining beau's or professional accomplishments!
Pisces This year will bring with it many changes for you and those you hold dear. They will be both positive and negative but all will prove crucial to your development as a person.
Aries This is your year to shine, dear Aries! You will be finding lots of things coming your way and there is much for you to look forward to in the coming year. Just be sure to remain kind and sensitive to those around you or that could very well change!
Taurus This year will be one of self-improvement for you. Goals that you set will be realized and will make you feel better as a person as your hard work pays off. This will also be the year that your personal romantic situation improves.
Gemini This year, you will find that your social reputation is improving quite a bit and rising steadily. You will find that maintaining your relationships selectively is the key to success in your social goals.
Cancer The start of the year might feel like a test to your overall character in some way. Soldier on, dear Cancer, for hard work will find you overcoming the trials coming your way. Not facing your problems will only worsen things so dive into them head on.
Leo This will be a year of love for you! If you are single, you will meet the person meant for you though your first meeting might not be ideal. Fret not for first impressions are NOT the thing to go with in this instance.
Virgo Unfortunately, the start of this year is not going to be your best. You will be getting challenged at every twist and turn but you will come out on top by the middle of the year, if you simply power through with positivity!
Libra This is going to be a year of creativity for you. Let your inner artist shine and you will find yourself feeling fulfilled in a way that you never thought might be possible.
Scorpio This is the year for you to let old grievances go - you will only cause yourself more sorrow if you hold a grudge. This is also the year that someone in your life might make their feelings known to you - if you listen closely, you just might find that you should give them a chance!
Saggitarius You might find yourself overwhelmed as the new year continues on and the simple fact is that you dearly need to cut out some of the more unnecessary things in your life. Overextending yourself will only cause your goals to crash and burn so take things lightly in the new year.
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